What a horrible week!

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Apart from a lovely a visit from my baby brother, everything else has gone horribly wrong!

I do have to say that I have been loving the responses to my Liebsters Award post and how its not just myself that has some good plush love happening! In a totally G rated capacity…(that could have been weird!lol)

Below is a picture of myself and my latest purchase…Her name is Savannah and she is a “Charlie Bear“, but I had to go on ebay to find her. They’ve all discontinued her year. I bought her because she looked just the right size for some cuddling and I also bought her in memory and in honour of all the little lion cubs that I’ve seen and we’ve lost on safarilive

Lions have always been my favourite and top 5 favourite animals of all time!




Oh my goodness, what a horrible week! Not for me necessarily, it’s been kind of up and down for me this week. I have just thought “screw it…I’m gonna move in with my partner” and then I find out all these other people who are probably much better for the job are going for the same job >.< I also think this may be my third TGIF type post in a short amount of space of time.

My main distaste this week has been with social media, it is SUCH a hateful place. I guess at least this time it’s not about me?

So who is with me this Friday, let’s raise a toast to the awesomely positive things in your life, the people and those who make a good influence in our lives and focus on those.