World Nurses Day

I have been through SO much this past year and I have ended up in the hospital twice, feeling extremely silly but still terrified. I have seen my local GP quiet a few times in the last year as well…Might as well get everything done this year. Due to working casually I’ve had to reschedule a lot of appointments.

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Nurses are just as important as Doctors and a lot of times, they are sometimes even more helpful. Nurses (both male and female) are the front line of the medicine world. They are usually the ones at the front dealing with hostile and aggressive patients.

There are have been Nurses who I’ve wanted to personally thrown out the door. If I had been there. I will never forget the stories my mum told me about this one nurse when my Grandfather was dying from emphysema. If I had been there, there would be no more nurse…Let me tell you!


The rest of the Nurses and Doctors were great. I appreciate them, there’s always going to be one! In every group, there’s always one.


Thank you

So as part of my thinking more positive week, I wanted to post a couple of Blogs and say thank you to a couple of people who I think don’t think get thanked as often as they should. People you probably might not even think of when you want to thank someone.

Chemist – I would to say a BIG thank you to my local Chemist. Over the last couple of years my health has been up and down and all over the place. As someone who is not used to be sick this much, it’s very frustrating and my last two “big” illnesses have been not life threatening in any way, but they are annoying and have made life more difficult for myself. When I’ve gone to my Doctors to get help, when I’ve had enough. They either would not listen to what I thought the problem was or they didn’t think it was debilitating enough, to really help me. My last illness, they stuffed up the test results and because I was sick, I couldn’t really get there and then got three completely different answers about what I could do. Which made my anxiety worse.

The reason I wanted to say a big thank you to my Chemist is because they’ve actually helped me. They gave me things to make the pain and anxiety lessen. Little bit by little bit everything has slowly gotten better. If I had been left with the Doctor, I would have had to fight everything alone and never probably found what was wrong with me. It really has made me distrust Doctors a lot, although I will still go. I will probably ask my Chemist for a second opinion as well.

I’ve wanted to say Thank you to my Chemist for a long time and I want to send them something to say Thank you, but I have no idea what I want to send them? Any ideas? What would be appropriate?

Thank you <3

I have been having a particularly rough week when it comes to my insecurities and the only place that I have felt “safe” is on here…That’s because of all of you all ❤ My readers ❤

It’s been going on since about Sundayish and my Mum is overseas at the moment and I have had no idea how much I talk to her about everything! I’ve kept making myself happy and then something happens and I’m down again. I am at the point where I am buying a new dress =P

I don’t think anyone’s intentionally doing it, but it’s just annoying me. It kinds of goes back to my post about and just the patterns and cycles happening again. I do wonder sometimes wonder if anyone would noticed if I actually just never signed off of Facebook…Wonder who would even notice? Like I know I am pretty much no one’s favourite…anything really…and I wonder sometimes if my Great Grand-father were still here, would things be different for me?

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Published on 29 Apr 2015
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Inspired Blogger Award

I was very happy to see and receive (sorry, I’ve only just seen the post) an award for being a “A very inspiring Blogger” Award from Live Love Laugh…I am extremely honoured to have received this award and here are the rules!

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.  … Thank you! ❤

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    Fact 1: Blogging is a private pleasure for me, none of my family or friends know that I do this. Although if they found it I wouldn’t feel a need to apologise for it. This is just something that is ‘mine’.Fact 2: I’ve started writing a story based on a game that I used to play and a friend of mine drew the characters for, but I have just literally started it and I had no how long the process would take. Don’t expect to see anything about it for a long time.

    Fact 3: I am obsessed with the television show “Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda (2011-)“…Check it out!

    Fact 4: I desperately want to start Cosplaying, but I don’t really have the skills to start it.

    Fact 5: I love those YouTube fan made videos, but now I’m worried with all this ‘crackdown’on Copyright and stuff, I might get “caught”.

    Fact 6: If I could describe myself as well-known character to describe myself, it’d be Rogue from X-Men.

    Fact 7: As long as I have been watching the Safari’s, I still can’t watch kills,lol