Sunday Poser #88

I am choosing to do this on the next Sunday, after this post was posted by the beautiful Sadje.

What do people incorrectly assume about you?

Where do I even start with this one? Haha … I guess the biggest assumption that people make about me, is that I have never been angry person. Clearly you all know, especially lately that I can easily angry. Generally because people are just not thinking of others.

I was an angry teenager, as I’ve gotten older I understand why. But even now, a lot of people assume that I just never get angry. I wasn’t a violent teenager, just a lot of grumpy moods and a lot of yelling and slamming doors. I use to LOVE slamming doors! It really was the only way that people, especially those I lived with at the time…not naming names, haha…To notice me at all.

There was a girl who said too me that if I was ever angry, you know you’ve done something wrong. About two years later she was joining in on cyber bullying me, lol.