Ego Media

I started to write this post, after witnessing some transphobic people. Also, though after watching Echkart Tolle and Brand Russell talk about this sort of thing.

As time has been going on and on more, I have been starting to see on generally all social media platforms that people’s ego’s are taking over, just a little but by little bit…Not anyone’s on here…But you know about how people who yell the loudest, get heard. That’s how I feel about social media right.

When I take a gander at Trump Supporters, Transphobia, or any general bigoted or Conservative account. They’re always “loud”. By loud I don’t mean, they’re necessarily TYPING LIKE THIS, ALL THE TIME…They generally say something really blatantly obviously stupid, but they will always get the most likes. Yet, anyone whose sane or rational will get a couple, if they’re lucky.


For all these loud accounts, when you see them do something in public, like anti-mask “protest”, anti-trans “protests”. Despite them getting thousands of “likes” for their tweets. They may actually get out in public, 20 people…at roughly the most. So WHY do they get so many likes? If you truly believe that you’re not doing anything wrong, why aren’t they getting out there?

That’s why I personally call social media “Ego Media” now. I feel like we can change that perspective though! Let them all go to Parler. They seem to want to go, but I have yet to see anyone actually delete their Twitter account. I think we can change it, but being simply and quietly positive. Be so positive, it will drive them nuts!lol



I must you warn you, I am using the picture of George Floyd for this. I’ve been trying not too…But I felt, for this post, it’s appropriate. 

I am not ashamed to admit that I regularly like to social media “detox”. This week I have been detoxing off of Twitter.

I went on yesterday, just to say RIP to Carl Reiner. I realised why I wanted to come off this week. This last time I came off for a detox, I had been drinking and I was getting mad at just people’s stupidity. I didn’t really know if I was getting mad or incredibly sad. It was just depressing.

Some of the things I was finding just, plain dumb.

TERFS, are just my Achilles heel. I knew a few transpeople, and the trans people I follow on here and on Twitter, Instagram, are the loveliest people. I don’t understand the utter hate that TERFS show towards them. It really does blow my mind. It makes NO sense to me whatsoever.

Or those racists who keep using crime stats for black on black crime, as some sort of proof that that is justification for this…(picture of George Floyd).

george floyd

One, there are more POC than police, and two, it’s still not justification for police who kill unarmed, completely innocent POC. And I don’t know what world you must live in, or how you can yourself a “Christian”. And try to justify this? That is not the job of the police, is it? Too murder people? They’re the ones supposed to be protecting people FROM this!


Blockity block, block…

Lately, I’ve started following Trump supporters. Especially the ones that just write really either obviously stupid lies or the ones…well…they’re the only ones really.

(Just letting you know that one paragraph seems to have made my writing go small).

I decided to do this, because whenever I’d get into a conversation, either because of the time difference. I’d come on the next day and it was fruitless to continue the conversation as something else always happened. Or it would just get lost altogether.

So I started to follow them, and it’s been such a change. Mainly because every-time they’d bring up something, I would ask and always politely, to prove it. Even just one thing. As examples, one was talking about how Trump was more unifying than Biden. I would then use an example of Biden unifying people, and ask them to now prove, with an example, where Trump has been unifying. I get block. They would say “You just don’t like Trump” and instead of getting defensive, I know have a list of things Trump was doing even BEFORE being President to show “Of course I don’t like him”. New York, his home town doesn’t even like him”. Then I would ask them to show me an example of him doing something I should like, I get blocked.

The most recent one has been this “woman” accused us of being racist. Because after we found that BLM activist Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau had been murdered and her murderer had been caught. We stopped hashtagging her name. So we clearly didn’t care about black lives. She was trying to tell us that her murder had everything to do with BLM, because she was an blm activist and she went missing during a BLM. She also called us fucktards, how could we not see the connection. As I pointed out to her. Her MURDER had nothing to do with BLM, as far as we know yet. It sounds like Aaron Glee (her murderer) probably knew her already. It sounded more like a domestic violence situation. I also said her murderer HAD been caught. What more else could we do?

I also pointed out that BLM, has nothing to do with general “murder” as such. BLM is to do with the alarming rate of violence against POC, from white people, and more importantly by people SUPPOSED to protect POC. It has NOTHING to do with “domestic” murder. I feel horrible for writing it as “domestic murder”.

