World Endangered Species Day

…Is not actually today, but on Friday the 21st. However, I do feel that Endangered Species are sometimes forgotten, especially when humans are experiencing global issues, like global viruses. There are also different dates for National campaigns in your country, so look those up some time!

This may be the saddest article I’ve read so far…Mainly because it was written at the beginning of May 2021, and actually that before you even finish reading the article, some of the animals may have gone extinct already.

42 Most endangered Animal Species – Owlcation, May 3:2021 – Kelley Marks

I just wanted to also say that you don’t have to spend money to help endangered species either. It’s more about being aware. For example, Orangutans. Their habitats are being destroyed because the plants in their area, can create palm oil. Which is used in a LOT of products.

Every hour 300 football fields of precious remaining forest is being ploughed to the ground across South East Asia to make way for palm oil plantations. Palm oil is used in everything from snack foods to soaps.

Palm Oil – The Orangutan Project

It can be just as simple as being aware of what is in each of the products you’re buying, and then deciding whether or not if that product is worth it.


National Threatened Species Day (Australia) Plant a tree!

Now generally, this is a day where, in Australia (probably NZ too) we take a look and put a spotlight on threatened species within Australian, and more pacific type countries. Due to popularity, we normally look at animals, maybe insects on this day.

What I would mainly focus onto today is on plants and trees. After watching Gardening Australia yesterday, it was horrifying! Simply for our own greed, how many plants are nearly extinct or have rapidly become extinct.

As an example, there are currently over three trillion trees in the world. HOWEVER! We are currently losing 10 billion trees a year!

So get out there and plant a tree!

Farmers of the Skies the Australian Flying Fox, are now considered threatened and on the brink of endangered. They’re called the farmers of the sky, because they like fruits and flowers, then they fly great distances and you know…

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As they say in the article by Animals Australia Org

entire ecosystems could collapse

The earth, animals, plants and trees. All know how to make the planet work. We could learn something from them!

World Rhino Day AND Hobbit Day…What a Treat!

Today is important for two reasons:

The reciognition and information spreading of one of the worlds largest and heavily endangered animals. The Rhino…A Day which celebrates ALL five species of Rhino: Black, White, Greater One-Horned, Sumatran and Javan.

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Taronga Zoo announces Rhino pregnancy.

Today is also Hobbit Day…Hobbit Day is the birthday of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins (different years though, obviously) The two main characters/protagonist of the two greatest series ever written!

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Threatened Species Day (Australia)

There are just so many important calendar days, I have no idea how to keep up with them all!

Today is National Threatened Species Day in Australia. A chance to take notice and how to help to protect our native fauna and flora This Day was declared in 1996, commemorating the 60th anniversary of the death of the last remaining Tasmanian tiger in 1936.

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Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) – Wikipedia

‘Not science fiction any more’: The Tasmanian tiger could soon be back from extinction

#actonextinction Australia – National Threatened Species Day


Happy Endangered Species Day?

The reason I put a question mark next to my title was because I thought to myself…Was the “Happy” really necessary considering the topic?

Endangered Species Day 2016: 9 Facts, Quotes And Ways To Help Plants And Animals Facing Extinction 

International Business Times, Article written by Jess McHugh

Today is a good day to take a look at ourselves as a whole individual species and ask ourselves “What can I do to help?”…We have the power to help these animals, these animals who cannot speak for themselves. We are the ones that are taking such a large amount of these lives away. Extinction will happen to every single species eventually, but usually these take thousands, if not millions of years to happen and it use to be because of either evolution changes or environmental changes. Yet, humans can wipe out whole species in just years.

Below I have posted a link to a list of the WFF Endangered Species List:


Now this list does not include all of the endangered species on this planet. One also has consider the impact that we are having on species like the bees,frogs and birds. It’s not just the big animals we have to look out for, it’s the little ones too.