Thursday Theories – The TERFs are not okay

Last week, they were harassing a Scottish rape crisis center. Their excuse? They were sexual assaults’ victims once. This harassment was led by “For Women” Scotland.

And now this week …

For those who cannot see it, “For Women” Scotland decided to tweet how the Taliban “understood” how sex works … Well …

Also in this week of “TERF News” Keira Bell outed herself as a anti-vaxxer. For those who don’t know who Keira Bell is, she sued Tavistock and made it so those under 16 can’t do anything about transitioning, she is a de transitioner. However, the irony being that. She fought for this Law that would mean, if she started at the age she started now, she would still be able to go through the process. She started to transition at 16.

Then I came this on Facebook, which I personally think it’s a lovely idea. The day that hateful bigots are respectful of others human beings will be the day that hell freezes over, lol ❤❤❤ Quiet frankly it’s nobody else’s business BUT the person who chooses to use this services. We’ve got a global pandemic, the horribleness in Afghanistan and people want to focus on this lovely service?

What this service do is photoshop pictures essentially, mainly for trans people. They photoshop pictures to make yourself look a little more to the gender you affirm with from your childhood, so you know, school photos, graduation photos etc. Basically it’s a service for GROWN UPs, that affects no one else’s life, quiet literally, except for the people paying for the service.

I don’t know how many of you will get this saying … Oh my god, it was really hard to find a picture of gif of a mask slipping???!!!lol

I am so over the transphobes. Like SO over them. There are SO many more important things, that are actual problems right now, without them making up a problem.


Thursday Theories – When JKRowling tweets, a little more of Harry Potter dies.

And, honestly, I don’t think she cares.

I swear, every time she tweets something, a little more the Harry Potter world dies.

This time she threatened to sue someone because they made fun of a direct quote that she said herself. The quote “I ignored porn directed at children”.

What #JKRowlingignores :

Child Porn…Hahaha

Her #FantasticsBeasts Director being charged with sexual assault.

Every single trans person’s and pro-trans voice.

#MoaningMyrtle just hanging out in the boys bathroom.

When the people she follows threatens women and the females in their families with rape, and threaten to beat up trans youth…Like me.

What #JKRowling doesn’t ignore:

Being directly quoted.

I’ve never been a huge Harry Potter fan, didn’t mind it, but this lady is a massive LotR fan. For years now though, people who like HP, readers I admire and respect. Have been talking about Rowling problematic issues, from who the Goblins in the bank are meant to be, to Cho Chang -.- , to did she steal HP from another story.

Years Before J.K. Rowling Controversy, Harry Potter’s Cho Chang Was Allegedly Asked To Deny Racist Backlash

Read the Worst Witch series and then Groosham Grange. A little funny story about this too. I was looking for the book it was copied from. A woman said “Well Rowling couldn’t have read it, because her child was in a stroller at the time she was writing HP, and so she wouldn’t have have read her a book that was for 8-10 years old. I happily pointed out her that “The Worst Witch” was first published out in 1975, Rowling was born in 1964. Rowling would have been 9 when this award winning book came out. Also, I am pretty sure that you don’t have to be a child to read a childs book.

There’s always a “coincidence” or a justification why.

Let alone, the amount of times she had back tracked and rewriting the Harry Potter to suit what’s popular at the time. Which, she can totally do that, that’s her right. But she does this thing a LOT. Like, the whole Dumbledore is gay thing. It’s not actually mentioned in any of the Harry Potter books.

We really need to start paying attention to these “coincidences” more, and I apoligise to the trans community for not really paying attention to them more.

It’s called “Terf Island” for a reason

Unfortunately the UK is being called Terf Island for worse and worse reasons at the moment. It’s shocking and horrifying and it is SO infuriating. As a cis woman to see these evil women, just say the dumbest and bigoted things…And that’s just the “Equality” and “Human Right’s: “Leaders”!

