Beatles Day!!!

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Published on 7 Dec 2015
The Beatles 1 Video Collection is out now. Available on: Hey Jude topped the charts in Britain for two weeks and for 9 weeks in America, where it became The Beatles longest-running No.1 in the US singles chart as well as the single with the longest running time.

50 years ago today!

Can you believe that 50 years ago today a little music album called “Sgt Pepper” was released!

Beatles ‘Sgt Pepper’ at 50: How Paul McCartney’s Dad inspired “When I’m Sixty-Four – Rolling Stone

In a world of everyone has a opinion and for some reasons more want to talk about their bad opinions on something. It was nice to see an article that just talked about the album and not just what they thought. How the music was inspired and what brought about Sgt Pepper. After all, music means different things to different people. This was definitely one of the definite Beatles albums.

George Harrison

George Harrison! What a better way to start a Monday then listening to the beautiful, creative and intelligent music of George Harrison…Apparently (according to the internet anyway) this week is “George Harrison” Tribute week.

George was my favourite Beatles and I always loved his songs the best, even when I didn’t realise he was the one who wrote them! George was definitely underrated as a song writer in the Beatles. One of my favourite songs  that he wrote was “Here Comes the Sun” and I cannot even tell you how many time I have listened to that song after a huge disappointment and it makes me feel so much better. George Harrison was such a sweet human being and he worked with so many charities…Please check out George Harrison’s Official Website…

George Harrison Official Website

Enjoy Your Day!

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