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Lets do something different, lets do something that gives our brains a break.

Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell ‘angry’ over HBO adaptation

Elsewhere on the podcast, Bushnell said that “women’s real sexuality looks a lot like Samantha Jones”.

I am aware of how this day brings up conflicting emotions for people, and I am not even talking about the Native American Tribes, either! I do not need to get into that with you all, you’re good people, you know.

I’m not American, so I will say as little as possible. Just I hope you have good “things” to be thankful for, and that you stuff yourselves with glorious foods products!

Do you agree with this article?

The 10 Most Popular Thanksgiving Dishes –

BY Fine Dining Lovers,


02 November, 2022


Nurture Thursday – Gratitude & Thanksgiving

Nurt Thurs – Gratitude and Thanksgiving

While Australians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Personally, I am still very grateful and thankful that we’ve managed to make this far and not completely lose our minds. Or our kindnesses for others. We may have lost some people and furries along the way this year, but we’re all still kind. We haven’t, like some others, giving into grief and fear, and this year, that has been more important than ever!


I know that Thanksgiving is going through some controversy right now. Since everything that happened after the “initial” thanksgiving. I do wish my American friends a happy and very safe Thanksgiving. Also I hope you have great food! I was in America a few years ago and I ate myself silly, it’s the first time I ever had to have a “food nap”. Even with Christmas here, I get tired, but I’ve never fallen asleep…Maybe I’m doing Christmas wrong!lol


As I mentioned yesterday in my post “Share Your World … Week 47” Since I live in Australia aka Down Under we don’t have Thanksgiving. Doesn’t mean we’re not grateful, and I know one group of people who are having a Grateful Thanksgiving dinner here.

One thing that I am grateful for here is because of Thanksgiving, we are able to take advantage of a lot of the online Black Friday sales, and I do love me a good sale! Especially just before Christmas! I am also thankful I only have to see video of the people who visit stores on Black Friday…They are terrifying! We should also not forget the Native Americans who are protection the water at Standing Rock.

Although I have seen that all my favourite Geeky/Nerdy online shops are having Black Friday sales today as well…What’s a girl to do!


Share Your World … Week 47

Share Your World

Share Your World … Week 47

*Now I have to start by saying, I’m from Australia, so we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here…But I do like thinking about what I’m grateful for*

On Thursday it will be Thanksgiving in the USA and I thought we could do a grateful list for this week.  Most of these questions can be answered with just a couple of words, just put down the first thing that comes to mind.  Yes, I know you writers will never use just one or two words to respond to any question.

What are you grateful for in regard to:

  • Your home life?

I feel SO safe in my home life, ever since I developed my weird anxiety. There are two only places I don’t suffer from it all, my home and my partners home. It’s been very annoying,lol

  • Your family?

My mums side especially, we are all so completely different and yet we get along so well. We’re the only family I know that actually enjoy hanging out together with everyone. With no fear of judgement for our differences. We have gay, straight, religious, atheist, sporty, geeky, quiet, loud. We’re small side too.

  • Your blogging community?

I love it! I can’t explain it, but I do. I don’t personally know anyone here, but I love it. I feel happy when I’m Blogging.

  • Your city or immediate area in which you live?

I am mainly living with my Mum at the moment, but spending more and more time at my partners house. I live close to everything major in my little town, but my street seems cut off. It’s fantastic! Close to everything, but can cut myself from the world when I need too.

  • The regional area in which you live?

We are pretty close to a lot of different things, some of the main attractions in my area. Entertainment, social, can choose to go picnic or a nice restaurant dinner.

  • The country where you live?

Australia is a great country, sure we have our faults, but what country doesn’t? I feel like we are pretty lucky here.

  • You?

I keep fighting, lately I’ve been feeling very fobbed off at a time of year people should be helping each other out. Making life a little bit easier. I had to put in a complaint recently to a company and I have never had to do that before.

