Thursday Theories – Dads Army

*I’m going to swear*

I cannot with America anymore. The whole of last night I was getting angrier and angrier. Why I thought McConnell would keep his word, when it doesn’t benefit him at all. Beyond me.

I’m starting to wonder if American even has been a super power? I’m sure if Australia had come in years after the War started, with new resources, people who haven’t been fighting for years and a huge nuclear bomb, we’d probably could have “won” the War too.

Get OFF your ARSES AMERICA! You don’t have the allies to do the heavy lifting, this in YOU.

I unfollowed a Democrat American recently, because she saw a video of ONE Australian, in America. An Australian Cooker is someone who basically is a COVID denier, anti-vaxxer. She is lucky that another friend of hers had to say to her “We really don’t have any fingers to point at Australians right now”.


This Democrat hates Trump, hates Republicans and is really good at the comebacks. But they took ONE Australian, and decided that ALL Australians are that one guy.


I cannot with America, its too hard.

Why Dads Army, you may ask. There’s an episode in Dads Army, where the Americans FINALLY join World War 2, of course the Home Guard is not too thrilled when the Americans come and try to take over their little English town.