Just a little thing…

I am now on Mastodon. I’m not 100% how it works, but by profile name is LLibrary

Today, Victoria decides on Dan the Man or Guy the…bye??? lol … I’m not Victorian/Melbourne, but their current Premier, Dan Andrews, has put up with a LOT from Murdoch and Costello. I’ve come off of Twitter for the weekend, so I don’t have to see it all…and can ignore Musk putting like KKK clan leaders on Twitter O.o It’ll be interesting to see how it works.

Also booked in a little holiday to Sydney and Wildlife Retreat at Taronga, I cannot wait! WE’RE STAYING IN AN ANIMAL VIEW ROOM!!!

This weekend, I am planning on buying cheap and healthy food to make meals with. I am still not over discovering how much I weigh, so I’m getting back into my gentle hip and leg exercises. As well as making healthier foods and less take away! If you have any cheap, quick but healthy recipes, let me know! I’ll probably have a look at this before I leave for the shops.

I will start writing up my Christmas cards, and I’ve got homework to finish off. So will be quiet busy this weekend. And I’ve already wrapped a couple of Christmas Presents.


International Day of Charity

Today is the International Day of Charity.

What are the things you think of when you think Charity?

  • Others
  • Money
  • Donations
  • Donating
  • Help
  • Helpfulness
  • Time

I think a lot of people when they hear “Charity” they usual hear ‘spend money on someone you will probably never met’. However there are ways to do Charity without spending either any money or very little!

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Good question!…Mystery Lady

  1. We all know (well I assume we all know) that you can donate clothes, furniture etc to a wide variety of Charities and apart from maybe the gas to get to the stores, it doesn’t cost you a thing!
  2. Spare change? Consider putting some of it into one of the tubs of the people standing/sitting all day for their cause.
  3. Consider a clothes or book swap, with your friends, family, co-workers as well, or community. You can bake and even raise money that way bake and swap!
  4. It seems that every cancer has a charity for it. With each charity comes a “theme” night/day. Consider wearing jean for genes day, A lot of charities here, in Australia, and a lot of the women’s charities. They will movie nights, make up nights etc.

Do you have any suggestions?

Clicks 2 – Self Business!

As you can see from my previous post (May Goals). I have decided that I am going to start at least researching about how I might be able to do this and start creating a small home business. I decided after initially being inspired by putting “Magic Monday” , which is one of my Blog categories) onto a jar for myself. Why not pursue this further? Using my own quotes and seeing if I can draw any kind of designs to come up with. Maybe place these on cushions and see what happens from there?

I have been able to find one good site so far:


The only problem with this site, is that you can’t inscribe anything on the jars. However, I am sure I can find something that would allow me to do so. I have only just really started, so I have literally just been Googling everything at the moment. I would like some advice or some inspiration. Have any of you done this, or are currently doing something like this at the moment?

Ironically as well, this was my Horoscope for the week (Taurus)

So as you have probably heard by now, this is one of the biggest weeks of –arguably – your life! No kidding. This week sees the planet of revolution and rebellion, Uranus, bursting into your sign like a massive bolt of electricity that leaves every hair on your body standing on end.

So what do you have to look forward to? Well, change, awakenings and liberation, to name three things. It might be a bumpy ride but the shackles are falling away.

Single Awareness Day

Apparently in Australia we have Single Awareness Day held on February the 15th. I’m not exactly sure why it’s called “Awareness”. I am sure that people who are single, are aware of this.

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However my post is not to go on about that.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being Single. We have such a cultural thing where we are made to believe that we “have” to be in a relationship. I think I’ve been lucky in that a lot of the women in my family, the biggest influences have been my mother and my Grandmother. Both of them chose to get divorced and have remained single for well over a decade now. This day and age, especially if you don’t have children and even if you do. It can work for you being single.

When I was single I use to go out with other single friends on Valentines Day, and it was great! We’d go to dinners have a couple of drinks and see a movie…Have you ever seen an independent film drunk? BEST THING EVER! They are so serious and you are so drunk

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(Not that I’m encouraging alcoholism!)

I used to have this friend who was desperate to be in a relationship and so she’d end up with horrible guys. Valentines Day she would get so depressed if she was single and I never really truly understood why someone would get so down on Valentines Day. Too me Valentines Day is just another Day. It’s not like a Christmas or a Birthday or something along those days. We don’t get a public holiday for it…Anywhere. Apart from coworkers no one is really going to know if you’re single or not, so why is it so important?

Remember get a group of other single friends/family and:

  • Get drunk
  • Have dinner
  • See a film…A fun one…No romantic ones…Even comedies!
  • Have a laugh
  • Only go out if you actually even want to go out.
  • Have a singles movies night inside or in a cinema


Good question for a Monday morning…Do you ever feel like your mind isn’t your own and you have to fight it to get into a different mindset?

I have been feeling more and more these days I can just turn my anxiety off in certain situations. It feels like when I’m calm and thinking about my anxiety, I can just turn it off…However when I’m travelling (which is when my anxiety occurs) I just cannot do it…At all…and that’s the most frustrating part of it all.

