The King of Lions

Do you like what I did there?

Now I wont be giving too much away, because I don’t want to spoil anything and I really did enjoy the movie. So there isn’t really too much to complain about. When I got back from the movie, I saw some article about there was lash back against “Hakuna Matata”? But I literally don’t know what the problem was.

I think the first thing for people to recognise with any of these live action films. They are not cartoons. There are only so much expression that one can give on a live action film, especially with animals. i think once you can recognise that, you’ll be fine. Other than that…

I absolutely loved it! Cartoon less and everything.

There was genuinely one part I did not enjoy and that was because I felt that they had messed up a really pivotal song, and that should have stayed exactly as it is. I was trying to get to into the different version of it, but I couldn’t. You know how some songs make the scene?

Other than that I genuinely loved it all. I know there’s been a few complaints about the non-expressions, but I didn’t have a problem with them. For some reason I always cry at the beginning, in all the cartoon, live action and (lucky me) the musical as well. Do any of you? I don’t understand it.

I totally understand why they chose Chiwetel Ejiofor to play Scar, but I really did want Jeremy Irons to play Scar. But Chiwetel does always play a fantastic bad guy. I really wanted James and Jeremy together again.

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The Lion King 2019 remake’s mighty box office


Real Life Disney

This week has definitely been feeling like it has a magical type feeling behind it. What if i was to tell some truths behind some of the most famous Disney fairy-tales?

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is probably one of my most favourite Disney movies and Belle is my favourite Disney princess.

The “real life” is pretty accurate expect for a couple of little differences that don’t really make too much of a shocking difference. Belle’s father is actually extremely rich but is in extreme debt. The other major difference is that Belle has two stepsisters (not so much of a shocker in a fairytale)…The Beast allows Belle to go home as long as it is only for a week. Belle’s step-sisters try to keep Belle at home for longer than that in the hopes that the Beast will be so mad at her he will eat her alive!

The Lion King

It may not seem like such a stretch when you really think about it. “The Lion King” is apparently loosely based on the Williams Shakespeare play “Hamlet”. (The jealous brother wants to kill the King, comes up with a scrupulous plan and manages to unleash the plan, and the son wants revenge…Yeah…Think about it…).


This one you will not see coming!

Pinocchio runs away as soon as he can walk, Gepetto is arrested after police believe that he is abusing Pinocchio and Pinocchio kills a talking cricket! Gepetto is eventually released and insists that Pinocchio goes to school. Pinocchio sells his texts books to attend the Great Marionette Theatre, encounters a fox and cat who to try to hang him and steal from him. Pinocchio does eventaully end up shaping up and becoming a real boy though.

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