10 Years

So this week I will be renewing my passport, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I applied for it! Amazing! =D I’ve been looking at a lot of American things this week and I am so tempted to have a Halloween party, my favourite American holiday =D (I do like the pies though that they make for Thanksgiving =D) It was so long ago there is no “time hop” because Facebook wasn’t even around then…It was Myspace all the way! =D

I will be back one day!

What was happening though ten years ago during August of 2005.

  • A little highly anticipated-to-fail film came out called “Batman Begins” starring Christian Bale.
  • “TomKat” was a ‘new’ thing…Who could ever forget that couch hopping!
  • Star Wars, Episode III came out enraging the whole of the entire planet!
  • Carrie Underwood had won American Idol
  • Kardashians was an unknown name.


30 Days of Gratitude: Days 22 – 28

Day 22 – Conventions: Today started off with me feeling pretty down about a lot a of things. So going to the Supanova convention was exactly what I needed, but I was also grateful that I was able to attend this convention with good friends. What I didn’t expect was to feel as free as I did. Surrounded by people in a fun environment where I felt safe to be me, I felt free from the dramas of other people treating me like a second rate friend. If I had gone out drinking, or just clubbing I would have just gotten drunk.

Day 23 – Health – So last night I pretty much spent half the night throwing up due to some food poisoning and found that more than half the people I went out with had gotten it too. So I wasn’t feeling particularly grateful. Luckily though I realised if I was on the streets or in a third world country, what I went through last night, there was a serious chance that I could have died in the streets. As terrible as my stomach felt, it could have ended up a lot worse for me in a different situation.

Day 24 – Job Club – One of the requirements of not having a job in Australia is attending “Job Club” every week. Sometimes it can feel like such a chore, but I have a new case worker now and feel like he might be actually able to help me. I also got a call today from a potential employer, letting me know that the police check I sent (I sent in for a casual pool months ago) is now invalid and before they can even consider giving me employment I need a new police check…Feeling a little more positive today.

Day 25 – Ferguson: Well this has definitely been the hot topic on a global scale today and I don’t even live in America! As much as I am feeling like I want to stay indoors and be a hermit right now, I am feeling very grateful to be an Australian right now Apart from Abbott trying to ruin everything…We are pretty lucky… Let’s kick Abbotts butt! I can’t stand that guy,lol.

Peaceful Protest Ferguson!

Day 26 – Breakthrough: Last night I had such a breakdown and it was not a good one, I haven’t had one like that in a really long time. For 30 years I have realised how badly I’ve been treated by my ex’s and the damage that is pretty permanent now. It has made me though realise I need to seriously change a LOT in my life. I also need to stop dating Gamers…They are a lot of talk, but not so much about the ‘walk’,lol.

Day 27 – “The Fight”: I have been a bit down since I had to really say goodbye to my ex and let him know that I just do not trust him and after 30 yrs. I am honestly having a hard time trying to find something to be grateful for, other than realising how strong my heart is and how loyal it is to myself instead of ignoring what I need to do.

Day 28 – Thanksgiving: How ironic that 30 days of gratitude happens to fall on Thanksgiving. There is so much that I am grateful for although I am going through a bit of a bad patch right now. But I also know because of all that I am grateful for, I will make it through this too.

Thankfully Thanksgiving…

Now I am an Australian so we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here.

However, I met my first serious relationship through the internet and he lives in America and we were together for a good three years, but we were young and I didn’t want to leave my family for good and he didn’t want to give up his life either. I do question my decision sometimes after the past few years of disaster relationship after another though,lol

We are still good friends though and I am thankful for that, he’s been helping me get through my most recent disaster. He broke up with is partner about a month after mine, so we both are in the exact same place. Not wanting a relationship. For this I am thankful and I am very thankful for all of my friends in America. The opened me up to a whole new world and I always miss America every day. Sometimes I think they get me better than my friends in Australia. It was a huge freeing experience and one I am never going to ever forget. I look through my photo album from that time at least once a week.

I have plans to go back there at least one more time. It will probably be my last time, unless I was win the lottery or something.