I got blocked,lol. I have to admit, she really did annoy me and I called her a fucktard back. Because she KNOWS BLM has nothing to do with “domestic” murder. Which is probably why I got blocked, because I called her out her obvious bullshit.

It was really frustrating me when none of these “people” could ever back themselves up.

Meet Sarah…



So its okay for to call people she doesn’t know sluts and then see you next Tuesday…But can’t even STAND being called out on it! Sarah here, decided it was okay to call Alyssa Milano a “See You Next Tuesday”, because she doesn’t like her. I called her out on it…Blocked. I did get in though with a good old…One of her posts said “It starts with a C” after someone called her a slut. I got in though, just before she blocked me “Classy…It’s classy, isn’t it Sarah…Everything you don’t represent, something you don’t understand anything about. Everything someone with the little girls maturity mindset, like you don’t understand. What kind of grown up calls another woman a “slut” or a “cunt” because you don’t like them? Only teenage girls do that. And not all teenage girls, but definitely little girls like you.”


Though, I saw a tweet, that made me feel better. “It’s not that Trump supporters actually think Trump is smart or kind or a good person. It’s that he represents them, and makes their hatred and fear and bigotry feel like it’s okay to be like that. Hey if the POTUS can do it, why can’t I?”

Social Media and Abuse: Take 2

I’m going to get a bit serious here folks…Well kind of…

This is a continuation of my previous post “Social Media and Abuse”. What I want to write about it though, is in general. Rather than an actual specific problem on social media.

As I mentioned before, in theory social media is fantastic. It allows us to keep in contact with loved ones. But have we now become social MEdia? Without even meaning too?

So many times I have seen people fighting about the same thing, they’re on the same page. They argue, though, like they are opposite sides.

It’s funny that this week I decided to write about this topic, but just yesterday I was victim of it myself. I initially started this post because, right now, in Australia. It’s reconciliation week, so reconciliation between us colonisers and the Indigenous people of Australia. So, it seems like a “great” time to talk about the issues that are similiar to African Americans, like the numerous deaths of IA in police custody. Right at the beginning of it, a NSW police officer, decided that because he was a having bad day and the Indigenous teenager used “horrifying” language. It was perfectly acceptable for them to use, kick his legs out from under him, use excessive force and cracked the teens jaw on the concrete floor.

So a LOT of Australians, are talking and using the BLM hashtag. One well known family friend of ours was then harassed by a bunch of African Americans, saying that Indigenous Australians weren’t black, and that America started the BLM movement, they came up with it. How dare we ride their coat tails. Funnily enough, a lot of these African Americans were a lot of lighter than Indigenous Australians.

Yes, they’re Indigenous to Australia, but that doesn’t make them black…Just for those who follow my on Instagram, that’s what my “America Arrogance” story was about. I asked them “Who cares who started it? You’re all going through the exact same thing! Can’t we end racism, together?”

I was going to post some photos of Indigenous Australians, but you have to ask their permission. They are one of those cultures, that believe that a photo takes away part of your soul. However, if you type in Indigenous Australia. They are…actually black. In fact, the ones who love in bush and haven’t really been in contact with that much “white culture”. Are, black. Not as black as the Sudanese, but close. They actually used to be darker, but you know…white people.

So as example one above. Even though this African American, stands with BLM. We were all arguing about it? If that makes sense. We were all on literally the same page of BLM…Yet, we weren’t. Because apparently Indigenous Australians, aren’t black??? They were saying this to actual Indigenous people too, which made me, personally, angrier.

Despite 432 Indigenous deaths in custody since 1991, no one has ever been convicted. Racist silence and complicity are to blame

As for example two, it was myself who experienced. After that conversation, I wrote an Instagram post saying … quote for quote … “Although I know some really love Americans, America’s arrogance will be it’s downfall”. Now, 99% of the people who replied too, or who I chatted too about it. Either agreed with me, or I had a good chat with them with how lucky I was that I knew good Americans.

One person, again, whose with BLM, but white and American, said that I was being xenophobic…By saying that the downfall of Americans will be their arrogance.

It’s not a fear, I have about America. It’s (sorry) just a fact. And those two are proof that I am right. Two Americans, who think you have to do it THEIR way, or you’re wrong. Even when you are literally standing for the same thing.

Both of these happened on a social MEdia site.

Although social media is a get place to read about others thoughts and points of views. I often wonder how many of us actually READ, or do we now just read what we want. Then react? I realised I was doing this a few months ago, and it made me stop doing it. If I don’t understand something, I wont reply, until I do.

