You gotta laugh about it…

So some times I really do enjoying “making” TERFs continually tweet their stupidity. It can be fun sometimes. Like, they get easily offended when you point out correctly their inhuman ways, and point out, how much like the patriarchy it is.

What being like the patriarchy is:

Saying that trans women calling themselves women, should be illegal.

That they shouldn’t be “forced” to show trans women any basic respect.

Saying that I just want to indulge in my fetish. Which is very patriarchal for a couple of reasons. Like trans women calling themselves women is not illegal, and it’s their choice to do so. Fetishes are not illegal either. Secondly, how do they even know what my fetish is, unless their stalking me? Which, according to them, is purely a “male” thing. Females don’t stalk people, and especially not enough to know their fetishes. The closest I get to a fetish, is when my partner cleans =D lol

Which to be fair to them, I don’t actually have any. Which is the only reason I know they’re not stalking me, lol.

What I like to do now is stir them up a bit. Because they react out of emotions, instead of common sense or logic. When they keep tweeting at you, to try and gaslight you. It’s fun, lol. They end up admitting to what you accuse them of, which of course, instead of coming up with facts as to why I’m wrong. Will always do this instead …


Actually, it is quiet rude to stare at stranger’s bodies

TERF’s are the weirdest bunch, I’ve ever seen. I still don’t get how anyone takes them seriously.

I have also decided to keep calling them TERF’s, but instead of “Feminists”, I will say say Feminazi’s instead.

Imagine having to point out to “adults”, that it is, in fact, rude to teach children to stare at other people’s bodies.

Cause…it is

Imagine having to point out to “adults” that bringing up and trying to attack someone and what you think their parents, living or dead, “taught them” is not a them problem, it’s a YOU problem.

Cause…it is

Imagine having to explain to “adults” that explaining why that woman, is in a woman’s change room with a penis, to their teenagers and children. That one is just as easy by the way “Well they may possibly be a trans or non-binary, and not all trans people can get surgery, or want it…They are still trans…” “Oh, and by the way child, it is STILL rude to stare at a strangers body”.

Cause it is.

Hailee Steinfeld

TERFs and GCs = SO close to getting it!

You know what’s the funniest about TERFs and GCs? They’re either so close to “getting it” or they are getting it so completely wrong, and all at the same time. Its really weird to see.

Duncan there, is a big old transphobe and I hate how stupid he is. Everything he says is exactly what trans people want too. It’s people like Duncan though, who are the ones making it the issue. It’s not trans people, it’s people like Duncan, who are making it an issue.

One, trans people have a legal and moral right to “things” (I don’t know what Duncan is even talking about there)

Two, those medical invasive procedures aren’t done in a day. Like ANY huge surgery, there is a lot of talking and lot of information beforehand. The way Duncan talks about it, you’d think they’re going in with no chatting.

This is why it’s such a weird phenomenon. Duncan (and people like him) are the ones saying and demanding other’s be who they say they are. THEY’RE the ones with the issue, one that doesn’t even actually involve them. Duncan, as an example, will NEVER get trans surgery. So why is he trying to deny it for others? At the same time though, people like Duncan here, are the ones who are actually doing what they’re saying other’s are doing. It’s like, how can you not get how in the wrong you are, when you’re doing what you’re saying others are doing?

Also though, I don’t think gay people got their Rights, to begin with, without a fight. Duncan, needs to do some research on his own community sometime.

Update…Duncan blocked me, without responding, lol

Like I always keep saying. You can be straight, gay, trans, black, white, yellow, religious, atheist, man or women. Not a single one of those “labels” means you’re a good person, or that you can’t hate and harm your own “label” or community.

As another example, of TERFs not getting it, but at the same time “getting it”… but not… I saw one of them called themselves “Progressive”, so I asked why do you think you’re the progressive one when you’re say than trans people who call themselves lesbians or homosexual, are the homophobic ones. While also pointing out to her that there are Lesbians (I know two at least) who date trans men and trans women. Her response was hilarious!

