I am watching currently, what I take is the Canadian take on the UK’s very popular series “The Coroner”.

Its really weird, it’s not making any sense, and almost feels like the Canadian coroner is high the entire time. Is she? It does feel very American, even though apparently Canadian. I really do enjoy the UKs version, but the Canadians version honestly feels like everyone is on drugs. I don’t think they actually are doing much about the person whose murdered.

The reviews for it seem good, maybe I just happened to stumble across the worst episode or something?

Have you ever watched a show and thought another version of it was better? I do admit, I regularly enjoy the Brits shows more.


Take me back…

Last past weekend, I was really happy to see that during the evening they played some real classic tv. They had “Dads Army”, “Open all Hours”, “Keeping up Appearance”, “Too the manor born” and so many more. I spent the whole night watching classic television.

So lovely, I just sat there all Saturday night with a good book, and all these classic television shows. They just don’t make them like that anymore. I don’t know about the rest of you, but on our tv, they seem to be making more and more “reality” tv shows. They are so boring.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Was watching the Fifth Element, and I do forget how funny that first part of the movie is. I enjoy it all, but it’s one of those movies that I always seem to catch the end half on when it’s on tv.

It did get me thinking what movies, tv shows, any kind of show really, can we watch over and over again? When I think about it, I can watch : Golden Girls, Dad’s Army a lot of English shows really – Keeping up Appearances, As Time Goes by, Goodnight sweetheart, Midsomer Murders, The Bill. The French version of Beauty and the Beast.

There are some movies I can watch over and over again, but I have to be in the mood, if that makes sense? Like I can watch Moulin Rouge again and again, but the ‘atmosphere’ has to be perfect.

Christmas Specials…Magical Monday #9

Basically I just wanted to write a little about my favourite Christmas specials. I also want to know about yours. I’ve been finding that sharing our favourite specials, I’ve been also finding out about other good tv shows!

I only just found out recently that this show is even going still, and I’ll be honest. This shows a little “out there” and can be completely wrong, but somehow they make it right at the end.

Mr Hankey’s Christmas Classics.

I mean, who doesn’t love this show. I’m not sure that they had huge Christmas specials, but there have been a couple.

If you’re a Dr Who fan…you must love the Christmas tv specials. Which one is your favourite? I don’t think there’s been one I haven’t enjoyed!

Dr Who Christmas and New Years episode – Wikipedia

Without a doubt my all time favourite television specials. Are the ones from the Royle Family…Not THE Royal Family…But the royle family…


The Classics

I was just sitting down and was watching “Cheers”…What a fantastic show! Even if Shelley Long should have never left and Kirstie Alley is a Scientologist. What a fantastic show! With Danny Elfman saying as well that they think the Simpsons will be ending still, it got me too thinking. I personally would love to see #TheSimpsons continue, I don’t think it’s THAT bad. Still better than a lot of stuff on tv right now. But I can take comfort in that there will definitely be reruns of it for years =D

Do you have any favourite classic shows that you could watch over and over again.

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Pose – 2018 IMDb

Here we are with another television series review! I just loved this one so much and I wanted to share it with you all, so if it comes up on your Netflix or something, you know…This…I want to watch this.

Fine GIF by Pose FX - Find & Share on GIPHY

Dear Lord, now I hope that I do it justice!

What is “Pose?”

First you need to know that Pose is set around the end of the 1980’s. Aids is about and there not yet a “cure” for it. At this point I’m not even sure about the research at the time. Despite that, it’s a show that takes a look at African American, transsexual and gay POC and how they have found the “Ballroom” where they “Pose” (lol). Where they are free to be who they truly want to be, where it was SAFE for them to be who they wanted to be. It takes a look at how society, not only white, religious and the straight community treated trans people. How they treated each other through their placing in society and whether or not they “pass”. By pass I mean that by being a transgender person, whether or not they pass for looking female…or male.

Have to warn you…

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 I will be writing spoilers….

The characters:

I have to start off by saying that I very much dislike how on the IMDb page they have put Evan Peters at the top of their list. I get that he is more probably well known then the others and he is actually in every episode (I haven’t seen the last two yet though, at this point). However, is he not really a main character, they could have literally any white guy play his part. Peter Evans plays the typical white married family man who…I can’t even say “falls in love”…But he becomes intoxicated by one of the ladies. So, enough about that.

