Trans Day of Visibility

Today, I refuse to post anything sad…It needs to be all glad. Oh yes, I am on twitter for a limited time to help protect trans people from KJK’s hate bunch. Everything that annoys me about TERDs and bigots in general, they base EVERYTHING off of what they *think* Not what is actually correct or factual.

As a cis woman, I want to know what I can do to ‘help’ trans and non-binary people ? Would you like more posts that are a bit lighter? I am here for you, because I don’t want to be here for just myself

Daniel Radcliffe Moderates Trans and Nonbinary Youth Roundtable for The Trevor Project (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter ;


MARCH 29, 2023 8:15AM

I LOVE Australia, lol

Calling yourself left, right, center or an ally doesn’t make you left, right, center or an ally. Kate Forbes was celebrated by the Right, and her views align with the Right. You support that, you are right wing.



March the 31st is Tran Days of Visibility!

During this week, on my Twitch Stream Channel. When I’ve been offline I’ve been hosting trans gender/sexual Twitch streamers that I follow.

Just be kind ya know? Like the entire LGBTQIA umbrella have fought their lives and for their rights. It’s tiring, just be kind. It’s really NOT that hard.