Share Your World…May Wk 2, 2019

Share Your World

Share Your World 6-5-19


  1. Do you believe in soul mates? If so, do you think there is only one person meant to share that bond with you, out there in the world?  (credit to Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove) I actually believe that soul mates come in all shapes and form. That our souls are meant to meet certain people in each life. Even if it’s “just for a summer”, bad times or for a life time. I believe that we are meant to meet certain people, hence, soul mates.
  2. Ice cream cone, shake or other ice cream concoction? There’s nothing more that I love than a good milkshake. Just the thought of them makes me so happy.
  3. What would be the hat to end all hats? What could you wear on your head that would make people stop what they are doing and stare in awe and amazement? Honestly, I think any hat that’s been in the MetGala, they are so over the top and so fabulous. How could you not?lol
  4. What would be the worst “buy one get one free” sale of all time? Any of the bad MetGala hats,lol


Bonus Question.   Please share a moment of gratitude that you experienced during the past week. 

We took our dog to the vets this week and even she was so happy with her progress. We all thought she was going to pass away. My chihuahua has a quarter of a tablet of steroids each day and the vet said that she was happy to feel that my “puppy” doesn’t even feel like she has a fatty liver. Which is a common side effect of steroids. But heart was good, her fur is good, she does has a cataract in one eye. However, that was there before all the “business”.

Soul Mates

Alone on a Saturday night and I don’t care!lol…I haven’t even really been drinking, I have had one lemonade soft drink with a shot of vodka in it. It’s honestly been really relaxing and I am enjoying and am about to watch even more Disney movies.

Any-ways, I have been sitting here and thinking to myself. I feel so grateful about a lot of my very close friends and the people who are in my lives and it got me thinking about soul mates. I don’t think soul mates are just for the romantic partners. I think anyone whose soul entwines with yours in some way or another and I think that this can be anyone, that’s what a soul mate is to me.





Soul Mates

Soul Mates…Perhaps a bit of a strange title to put into a single themed type blog post, really? It really isn’t though!

I just recently watched the Sex and the City episode “The Agony and the Exactsy” the one where Charlotte says that unforgettable quote…

sex and the city

It got me thinking (as the great sayings always do!) I think it probably the most problematic problem, especially when you start a new relationship. It’s that fine line between trying to include everyone you care about in at the same time, but yet, at the same time, trying to make sure that everyone individually is treated wonderfully well.

 No matter what, your relationships especially with your closest friends are going to be the most important you’ll ever have! Never ever give that up for a romantic relationship!