30 Day writing challenge … Day 17

17. Post about your zodiac sign, and do you think it fits you or not.

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I have to say that whenever I read a description of what a “Taurus” is, I always find myself nodding along. Even the bad points. Like the stubbornness that Taurus’s are famous for. Oh, boy have I got that! Once I get something in my head, I can’t be stopped. Or if there’s something I REALLY don’t want too do. I find it SO hard to do it. Mentally, I really have to push myself.

The anger, I’ve got that too. But like a lot of descriptions say, it does take a lot to get us angry, but once we do…watch out! Which I think is the reason why I find social media hard to deal with. The stupid unkindness over things that should be common sense. Like people not understanding what the protests are about, the constant deflect. The purposely not “getting it”. They know why, they just want to “own the libs”. The gif is a very good representation of what happens in my mind when I get angry,lol

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Taurus’s are also known for enjoying the “finer things in life” Although I freak out with anything fancy. Somehow, as an example, during a sale. I still manage to like the most expensive thing that’s on sale. I prefer hotels over camping,lol…I am not a camping girl. I’ll do it, but I hate it. I absolutely love caravans though. So while this one is kind of true, it’s more true in that I look for more practical things. I just seem to know “fancier” things without knowing that I know,lol

The other interesting that I agree with about Taurus’s, is that though we seems to have expense tastes. We absolutely LOVE to share, which is something that I love to do. Especially with food, I don’t enjoy cooking. But I love making and giving food to people. I always say to guest, if they stay especially. My only rule is that they can eat/drink whatever they want, just let me know if you finish it.

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So both bad and good qualities, I’ve got them all. Of course there are exceptions to the rule. One thing, Taurus find it hard to cope with changes. Although I do and I don’t like it, if it’s something like changes at work. You HAVE to just suck it up,really. If it’s something like food, then I can be a bit more “I don’t like it”lol. I’m still not really like that though. It’s kind of where the stubbornness goes hand and hand together really.

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Being a Taurus Woman

If you are not interested in Astrology and their “meanings”. I’d suggest you look away now and stop reading. I do follow Astrology to an extent, not so much the daily stuff. It’s too vague, but I have a moon/planet chart and I definitely do feel like a “Taurus”.

So what do you think being a Taurus woman is about? Do you follow your Astrology sign at all?

Every day there’s something new about what being a particular “Astrology sign” is all about. So here a few that I can absolutely agree with.

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  • The first one that I can say without a doubt, is that Taurus’s are stubborn. You probably wont a more stubborn lot in your life. Myself, one of my cousins and a family friend and I are all Taurus’s. We are all annoyingly stubborn and it’s probably the biggest thing we all admit too. The rest may be true and not for others.
  • One of the ones that bug me, that is about expensive taste. It’s true! I don’t always buy the most expensive item, but I always know which one it is!
  • Another trait I dislike, is jealousy. I know I am. Usually though that’s also how I know that I really like someone. The thing is though once you can acknowledge something like jealousy, you can always work on it.
  • The one that makes me laugh the most is always about “seduction”. I am the WORST seducer ever. I start giggling whenever I try, I can’t help it.
  • One of the truer ones though is that physical touching is something that Tauruses enjoy. Not, in the “sexy” sense. When I’m comfortable, especially my romantic relationships. I LOVE the cuddling and the hugging. Even though, on average, I detest it. It’s weird,lol
  • Taurus woman tend to be very loyal and rarely, if at all, cheat. The problem is the Taurus men I know, they have cheated on all their partners.