One Life

Look, I know that Royal Wedding might feel like it’s everywhere and you just want people to stop talking about…Just like every Oscars, Olympics,Eurovision…This is a one time special international event.

Please though:

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We will have different interests and in this world today, if this brings joy to someone other than you. Please, just let them enjoy it. We all have one life and there is no harm in enjoying a Royal wedding…a Fairy tale for some. We all have one life, just let people enjoy this one moment in time.

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Look…I LOVE Australia we are very…very…very lucky, but sometimes people just make me want to cringe.

Over the weekend we had Fathers Day as you might have seen my posts over the weekend…Of course the mere mention of some people wanting to call it “Special Persons’ Day” has some people in a meltdown…Like a literal melt down … and it was a tad embarrassing … You see while they were talking about how they are being discriminated against (How…I don’t know…You’d have to ask them…)

There was something happening in Myanmar 


Blog Ideas?

If you are a regular reader of mine, you have probably noticed that I don’t post a lot on weekends. I just really don’t have anything interesting to write on weekends, I also feel like this Blog is sort of what I enjoy doing the week. It helps get me through, once the weekend hits, even though being a casual worker and I can very really work on the weekend (just the Library, but I have no problem with them). I can usually really relax and not worry to much. Usually I use my weekends as well to write a lot of my more random Blogs.

I have been thinking lately that maybe I should start Blogging on the weekends, even if it’s something just a simple as write up of the week or what is coming up during the week. Not necessarily with myself personally, but any exciting days that are coming like the past weekend (for example). We had World Paperback Day, Ranger Day and Rain Day and I would have LOVED to have written something about that.

So be on the look out for even more posts!

Share Your World March Week 4 2017

Share Your World

Share Your World … March 27 2017

Does your first or middle name have any significance (or were you named after another family member)?

I don;t have a middle name (total weirdo, I know) but I do have a first name! I was named after Lauren Bacall…Which I think is kind of cool, she was a very cool lady. I try to be that cool, but I fail,lol

Music or silence while working?

It honestly depends, but most of the times I do listen to music, but it does help me focus. I have a couple of playlists on my ipod, depending on what I want to do. Most of the time it really does help and I don’t even usually get distracted, it does really help. The only time it doesn’t seem to work is when I’m already focused on something else.

If you had a special place for your three most special possessions (not including photos, electronics, people or animals), what would they be?

  1. My Mufasa plush that I’ve had since I was a teenager. I bought him from a Zoo and he’s just the right size for cuddling and laying my head on.
  2. When my Pa passed away I bought a bracelet with the money he left me. It has his birth stone in it and I love wearing it when I’m about to go somewhere and I am really nervous.
  3. Anything with Belle from Beauty and the Beast on it. I just love Belle.

The Never List: What are things you know you never will do?

I’m not even sure how to answer this one because i’m a person who often says “Never say Never”.

Express Yourself … 52

8…Express Gratitude to 3 people

This is still apart of the 52 Week Grateful Challenge, but the reason I am posting this on a Saturday today is because my partner and I are celebrating his birthday tonight, and he is definitely one of the people I need to express gratitude too. So i thought it’d be nice to do this on his birthday, rather than not on another regular day. I know he knows about this Blog, but I don’t know if he has actually read…well…anything,lol

My partner

I don’t even know where to start with my partner. He has been absolutely unbelievable and just SO kind and considerate. I think the kindness is what I am the most grateful for. When I first had met him, I had developed sciatica and the pain in my leg would be so overwhelming and I wasn’t always able to just go out and do things. Ever since then I developed a condition thanks to another family member putting me through  a traumatic experience. I have not been the same since. But he acts like there’s nothing wrong and it is so unbelievably helpful. The other people who know about my condition wont stop talking to me about it, even though I ask them not too. So I don’t constantly think about it, thinking about it makes it worse. My partner actually respects that and doesn’t talk about it, especially when we’re in the car, which is when my condition is at it’s worse. I honestly feel like if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be getting better at all.