I don’t know which character I loved more to be completely honest with you. What I loved about this show was that the characters were REAL. How can I describe it too you? A lot of the actual actors in this show are actually Transsexual AND Transgender to begin with, so they are absolutely coming from a place of realness. Pose is to date, the show with the largest reoccurring transsexual actors.

From the top of my head my favourite character has to be Pray Tell played by Billy Porter. The sassy dressmaker and DJ, speaker and in the opening credit that is his voice. I think I loved him the most because he was just so open and raw. Pray Tell was the character with the boyfriend, dying from Aids. When he finds out that he had Aids, he tries to keep it together but cannot anymore after making a promise to live to his dying boyfriend. It’s not just your usual promise to be happy either. It was a promise to be happy because Pray Tell has the aids and even though Pray Tell does not want to tell his boyfriend, but he can see it in Pray Tells eyes, be happy.

House of Evangelista

A “House” is where you get, pretty much, lost causes, and help each other and support each other to succeed. Well, that’s what they are supposed to be about, not every House is so supportive. They learn, they learn though. Both Houses have a “Mother” and you have to respect their rules, each house has a different mother and different rules.

The House of Evangelista are the main protagonist of the show, other than Pray Tell and Elektra Abundance from House of Abundance (who I also love).

Ryan Jamaal Swain Family GIF by Pose FX - Find & Share on GIPHY

The House of Evangelista consist of “Mother” Blanca Rodriguez, recently diagnosed with AIDS. Finally tired of feeling held back in the House of Abundance (lead by “Mother” the fabulous Elektra Abundance) Blanca decides to head out and start her own House. Along the way she bumps into a young Damon Richards a young gay man whose just been kicked out of his house (for being gay) and a beautiful Angel (that’s her name) a young transsexual having to sell her body for sex, which is where she meets Evan Peters character.

A bunch of misfits, just starting out in the Ballroom world.

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What I really love about the show:

Not only does the show have the most transsexual reoccurring actors on a show. It still looks at all the topics surrounding gay people in the 80’s. Unlike a lot of other shows though, it doesn’t get to dark, but still keeps the seriousness. I absolutely love the relationship between Damon and Ricky (played by Dyllon Burnside). In all honesty I think it’s not only the first relationship I’ve seen between POC LGBT gay men, but it’s the most sweetest relationship I have seen between two men, just in general. Without the over PDA…I can’t stand that no matter what!lol

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What I love most about the show though, even with the competing House. They are still there for each other. The show shows what a family can be, that a family does not have to be “blood”. They just have to “be”.

Patrick Melrose

I was going to put this in my Category of “Magical Monday” as I try to keep my reviews on a Monday. However, this television series…well it’s a televisions series and it taps onto various themes that are dark. I didn’t feel it very appropriate to call it “Magical”. I think this may also be my first ever television series that I’ve reviewed.


I decided that I wanted to review the series, but I really want to encourage people to find it and watch it. However, beware! It is about a wide range of dark issues. Suicide, Sexual Abuse, Drug use. Before I start to write about the series, I definitely should mention that!

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Anything that stars both Benedict Cumberbath AND Hugo Weaving, you know is going to be a great series…I am very happy to say that it was!

The Breakdown

Patrick Melrose is a drug addict, alcoholic, messed up … well I’m not sure if he even does work. I don’t think so. It’s a five part television series, partly based on the upper-crust of English Society semi-autobiographical written by Edward St Aubyn. After the death of his father in the 80s, Patrick Melrose (Cumberbath) attempts to overcome his addictions and demons rooted in abuse by his father (Weaving) and negligent alcoholic mother (Leigh).

The series has a set of flash backs between each episode, but they are fluent and make sense. I swear that no one else knows how to do a mini series like the English.


