Can’t believe

I am about to say this, but thank you too Brie Schmidt for writing this article.

Royal Expert Explains Why King Charles’ Latest Role Should Have Been Given To Prince Andrew

I will start off by saying, I totally disagree with the “Royal Expert”…You know something though? At LEAST this Royal Expert remembered that Andrew is kind of a working Royal still.

All freaking day, all the articles were about how “Harry and Meghan would be furious with this snub”. Since 2020, Harry and Meghan have not been part of the Royal Working Family. So, how can one be snubbed from something they’re not apart of? Of course all those “Royal Experts” were on GB Morning, which is the UKs Fox news.

It drives me really nuts sometimes. It’s like the same with trans people, just leave them alone…Like, geeze!


Mother Goose Day

National Mother Goose Day on May 1st each year honors Mother Goose and the imaginary author of a collection of fairy tales and nursery rhymes we loved as children. 

But I also just wanted to post something to say thank you to you all!

I’m trying not to cry, but I can’t help it. I’m not even drunk!

I like to feel like I’m a Mother Goose type person/character. Yes, some days are hard than others, but being here makes it all so much easier. I like to stories, fables and myths. As well as a few life lessons.

The figure of Mother Goose is the imaginary author of a collection of French fairy tales and later of English nursery rhyme. As a character, she appeared in a song, the first stanza of which often functions now as a nursery rhyme. This, however, was dependent on a Christmas pantomime, a successor to which is still performed in the United Kingdom.

Do you have a favourite mother goose tale?

I’m gonna do it!

After my post “Mental Health Check List” I’m going too take your suggestions on board and do them! I didn’t honestly think to myself what I’d do if anyone made any good suggestions, but you all did! Haha

Tomorrow/When I get up I’m getting up and then I am going to write that to do list, and include a Spiritual Checklist as well! I think that sounds like a fantastic idea. Thank you very much for sharing and giving me ideas. My idea is to do a to do list, then after I’ve done it. Too expand it to then include times and dates. Basically which tasks need to go in order of importance.

Thank you to the trans community <3

I just wanted to say a big thank to the trans community. I wanted to say thank you in more than whatever Twitters characters number is.

I do have trans friends/family/family friends. My grans Uncle (he might have even been her Grans Uncle), was found beaten to death in a ditch, wearing a skirt/dress. The only photo we have of him, is in a skirt. So needless to say, I have trans people in my blood, quiet literally.

However, I am still white and I am still cis. While I have a lot of trans in my life. because myself and my family, just accept people for their heart, who they are, rather than for their bodies. I don’t actually know that much about being trans. I’ve never actually had a conversation with a trans person about being trans.

Thanks to Twitter, it’s happening all the time now, and I have learnt a LOT! I wouldn’t have learnt that without the beautiful LGBTQIA community either! It’s like I’ve always been saying, it’s okay to not understand something. What isn’t okay to talk about something like you do know what you’re talking about.

Thank you

Please know, that you my blogging friends and community are GOOD people! No matter what, you are good people. No, I’m not planning to harm myself. But I needed you to know that ARE good people! Sometimes in the crazy world, and the loud people, being horrible and shouting more and more. It can sometimes feel like you are the bad one.

Thank you for being good people. Thank you for when you don’t agree with each other, for discussing with each other and kindly.

Saying that, I am taking the lovely Amir Ali Tayyab suggestion. Over this next week, I am going to randomly take snippets of myself, talking about different topics. I’ve decided over the next coming week, if I feel the topic coming on, I’ll either use my phone or computer and just film myself talking for a couple of minutes. So the video is going to be…well…everywhere,lol.

I was also going to suggest, if there’s something you would like to know more about myself, or what I think about certain topics. Please put some suggestions in the comments below…Or else…Watch this space for more!…lol


Magic Monday 1#

I am taking inspiration from the lovely “Chocolate and Waffles” and her inspirational “Positivity Wave” on Friday” posts. I’m going to change it up a bit though, I want to start doing it on Mondays.

I haven’t decided yet, if I’m going to do it every Monday or possibly every second Monday…We will see.

I wanted to start off this first ever particular “Magic Monday” by saying thank you to you…Yes, you…and you too.

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I feel like I need to say thank you to the people who read my blog and make this experience such a positive one. Blogging has become one of my most favourite things to do. I love logging in and seeing not only all the posts that I have yet to share, but to read through your posts as well. Too read and to know that there are on the same thinking level as myself.

It can feel lonely out there, but I see the political, the gender equality and the silly ones and I feel like I’ve found my sort of people. I love the fun posts, the grateful ones. Even how we may not always agree with something, or the wording or something. But we know that we can talk to each other about it. We know that, within this community, that we can talk to each other, safely.


Thank you

Like Jimmy Fallon and the very lovely Life Lessons from around the dinner table. I am going to take their lead today and say “Thank you”.

A few days ago, actually at the beginning of last week, I wrote a blog called “I am fine, thanks for asking” . I really needed to vent and my group of readers were the best people to vent too, because you all just got it. You didn’t ignore it, or rolls your eyes *I mean, you might of, but it didn’t seem like it and THAT’S what is important!* For myself, that is incredibly rare. For literal years, it was all about one person. Not someone I was dating, not a family member, someone that I could have let go at any moment.