I don’t know if you heard, but the leader of the LGBTQIA Party is Liz Truss, which had to be recently disbanded, because the other members were fed up with transphobia in all parties, and they all left. Leaving her. Now, she’s put a transphobic woman in charge, who wants it to be legal to misgender trans people. As long as it’s “politely”. Bigtory is never polite by the way.

But now Liz Truss is heading a World Conference for LGBTQIA Equality…

With what party?

The BLATANT bigotry is just exposing women for being evil, for being bigots, for alarmists. It’s like now I know why women have a stereotype for being hysterical.

This year on #IDAHOBIT (May the 17th) it was revealed that the UK had gone from 3rd to 10th position in how well that they treat their LGBTQIA community. Some people were saying it’s good, but it’s not really. Situations like that you want to go up, not literally backwards. The reason for the drop? Basically because of the way the UK Government (and some of it’s people) treat the trans community.

Honestly, is it going to be getting worse? Well, if the Government doesn’t listen, it will.

Yesterday was IDAHOBIT “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia” The UK was once one of the most friendly LGBTQIA countries. Last year the UK dropped to 9th place, and now it’s dropped down to 10th. ILGA cited growing anti-trans rhetoric, delays to banning conversion therapy and criticism of LGBT+ curriculums in schools as reasons for the UK’s decreasing score However, they also praised the Scottish government’s Hate Crime and Public Order Bill, an employment tribunal ruling to protect non-binary people from discrimination and Northern Ireland winning full marriage equality. Lucky for the UK, so basically the UK isn’t 10th place because of the UK, it’s because of Scotland and Ireland.

Until 2015, the UK was rated the top place in Europe for LGBT+ rights in the ranking.

Thursday Theories – TERFs and their VERY low standards

*VERY long post incoming*

So I am sure by now you have heard of the Women’s March and the vigil’s for Sarah Everard.

WELL…Again TERFs and Gender Criticals are making it all about them…AGAIN. I actually couldn’t believe that I had to argue with a group of grown ups. Who complained that because of a sign saying that TERFS were not welcomed, they left! They were scared off by ONE sign. They couldn’t put the prejudices aside for the violent way a young woman died, at the hands of the police, because of a sign. Not only did they leave because of the sign, but the way they BRAGGED about it too! Like, they were proud that they were scared of by ONE sign.

Then “Reclaim the Streets” was “rude” to a TERF, as they were demanding to know that RTS weren’t giving their money to men ie transwomen, and two weeks later they’re STILL going on about how “rude” they are. Not one person complaining has Sarah Everard mentioned anywhere on their profile.

Watching two women being called “brave” because they’re talking together on Spotify, about how much they hate trans people and they’re just protecting the “rights” of children, by not speaking to a single person who is trans, or even a actual health professional. Is a REALLY low standard to have when it comes to “bravery”. I wonder if they would call two men talking about women to “protect their rights” with no women or a single health professional for women there “brave”. Nope. So what’s the difference? Where, in their world is talking about people who are not even there “brave” in their world? I reported that podcast. Whether or not anything will happen, I don’t know.

Imagine having a go at a small company, because they post a picture of a diary with drawn bums and different underwear on those bums. Calling it not feminist, when it actually subtly is. Then calling me pathetic, when I make a joke about how they’re just jelly they’re bum doesn’t look as good, lol. Then of course they started with the whole misogyny thing, when I pointed out they’re getting upset over a pencil drawing of bums with underwear, and calling me pathetic for a joke. They seem upset. Then they said I was going on about it, as I had to point out. They were the ones who chose to bring it to everyone’s attention. You’re calling a joke pathetic. And when I say to actually LOOK at the drawing, instead of reacting, LOOK AT IT. I’m a misogynists’ -.- They blocked me, lol.

You know it’s just a funny thing to me, that these “women” compare themselves to the same struggles that suffragettes and “witches” faced. So much not are TERFs nearly ANYWHERE near that level that “witches” and suffragettes faced. Even the racists suffragettes.