This is exquisitely uncomfortable and will make you feel frustrated, but in a good way. because that’s what is suppose to happen. The whole premise of the show is to show how sexual abuse (especially when it’s perpetuated by someone you know) affects people, how it use to be quiet. How it was covered up, how people would never talk about it. They knew what was going on, but it was the “done thing” to do anything about it. The people I was watching it with would constantly say “Why aren’t they doing anything!” “How could you live in that kind of atmosphere”.

That is the what the show is supposed to highlight. It’s a dark comedy and you will feel uncomfortable. I have to say “Bravo” to Hugo Weaving. Being a huge fan of all his characters, I truly hated this character. I think it was very brave of him to take on this role. It would have been a difficult character to play and I love the ending of the series, because of the twist to his character. Think of Agent Smith, but even darker and much more menacing. I would be very surprised if he didn’t get a Emmy nomination for it.

Of course Cumberbath is superb in it. I would have to loved to have seen him play the role of the father. I know he’s not old enough to play the role, and I loved/hated Hugo Weaving, he was perfect for the role. I think it would have been interesting to see Cumberbatch as the father.


The only real complaint I had about it was there wasn’t too much of a warning about the topics in the series. For such a dark series and dark topics, I would have hoped that they would have had more of a “trigger warning”. They had the general age rating warning, but not about the topics.

I just felt like people needed to be warned before watching. There is so much going on with this at the current time and it’s bringing up so many issues. That people may be feeling particularly vulnerable right now.

Big Cat Week!

It’s that time of the year again! National Geographic Big Cat Week!

Which also means that you can watch the #safarilive live feed on the television! It only shows on the television within America.

So please watch #safarilive on which premieres Thursday, December 14 at 10/9c. For those who are not in America, you can still watch it on YouTube and via Ustream.


You didn’t see that one coming, did you?!

I don’t normally write about television shows, but this one is amazing and I just wanted to share…My partner gives me “Not this again” eyes, when I try telling him about the newest episode.

Autopsy: The Last Hours of…Is about certain well known, mainly celebrities who have died seemingly before their time, or have a lot of Myths surrounding their deaths. It does take into account some of the Myths, because sometimes the Myths to do have some truth to them. The deaths are investigated by either one of three different forensic pathologist/psychologist.

  • Dr Richard Shepherd – Has been in the most episodes.
  • Dr Anjula Mutanda
  • Jason Payne-James

So far the ones that I have seen are about Michael Hutchence (INXS), Robin Williams, Bruce Lee and Marilyn Monroe. As well as some I have not yet seen (the show is usually on here at 11pm at night on a ‘work night’) Such as Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Maurice Gibbs and Janis Joplin. There were a couple of others that I have seen, but they have been a little less known. The show is narrated by Iain Glen (aka Jorah Mormont).

If you are interested in the mind and are kind of interested in how peoples minds work before their deaths, this is a good show for that. This isn’t really a “crime” show because none of these people died while necessarily committing a crime. It’s all about what lead up to their deaths and what it might have been like for them in the last 25 hours of their lives. How possibly, if it all, their deaths could have been prevented.

Take the Bruce Lee “case” for example, an injury roughly three year prior to his death…Ultimately caused his death. A slipped disc three years prior meant that Bruce Lee started to take steroids quiet regularly. We know now the dangers of constant steroid taking, but Bruce Lee and I doubt the people around him knew that much about it at the time. Only a couple of months earlier he had collapsed and the only reason he did not die that particular time was because they were able to get to the hospital on time.

Whereas and probably the saddest one that I watched was about Robin Williams and while ultimately he died by his own hands. There were SO many factors in his death, not just that he was “unhappy”. You probably have heard rumours that Robin Williams had Parkinson or something similar. It was determined that Robin Williams died by Lewy Body Dementia. 

Lew Body Dementia is a rare form of Dementia and something that I would not wish on my worse enemy, let alone Robin Williams, who brought so much joy. It not only causes your usual dementia symptoms, but it becomes much more severe. It’s almost like you have Parkinsons AND Alzheimer together, on top of that the person suffering is more like to suffer from extreme hallucinations.

While the above is depressing, it’s made me realise that Robin Williams it STILL a hero to me when it comes to mental health. I’m sure if he hadn’t of had Lewy he would have fought his depression.

Back on topic…

If this seems like an interest to you, please watch it! It is completely fascinating.