She said to me that she was progressive, because she was saving women from Gender danger, and also called those lesbians “bi”. So basically, she’s progressive because she gets to deem what people fit what labels. And this is what I don’t get, so is she saying that women can’t think for themselves (which is not insulting at all *sarcasm*) and that she’s being progressive by putting people into labels and boxes that SHE deems fit? Seems a little Patriarchal and condescending too me, lol

I am a Lioness! So are you!

I don’t know about you all, but I am so over other women acting like women are delicate little flowers. We’re not!

What is up with TERFs needing men to defend them as well? I was just thinking about this the other day. All the TERF’s I’ve interacted with also refer back to a man, or to a man that is CLEARLY using manipulative gas-lighting techniques.

Abortions – No uterus no opinion.

Trans women are “erasing” women…Oh, let’s totally get the men to speak for us then.

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Because that makes total sense. Men are trying to erase women, so let’s go to them for help…

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Every single “Woman Ally” that’s a man, also clearly uses manipulative gas-lighting techniques. When did we women get so freaking dumb?

Why TERFS are common and have no sense

I really cannot stand TERFS, for one very big reason. You don’t need to be a Scientist to understand that trans is a REAL thing, a REAL feeling.

Feeling that you are trapped in the wrong body, is a real as being gay, having anxiety, having a learning disability, having dwarism, as real as anything on the outside, knowing you are in the right body, a real as having feelings. (As one TERF’s bio said “being a woman isn’t about feelings…Yes, it bloody well is).

With every kind of different type of person and animal on this earth, is it really such a stretch. That at some point during a fetuses development, that they’re given a body, but feel completely different in their mind? Is it REALLY that hard to understand?

It needs to stop

Not anyone of you, you are all truly lovely people…

The bigotry, the TERFS, the hate, the vile, the lying…It just needs to stop, like yesterday. No more.

It’s ridiculous!

What is it with people who want to go out of their way to hurt people, they don’t know. Have nothing to do with. And are obsessed with complete strangers bodies. I got into a conversation last night with some TERF’s. I read this thread, and it was beautifully written. Including not to abuse JKRowling, but articulating why Rowling is completely wrong. Yet, every single TERF said how hateful the thread was. So, of course, we all asked “which part”…no response.

One person I REALLY got into it with, because they were saying really STUPID things. As I was arguing with this person. I just thought “how sad this persons life must be”. That they one they call me hateful and vile, once again, no able to point what I said that was hateful. But I’m just blinded by my “guilt”. Then she said something about how all these Harry Potter upstarts are turning their back on their mothers (despite her not being a mother and not knowing any transpeople) and she said that they have literally said “I turn my back on you”…Transpeople, have, in fact, NOT “literally” said that. How is that even true? Changing your genitals has nothing to do with “parenting skills”. It just is the way it is. No mother has control over that.

If my child decides that they were born in the wrong body. I would not for one second think they were turning their backs on me. Why would I? It has literally nothing to do with me. While they grow in my tummy, I have no way of determining what sex I think they should be. Shouldn’t it be if they’re good people, who have compassion for others, be the most important thing? Not what genitalia, I think they should have? That’s kind of perverted really.

How sad MUST her life be, to be this hateful, to be this angry with people they DON’T know and have nothing to do with. Just to make up complete lies, as their point? I also called her a pervert, for being that obsessed with strangers and what’s happening between their legs. Too me, that is pretty perverted.

I also started to realise how sexist she was as well. It was always the “mother this” or “mother that”. Like Fathers don’t even enter the field when it comes to parenting.

You don’t understand trans-people? Or anything in life, fine…You don’t have too. No one knows everything. But to straight up hate and lie, is not even CLOSE to not be good enough. It’s worth LITERALLY nothing!

If a single person says to me “Yeah, but she was sexually assaulted” I’m coming over to where ever you are and slapping you. So was I, 95% of the woman I know have been. Neither of us decided to hate people who had NOTHING to do with it. Do you all remember when Liam Neeson admitted that he went looking for any “black guy”, because a black guy raped his friend.