Do any of you have any tricks? Do you ever find yourself in this situation?

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The Ever lasting Effect of an Empath

Over the weekend Safari Live had a very special fireside chat that was dedicated to the Queen that is the Leopardess Karula. It got me too thinking, about those things, people, animals, that leave us with an impression forever, even though those things that we’ve never actually met before. How do they affect us so much?

Take the situation with Karula, I’ve never actually physically seen her, not to face to face (not that I would have wanted too), but through a tv screen, yet whenever I see a picture of her or a screen shot I started getting emotional. Or take the Manchester bombings, I don’t even live in the same country, let alone in Manchester, yet the whole day I was crying. Even with people I dislike, or people who have done me wrong. I get upset for them when I hear something terrible has happened, I just cannot revel in their misery.


(My super serious title is : The Moon Goddess Empath)

Any fellow Empaths in here?

I think that the issue I have most with being empathetic, is that unfortunately, I tend to “suck in” other people’s emotions and I have to constantly suck myself back out of situations before I am completely and utterly sucked in by the toxicity, and there is a lot of that out there!

So what as one empath to another, what suggestions that people who are empathetic, what direction, what suggestions can we make to one another to make our lives a little easier. It’s very hard to function in the world if we consistently let the world upset us. I have a few suggestions:

  • Make a commitment to yourself to take yourself off of all social media for at least once a day a week.
  • Eat and drink healthy…I know it may seem like a cliche, but I have taken out coffee recently and I have really noticed the difference.
  • On those days off from social media, fill your mind with something fulfilling, completely personal for you.
  • Understand that you do not have to go to any party or gathering, if you feel you don’t want too. Make sure though you do treat your mind instead!

One thing you should understand though is that being an Empath is not the same as having depression or a mental illness, that is a completely different thing. Although the two can overlap and correlate a lot.

How do you do it?

I was just thinking in the shower, as I do a lot, some of my greatest and most random thoughts happen in the shower…The one I had today was what do you do when you have a great thought for a Blog, but then have not much, or nothing to write down with? The only tool I can think of is having a little notebook in your bag at all time, or to have to “text” myself…What I’d really like to know though, do you have other suggestion?

It’s okay

It is okay to be single on Valentine’s Day…I mean literally every single person on this earth has been single on Valentine Days and there is nothing stopping you from celebrating the day either…Do or Don’t it all good. It’s on a Tuesday as well. What a terrible day to have Valentine’s on anyways.

When I was single I still celebrated Valentines Day and it was great. I never did go out on my own though. If I did, forever whatever, was by myself on Valentine’s Day I would get myself a dinner. Which doesn’t really make it any different from any other night when I’m by myself. When I was single I celebrated Valentines Day by going out with my Mum, who is also single, and one time all of my single friends got together and we had the best time ever!

I’m Blue for You

Down Under this time of year it can be hard for the Single people folk here. See, not only is it Christmas , New Year Eve’s, we also have our Summer holidays. In the Northern Hemisphere you would have your Summer Holidays in the middle of the year. In Australia we have a lot of holidays and catching up and spending the time in the sun, all in the space of about 6 weeks. So it can be really rough and I have a lot of friends who constantly talk about how rough it.

When I was single, I never really worried too much. I handle being single pretty well, I always felt single when I was in relationships, because my ex’s just never felt “there”. However, I digress.

Too help combat the Holidays Blues, I have come up with a list of things that I used to do when I was single. Some of them I used to do when I was dating!

  • Go on a date with yourself.Treat yourself to a movie you want to see and have a nice lunch or dinner, go shopping. This is actually one I started to do when I was with somebody.
  • It’s alright to go on holidays by yourself. Go somewhere that has a nice little cottage and get yourself room service.
  • On a nice day take a nice slow walk, take a nice rug and find somewhere like a beach or a park and just read, or listen to some music on your ipod. This was another I did when I was dating someone, and it was needed.
  • Organise something with your friends, doesn’t matter if it’s all your single friends or just all of them. Just organise something. See if you can make it a regular yearly occasion.
  • Have a marathon movie night, get some “bad food” and some “good drink” and just watch whatever you want.
  • Being  single girl I wouldn’t ever go out drinking in a different place, but some people are up for that.
  • Get more into any hobbies you may have, see if you can find a group somewhere that does your Hobby.

Always remember as well, there is nothing wrong with being single during the holiday period. I would say 100% of people have been single at some holiday time or another. If you don’t feel like going out as well and hanging out with others, don’t do it. This is your life!

Gift Cards

They are amazing little things aren’t they?! I was given one as a present for $100 for a favourite Bookstore of mine and I have been just looking and looking…and looking…and I don’t know what to pick and with all the sales on at the moment, I have a lot too choose from! I am currently using my Goodreads account to see what books I can get my little hands on.

Any other suggestions though? Anybody find any good books recently?

(You can find my Goodreads account here, and see what books I want to read).