The Whimpey Right

So the #Right are triggered by pronouns, coffee machines, gay and trans people existing, complete strangers controlling their own bodies, actual feminism, wokeness, people bending a knee and now chocolate. All from behind a screen, and they still *think* they would win at War.

And dear men, stop telling women what they should and shouldn’t be pissed about over. The entire reason women are not standing up to Hershey’s, is because we don’t want too. There is not a single logical reason why women, any women, should care that Hershey’s used a trans woman to advertise their products.

And as a chip/crisp lover. I am finding it kind of #sexist really that everything thinks #women should be upset about Hershey’s. My partner loves his chocolate, I don’t.


Happy Holidays

Well, the right are starting their ridiculous “War on Christmas” thing again. I have been “combating” that with.


The whole Happy Holidays things is one of the more stupider things that the Right get upset about. Why, I honestly couldn’t tell you. The world isn’t full of Christians, who stole things from Pagans.

I don’t know what the big fuss is. Then when they say even stupider things like “Well then, they don’t have to join in with the holidays, and they can go to work”. How do people like this function in the real world? People work on Christmas, most likely people who do not celebrate, or just don’t want too. Not all places shut down.

Honestly, I wish we did celebrate other people’s cultural more, than just the “Christian” ones. I love it when Diwali, Dewali, Divali, or Deepavali comes around. I do love light. We live near a few people who celebrate it, and it is lovely!