Back to Study!

Technically, I could have started my studies last week, but I have started them this week.

It feels really odd to start up again. I wasn’t studying in the end of the last term, of last year. I had the new job, and the classes that I have left to do, have a LOT of work in them.

So it really has been a while. Well, since I’ve been studying online since 2022, every term and semester. It’s a bit hard to get back into the swing of things. The first hour I was honestly having an hard time to get into a stream.

The first thing I suggest that when you are trying to get back into the swing of things, turn off all distractions. Turn off anything and everything that serves as a distraction. If say, having a crime channel on in the background doesn’t bother you, have it on. Personally, I can’t have total silence, it was very eerie. I need something, you just have to make sure it’s not too noisy.

If you have kids, you will probably need to schedule, and stick to it. Do they have a “nap time” for at least an hour, where you can at least start. Can someone babysit for a few hours? Don’t do any cleaning, just study. I don’t have children, but I know that every child and bringing them up can be VERY different from one child to the other, let alone in the same household!

What do you need to do, to go back into the swing of things?


I was looking for a sign


The sign that I was looking for?

I am one of those people, if I don’t write it down, if I don’t put it out there in the public it never gets done. I have been wanting to start to learn how to draw for a long time now. But I’m always finding a excuse not to start, but now I have little money to spend, but a lot of time. Why not start today?

See, that was the other thing, I was trying to think of writing a post here, right now. However, I couldn’t think of anything.

Last week, I did stream on Twitch. Because I wrote a post about how I was going to, rather than I would really like too and I did it. I nearly did it yesterday, but I was too busy…and see!!! I didn’t write down that I was going to do it, so I didn’t end up doing it!

Ace of Base

My Generation

I was just thinking over the last couple of days, I don’t think that many from my generation 40 and below, have ever really had to protest before. I think of the protests that we’ve had over the years, I wonder if part of the reason why they don’t seem so effective is because we just don’t know how to.

Then again, I also think we live in a different state of the world. The last “great” protest I’m thinking of, are those against the Vietnam War, but then again, a lot of them protested against the soldiers, just doing their jobs and not necessarily the war themselves.

Before that was maybe Martin Luther King Jr and that Civil Rights March. Which is probably the most “famous” of them all. However, I am sure for different people, there are “great” protests that I am not even aware of.

I can’t help but think, we protest these days, because stupid people and “deaf” politicians, just are not listening to the Science, the Health or Medical professionals. We’re not protesting, because of the Government being wrong. We protest because they wont listen. Protests are done to make people feel uncomfortable, which some do. At the vigil for Sarah Everard, there were quiet a few signs that said “TERFs’ not welcomed here”. The TERFs were not happy, lol.

There must be a in-between that my generation is just missing out on?

Like, if the stupid politicians, and the bigots have social media to echo themselves. They’re not going to listen to a protest. Even though most, if not all, the time. The “lefties” and the “liberal bleeding hearts” always out-number the bigots.

We are the generation that need to come up with a new way to protest. Show the numbers, march, but show them on social media too. Start “hitting” those bigots mid way through their echo. Sometimes protesting on social media does actually work. As an example, a lot of businesses these days will listen to the people saying they wont buy from their business, as their advertisements come up on, say, Fox News. There a few twitter accounts, dedicated to letting the general public know which advertisers are advertising where.

I have no idea where you’d start with that though!lol

The Best Of – Home Of Classic Music

The end of the start, start of the beginning?

So we’re at the end of the first month of January, how are we all going?

I changed my website, and I am nearly ready to go! LolsysLibrary – Go Daddy

Long Post incoming!

Marge Simpson GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I am determined on a few things for the rest of year. Maybe the end of January is when we should make our resolutions?

  • Fight for people to quit following “social influencers”. I swear, they are the worse! I’d say the majority, if not all, have no CLUE about TRUE social issues. The majority of them if not all, don’t actually live a “normal” social life. They’re all advertising ridiculous bikinis, that only people like them would ever wear. One of our the whiny tennis players that I wrote about, his girlfriend is a social influencer. She was whining that she hasn’t washed her hair, because only hairdressers wash her hair, she’s 26. Oh, and also she didn’t apologise she did the whole “I’m sorry people felt that way”. My Nana gets her hair washed by hair dressers, because she physically can’t do it anymore. Let alone the “social influencers” from the UK, breaking Laws in Dubai for their “business” (apparently their there for those ridiculous bikinis I mentioned).
  • I hope more people are called out for their “being silenced”. As they’re on every single media outlet. Watch Death 2020 “I’m being silenced…As I said to Tucker Carlson, twice”.
  • Personally, I am going to start asking people that if they clearly don’t like a page. Why do they keep making comments on it? It’s almost like they think, if they complain enough the page will stop? Which is not going to happen. Especially those people who are on Facebook and become “top fans”, because they’re commenting a lot on a page they don’t like. I don’t like the Kardashians (as a example), I don’t go to all their pages and keep complaining about them. I have a life, lol.
  • I wish for 2021 that pro-lifers and anti-trans stop using animals and compare them to humans. As examples, I recently came across a pro-lifer that told us off for caring more about and fighting for dolphins, turtles, than fetuses. Than anti-transers said that Human Beings are the only mammals that perform invasive genitalia messing operations. One) Animals are better than humans to begin with, and the reason we need to fight for animals, is because OF humans. Two) Human Beings are the only mammals that can do medical and surgical procedures, period. Thirdly) Human Beings tend to be more “aware” of certain things Fourthly) We are not that kind of animal/mammal.

I am glad to see though, more people are starting to call out Rowling, for her more than clear anti-trans stance. The woman advertised anti-trans merchandise that had pins that said things like “Sorry abut your dick bros” and ” trans men are our sisters”, and last year she gave back a humanitarian award. I don’t know how much more of a bigot you can be, than willingly giving back a humanitarian award. Because you don’t agree with trans rights being human rights. If you didn’t have a problem with anyone, why would you give back a Humanitarian award?

How’s it going?….One week!

So it’s been a week since the New Year, and I just wanted to check in and see how you are all feeling.

So far:

  • I’ve updated my resume
  • Organised my employment electronic folders – Payslips, contract etc.
  • I think I got my partner excited about seeing a mortgage broker, to purchase his own house…I think,lol
  • I’ve started wearing my “fancy” dresses just out. What’s the point of a pretty dress, if you never wear it?lol
  • We’ve start to get rid of a lot of clothes that my partner never wears anymore.
  • I’ve gotten a good clean out in my own room, organising Christmas gifts.

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Start! – Nurt Thurs

Nurture Thursday – Start

Today honestly feels like a good day to start…Again,lol

I feel like people have been taking stupid pills all day and I need to start the day again. This is what happened to me today:

Did some people take stupid pills today?lol…First I get told to stop whitesplaining when I said I stand with and needs to stop harassing these young women. Then Angel Gotti goes around actually insulting people and saying they are only famous for who they are married too and then gets all offended when all she’s known for is being the daughter of a crime lord? That’s attacking, not calling a stranger lard arse? Piers Morgan is the most offended “man” ever, but calls everyone else snowflakes?

The Twitter thread I posted below is the one that I retweeted and asked Shaun King to stop harassing the women he’s targeting, and this is the tweet where I got told to stop whitesplaining. I am very confused today.

You CAN re-start: Nurt Thursday

Nurture Thursday – Re-Start

Need to keep the re-starting motivated!

The funny thing about this is, I was saying on my Facebook yesterday that I already want a redo.


It’s funny really, I follow Astrology, but not really the daily things, but today I saw it and I had too laugh.