Thursday Theories and Daily WordPress Prompt – Question

What is one question you hate to be asked? Explain.

I know automatically which question I HATE, and being Women’s History Month.

“What is a woman”

TERs just LOVE this question. They don’t actually mean what do you actually think a woman is. They only accept the one answer they approve of “Adult Human Female” So a big HINT, if someone is wearing this on their top, 99% of the time, they are a TER. It’s a dictionary meaning. If you heard about people getting angry about Dictionaries changing words, woman/women was one of them, to include trans women.

It is all they’ll accept. Which, being a dictionary meaning, is clearly them being ridiculous. They do it so much that now someone created a bot on Twitter literally called “What is a woman” bot. It breaks down for any transphobic person why having the one meaning is utterly ridiculous. So now a lot of us just use that.

Too me a woman is more than a dictionary meaning. I would hope you agree too.


Just so you’re aware

According to literal TERF and GC “logic” disagreeing with a woman, or women, makes you a misogynist. One of the reasons that transphobia keeps losing in a lot of places, is because although they were told that their transphobia is a protected belief. Like, that’s it. It’s a belief, it’s not based in reality, transphobia is based on a FEAR.

So, according to their own logic, they’re misogynists too. Rowling, especially. So ladles and jellyspoons, if you’ve ever disagreed with a woman. According to the transphobes … “YOU’RE A MISOGYNIST…YOU’RE A MISOGYNIST…YOU’RE A MISOGYNIST…YOU’RE A MISOGYNIST”

A Thread … By Me =D

This is a thread I wrote on Twitter, in response to ANOTHER one of these … (below).

Now post what they were replying too. I’ve gotten worse than this from women, who Rowling follows. Their accounts have been deleted. Tiffany “Women4Women”, threatened to beat up trans kids and wished rape on me and my family.

Joanna Cherry literally donated to a group that says “Yes to Hate” Sarah Phillimore account was deleted for a time because of anti-Semitism. Graham Linehan is being continually being kicked off platforms for being a bully to women and lesbians.

Sasha White was fired, because she stupidly posted about how gleeful she was that a trans women was beaten up a cis woman. Maya Forester’s “opinion” was deemed unworthy in a Democratic Society. LGB Alliance, constantly attack feminine gay men and lesbians who don’t agree.

And PP and KB are all for having men, in the women’s bathrooms with guns. Because that’s NEVER been a problem. But yeah, the problem is completely those few trans people who went after Rowling, after she WENT AFTER THEM FIRST.

Oh, let’s not forget the whole Suzanne Moore. Where her name wasn’t even mentioned, and yet, she decided to go on every single BBC and UK media outlet, to say how she has been “silenced” Forgetting that the trans people who had to leave because of her, we still haven’t heard from.

If you want to say how gross someone is after YOU’VE come after and attacked them, if you want me to be on your side. I’m gonna need more than a few angry and justifiable replies.