Now, I come to the Queen of the TERFs. I don’t know how much of you have seen her tweets. That are completely transphobic, but I’ve only just begun to realise how they show how little of a self esteem Rowling has to has. Not only are her tweets and “report” transphobic. There’s one sentence in one tweet, that should be a clue to everyone how she actually views women and herself.

“Dress how you want….Have sex with whoever will have you”

Do NOT HAVE SEX WITH WHO’LL EVER HAVE YOU. How much more lower standards can you get than that? I can’t begin to tell you, how much not to do this. The only person who wins out of that is person who you had sex with. YOU WILL HATE YOURSELF. Which might explain as well quiet a few things about Rowling herself.

HAVE SOME STANDARDS WOMAN! For women and men EVERYWHERE…Have some set standards for yourself and stick to it. Also though having standards for yourself, will also help to stop yourself … I don’t know … If you want to fight for women and girls, if you want to really help us. You wont be scared off by a sign. You wouldn’t tell women to sleep with whoever. You wouldn’t block women asking how the money you’re grabbing from women during a global pandemic is for “sex based rights” when you’re court case is because someone said something “mean” about you.

Okay, I guess this isn’t really a “theory” so much as a fact. I’m “starting” to suspect that these women don’t actually care about women, and just want to hate trans women more.

Why I hate TERFs & GCs. I’m a cis white straight woman. Comes with a LOT of privilege even though I’ve been the victim of violence. TERFs are so engrossed in their HATRED of trans people, who’ve never harmed them. They IGNORE the voices of Brittany Higgins, Patsy Stevenson, Who ARE out there, right now. Trying to stop violence against women, and not on Twitter complaining how “gross” the trans community is. They disrespect the deaths of #DanaMartin #NaomiHersi #MheldoyBruno #stopviolenceagainstwomen

Interesting little tidbit. Since I’ve been a trans ally on Twitter, I have been more abused by women and men, more than I have in the entirety of my life.

Why TERFS are common and have no sense

I really cannot stand TERFS, for one very big reason. You don’t need to be a Scientist to understand that trans is a REAL thing, a REAL feeling.

Feeling that you are trapped in the wrong body, is a real as being gay, having anxiety, having a learning disability, having dwarism, as real as anything on the outside, knowing you are in the right body, a real as having feelings. (As one TERF’s bio said “being a woman isn’t about feelings…Yes, it bloody well is).

With every kind of different type of person and animal on this earth, is it really such a stretch. That at some point during a fetuses development, that they’re given a body, but feel completely different in their mind? Is it REALLY that hard to understand?

Just so you know

There is no such thing as a “nice” terf. A Terfs whole mission is to abuse, degrade and eliminate a group of people. That’s it. Terfs aren’t there to be nice to the people they don’t like? That’s like saying there are nice white supremacist…No, they are not. Their entire aim is to degrade and “eliminate” a group of people, a minority of an already minority group.

If you see anyone wearing or have in their bios, LGB only. That generally means that they are anti-tran. TERF’s are also, normally, gay themselves. So homosexuals and lesbians. I don’t think I’ve actually met an asexual or a pansexual etc, who are. Doesn’t mean that they’re not.

I’m bringing this up, as a couple of days ago a TERF was outraged that one of Scotlands biggest gay clubs kicked a TERF out because they were wearing a top that had LGB on it. Now this gay club is trans inclusive. So I don’t know why they thought that’d be a great idea! Then they wanted to play victim, saying things like “Think, real hard, who the majority are in the LGBT community”. So we told them “Think, real hard, about Stone wall”. I told her to think about Stone wall and she be paying homage to the trans community, who were the forebears who made the gay community more safer. For her ungrateful overly-privileged bratty bigoted lesbian ass, to be safe.

The other thing I said to her was “So why, should I, as a straight person, fight for the gay community? Straight is the majority and quiet frankly her attitude is the one doing harm. I don’t want to fight for her”.

As for trans people being the minority, well I am not surprised. You have to be REALLY sure of yourself to be trans. They are hated by the straight community and their own. I can’t imagine why more aren’t just “coming out”.

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