Christmas Specials…Magical Monday #9

Basically I just wanted to write a little about my favourite Christmas specials. I also want to know about yours. I’ve been finding that sharing our favourite specials, I’ve been also finding out about other good tv shows!

I only just found out recently that this show is even going still, and I’ll be honest. This shows a little “out there” and can be completely wrong, but somehow they make it right at the end.

Mr Hankey’s Christmas Classics.

I mean, who doesn’t love this show. I’m not sure that they had huge Christmas specials, but there have been a couple.

If you’re a Dr Who fan…you must love the Christmas tv specials. Which one is your favourite? I don’t think there’s been one I haven’t enjoyed!

Dr Who Christmas and New Years episode – Wikipedia

Without a doubt my all time favourite television specials. Are the ones from the Royle Family…Not THE Royal Family…But the royle family…