It’s amazing how much you can heal when you have people who don’t just not question, but respect what you ask of them.

One of my coworkers

One of my coworker has to be one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and she is always up to give advice and is just kind as well. She doesn’t know about what’s going on with me, but every other issue in my life I will go and talk to her about it. She always listens with an open mind and we have this thing where we air hug, but it’s a joke. We air huge because I wrote once about how I don’t like being hugged by certain people, I just sometimes feel unsafe. She did make a joke of it and now we air hug all the time.

My relationship with my brother

Don’t ever let him see this post. I am really grateful that we have gotten closer again. When we were little we were very close, my Gran used to call us her little Orangutans, because when we were little we used to cling to on another. Then when we became teenagers we did the usual hate one another thing. As we’ve gotten older we’ve become closer again and it is so nice. I’ve realised even though we pay each other out, we have boundaries and we respect each other.It’s nice.

52 Week Grateful Challenge … Week 4

4. A Family Member

Well after last weeks Grateful Challenge about our families it really did make me feel how lucky I am to have my family. Even when I mess up, my family never make me feel badly about it. I know that I can talk to them about what happened and how I can improve, but I never feel spoken down  to, which is why I keep going back.

So it marks it hard to think of just one family member I have that I am more grateful more than the rest, but I guess I don’t have to take it that way…So I wont. I am grateful for my entire family, even the ones I don’t particularly agree with their views. As they were the first people that taught me about you don’t have to agree with everything just because you might care about someone.

However, when I thought about the first thing that popped into my mine is I do have a special relationship with my Grandmother and throughout my life she had probably been the biggest supporter of her entire family. She is a such strong individual and she has had a really amazing life. She was the one who taught me about Reiki and she was the one who eventually “levelled” me up through Reiki teachings. As well as teaching me about the Chakra, Tarot…A lot of my spiritual side comes from her, as well a lot of my general overall history and background, I’ve learnt from her. The best thing I find about her is that she is just so assertive. Which is something that I severely lack, but with all my faults, she never makes you feel bad about them. She just naturally accepts that’s who you are…And it’s fantastic to have someone like that.

I honestly believe she is the reason that while I have a big heart, I refuse to let it be taken advantage of. Or allow others to make me feel bad about myself. Whenever I need to “Re-tune” my self, she’s the one I would  always go to first. I love my Mum and she does give me great advice, but she’s my Mum,lol

My Little Treasure

Over the weekend I obtained a “little” treasure, I call it little because as much as the figurine is little, I actually thought that it was going to a lot smaller!lol…I also swear I am way more happier than my faces appears in the picture, I was trying to take it quickly before I left.


I have loved the Lion King ever since I was little and I have been stalking this particular figurine for about a year and I finally found one that was really cheap, compared the others. Mainly because this one does not come with the box (but still the certificate of authentication). Mufasa has to be one of my favourite all time Disney characters.

I have probably about 4-5 figurines that I could never get rid of and they include: Harley Quinn, Belle from Beauty and the Beast. What about you fellow readers, do you have any special little treasures?

That Doctor Who Magic =D

I finally got around to watching the “Doctor Who Christmas Special” I stayed off of the craziness that is Social Media (I’m one of those increasingly rare people who doesn’t think that the whole of Facebook needs to stay quiet and say nothing because I can’t stay off of a SOCIAL media state).

River Song, apart from Captain Jack, is probably my most favourite re-occurring character on Doctor Who.

I LOVED IT! I cried, I laugh and I absolutely love the relationship between River and the Doctor, this might sound a little weird they felt more suited for each other and as much I loved the relationship between River and Matt Smiths character, it felt more real, if that even makes sense for a fictional relationships. I have my theories why that is ( and not just Matt Smith being younger), but I can’t say anything without giving, not spoilers so much, but good plot lines, away. Get out there and watch it when you can, you will not be disappointed.

Do not read article if you haven’t seen it yet! Heartbreaking Doctor Who Christmas Special (The Mirror)