Watch out for the Storm!

Can I just say that I LOVE Stormy Daniels and her Lawyer, Michael Avenatti (he is freaking brilliant!)

Trump supporters are the worst though! They don’t have respect for Stormy because how dare she have people pay her for sex…Because we all know that she has to put a gun to their head to do it, right? Yet…Just completely turn a blind eye to the facts that Trump paid to have sex with her, to begin with…While married.

The one comment that cracked me up was “Respect is earned, not given” which they are completely right about. However, they keep saying because she’s a porn star, she has no respect…Hey, if you are stupid enough to have to pay for sex, especially when you’re married…And hey, isn’t he the one that said “When you’re famous they’ll let you do anything to them”…Yet, he STILL had to pay for it…But she’s the one with no respect? She’s gotta be doing something right! Yet, to them, Stormy’s the problem.

I don’t know why I try to get some common sense into their brains.

Why is Trump, the President of the United States, not being held at such a high standard?

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