I never felt like I could say anything, because her problems were always so much bigger than everything else in the world. So I am terrible at expressing myself. By nature I am a worrier and when it’s about other people, I’m much worse, especially if I actually care about those people.

So I guess I am still learning how to express myself. It’s been funny actually because since I did that rant type post, I have really been feeling great. As soon as I wrote the post and I got the lovely responses that I did, I instantly felt better. This past week or so has been amazing! I am actually seeing the doctor today to see what my samples have brought back. My whole stomach area has been doing pretty okay the last few days. It definitely seems like it’s on the mend again, but I would love to know what’s been wrong.

I got SO down, I was terrified I was developing depression or something. If you are sick, don’t EVER Google it! When I read what it might be, it did say that because you are losing nutrient and vitamins when you have constant “stomach issues” you can get depressed. You are losing all the good nutrients, as well as hopefully, losing the bad ones. It is like just not eating food, you don’t gain something when you loss it.(Did that make sense?)

There is so much going on in my head, and of course as well, timing. There’s been a sudden influx of bowel cancer commercials,lol.

Before this gets anymore gross. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly mean that, I heard you.

Thank you! <3

I just wanted to thank everyone who reads my Blog and is a reader of my Blog as well. As some of you know, I really don’t like the word “Follower”. For myself, personally, it’s got like a cultish slight tinge to it,lol

I needed to write a post just for my readers on WordPress. Some of you are new, some of you have been reading my posts for a while!

I really honestly feel that even though I have not actually met any of you, in a a physical sense. I feel like a lot of us are good friends and you are some of the nicest people I have ever known! I wouldn’t keep writing this Blog, if it wasn’t for you all. Not too many people in my real life, even know about this Blog. I’m trying to keep it that way. Not because I feel like I’m doing anything wrong, just I know…the criticisms -.- Oh, you shouldn’t have written THAT Lauren!lol…You know what I’m talking about, I get criticised for my Facebook photos, let alone anything I write.

On here I feel safe and free to say what I want, and also free to take the responsibility for what I write too. Although I am not like totally famous or anything. Once something is out there, it’s out there. At times when I write a post I feel “Is this okay”. I have to say that every single one of you make me feel better, that I’m not alone and that you back me up in a lot about what I write.

You have all helped me so much with my anxiety and just generally feeling better about myself. I think a lot of us are going through the same thing.

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Considering I am always genuinely shocked whenever I get one reader following me. 800 is amazing! That’s a lot for myself! It makes me feel like

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Be cool Lolsy, Be Cool…

Thank you all who started to read my Blog! You’ve made this girl very happy =D

I wrote a post a couple of weeks back saying that if I could get close to 1000 near the end of the year, that I would do a give away. I am still going to do that. In fact, I’ve already gotten a couple of things for it…So watch this space for me! 4 month until Christmas! I think if it keeps going the way it’s going…I can see getting to the 1000 readers by the end of the year. That would be really fantastic!

I just have to find a way to do the giveaway! Does anyone know how to set one up on WordPress?

Thank you … Part 2 … My Online life

Last week I promised myself that I was going to think at least 80% positively for the week and I have to say that I think I did really well. I was probably more 70%, but it was still a good number! I think that we are finally getting that first Spring weather is helping me a lot to think more positively. I am not a Winter person at all!

*Warning…Long post incoming*

Part of my positive thinking was saying thank you my local Chemist (as seen here: Thank you … My Local Chemist) and I thanked them for help they had given me during my time when I developed an odd form of anxiety.

This week I would LOVE to say thank you to my “online life” and the people I’ve met via the Internet.

I don’t think many people realise the amazingly positive impact that they’ve had on me through my online life. This includes people who I interact with via WordPress, my Safari Live family, sometimes Instagram etc. I have met someone awesome incredibly people on these sites, who have helped me expand my mind, shocked me (in a good way) and have become more a part of my daily life and probably know me better than even my real life ‘life’ people.

It’s introduced me to a world of people who think the same way as me, who will allow people in and out of their lives based on what’s on the inside rather than the outside, or what they want people to perceive them as. I was at a point in my life where I was SO tired of losing “friends” because I didn’t want to pretend anymore, because I wanted to fight for things, rather than swear all the time and be a certain way (I swear people told me I should swear more because a certain girl they want to sleep with swears…a lot) I was tired of feeling like a bad person because people would literally tell me I should be more like “Girl A, or Girl B” or had to impress people to make life easier for themselves. I had someone tell me once I shouldn’t wear headbands, so now I wear them all the time when they’re around…I think my headbands are gorgeous!


I was tired of the same dramas I have been involved since High School, especially when I’m supposed to be in my 30’s and all the people still doing the drama’s are in their 30’s.

This is what you all brought me, you brought me a family that accepted me as one of your own, because of what I already bring, not what you think I can bring, or what you *think* I should bring.  You actually like having me around, for me ❤ I’m not sure you will ever understand how much freedom you have all give me, how much power you have given back to me.