Dear Twitter, blogging friends

I want to make this blog post directed towards the people who do blogging, but are also on Twitter, especially in this political climate. There are so many trolls on Facebook, Trump being the biggest of them all.

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Be careful of these trolls, they can take you WAY off topic. I have fallen victim to this to myself, a few times. The best advice I give you, is too take a deep breathe and do your research.

I know that it’s easy to react. But don’t! Stop, take a deep breath in and go look at their profile first, before you react. I’ve been doing this lately, it’s really refreshing. When you take a moment, take a breath and look, do some research. You do start to notice a lot more bots, which are more easier to block. When you realise what they are.



Do you have one? Did you have one? Are you one?

(Actually if you are a Mentor, I hope I don’t offend with this post!)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately with people going around saying Trumps their Mentor, the Obama’s, Shaun King. I used to have a mentor, my Gran. I still love her to bits and I always love her advice and she’s always pretty spot on. So I was a bit “disillusioned” when the guy that was a friend of her for years, just decided he didn’t want to be her friend anymore…She’s been obsessed ever since.

I got it to begin with, but we are now going into years. He’s nearly died (I think at least twice) and he never reached out to her, but she just conveniently bumped into him, and she knows that he’s nearly died and she didn’t hear it from his twin brother, who she still is friends is, but he’s nice. When we talk to her, she somehow always manages to bring him up.

What I am saying is “be careful” No human being is perfect, not even the Obama’s…Though they are pretty damn close! But no human being is perfect. Always be careful, be your own Mentor and be the best that you can be!

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This is so important!

“Before you point that accusatory finger in my direction, remember this: I never asked for it.” The sun is setting and I feel the cold seeping into my bones. I feel the life bleeding out of my feet, leeching into the ground. And I stand here, breathing smoke into the sky. Because that’s all I […]

via Asking For It — Heartstring Eulogies

(I don’t even feel like I can write how great this is and do it justice…Please just read it!)


Take Care of Yourself <3

Generally I post the weekly literature quotes on Wednesdays because I have always hated Wednesdays. If I ever have a bad day during the week, I can pretty much guarantee that it will happen on a Wednesday.

This week I decided to post a positive saying just for general today.

I hope you all have a good Wednesday!