Stan the Man…Lee

Thank you to Marvel and Stan Lee for not just creating Superheroes that have been beloved entire generations after generations…But for also creating some serious kick ass Superwomen!  Not just women with ‘powers’ either, but those without powers too! Aunt May, Agent Peggy Carter, Black Widow, etc…Women who have been beloved for generations! 

Stan Lee loved to tackle social and current issues. As Stan Lee puts it himself on his “Stans Soapbox” newspaper reoccurring news column (of which no one knows the precise date). According though to former Marvel writer and editor Fabian Nicieza, the column featured in Marvel titles cover-dated April 1970, which would have included “Fantastic Four” #97, “Amazing Spider-Man” #83, “Captain America” #124 and “Incredible Hulk” #126.

“A story without a message… is like a man without a soul.”

Stan Lee, Marvel Women

As a young girl I knew all about Batman and Superman and…well I think they were the only two to be honest and they are from DC!

It was not until I watched a cartoon in the early 90’s called X-Men that I even knew that Marvel existed and I made up for it quickly after that. However, there was one female character that I could relate and I have loved her ever since (except in the live action films)…Rogue.

Now I know that Stan Lee did not create the character of Rogue, but until I saw the X-Men I never even realised that women/girls could be Superheroes…I thought it was all men, all the time! I had been reading other comics, but it was “The Archie’s” and played with my Barbies, so no real female superheroes there.