Being off of social media

Why do people say things on social media, not to you. Then when you make a comment about everyone calling others dumb, someone it’s your fault and how dare you? Then they’ll make posts about other people who are passive aggressive on social media.

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This is the reason I am now off social media. When the app came out from the Government, I expressly said why I would not download it. I thought it was reasonable, and didn’t even mention tracking. Next thing I know all these people I know,  are calling people who don’t download the app as selfish, as ignorant, dumb fucks, conspiracy theorists etc, etc, etc. But not too me, they just wrote posts. We’re dumb and they’re laughing at us, because the Government already tracks us on our smart phones.

Nowhere has anyone said that they don’t want the Government tracking them, because  we know they already are. We’re not idiots. This app just makes it more legit. You would have to be stupid to not already know this.

When I pointed out that they’re jumping on bandwagons, and if they actually read what people are saying, who DON’T want to download the app. None of what they’ve written about, even came up. Also, not everyone has smart phones. I wrote a post about how over people I am, like overnight the Left were now bullying and condescending towards people like me, who just don’t trust the Government (and for good reasons). And don’t read what other people are actually saying.

Then the next thing I know, instead of saying anything to me about it. They decided to go on social media and how if you don’t want to download the app, fine. Then they ALL did THAT word…BUT…There is no BUT, either you’ve read why or not. Either you will listen to others or not. Either your sorry for jumping on a bandwagon and calling others stupid or not, when they have legitimate reasons.

It IS that thing of the moment you apologise and that person says BUT….Then it cancels out everything else you’ve just said. No buts about it here!

After many years of living whenever someone write buts or says buts, I immediately stop reading and/or listening. So when I tried to read what they’d written…I just well…didn’t,lol.

It has been LOVELY being off of social media. The funny thing I’ve managed to keep up to date with everybody and still everything that’s been going on. For one, I have this blog. I have gone back onto my “family” Instagram, since I know someone isn’t on there. The only problem with suddenly deactivating ones social media, every one wants to know why. You just don’t want to tell people,lol.



Know yourself

One of the biggest lessons, that anyone should learn about themselves before they go on any social media platform.


There are plenty of strangers, who will tell you what they think you are. Without knowing you at all, and want to make you believe their way of thinking about yourself. It’s probably the biggest lesson that I’ve learnt with social media.

I tend to see a lot of people who go on social media, who clearly not handle it. Even thought they’re on there all the time. I know my limits. I know when to get off of it. I know when to stop responding, because it’s not doing any good for me.

For so many years now, I have heard the same thing over and over and over again “Well,your brother can’t handle Twitter. So you can’t possibly”. I don’t know if others have noticed this, clearly they haven’t. I am not my brother. I’m Lauren. Hi!

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I’m not surprised that my brother can’t handle Twitter. Like above, he has always been worshipped, no matter what he does, he got away with everything, never punished, never did the chores and still got more money than me from my Mum. I remember when she said to me once “Oh, is that how you cook two minute noodles” and I said yes, showed her the packet instructions, her reply was “Oh, well your brother cooks it this other way”…Oh well, I guess then it can’t possibly be made any other way? He won “Bitch of the Year”. Because he is good at the come backs. Yet, when someone has a go at him, personally, he’s not used to that. He used to being worshipped.

I’m not.

I remember one time, I had had enough of doing his chores. So I left the dishes for a few days, my Gran came over, had a go at me for the dishes not being done. I told her, that this is what happened when it was my brothers turn ie, it never got done. When my brother got home, she didn’t have a go at him. So I ended up doing his chores … again … and he still got more money than me.

Like I said, I have never been worshipped. Even with my romantic relationships, I have always lived in the past of an ex-girlfriend. One ex-partner, bought a chair whose name rhymed with his ex, and so he kept calling the couch by her name.

Of course my brother can’t handle Twitter. Twitter is not a place for worship. There’s not enough family on there to worship him.

Social media is not a place to be worshipped. There is always going to be that one person who wont agree with you. There’s always that one person who doesn’t agree with you and stalks everything that you say. There’s always that one person who you thought that you were on the same thought level as you, until you realise they’re not. There are bullies on there, there are gas-lighters on there. Unless your social media platform is willing to actually do something about it, that’s just the way it is.


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Before you head onto any social media platform today, ask yourself “Do I really need to go on there today?”

I do blame social media

I do blame it for a lot of the problems in today’s world.

You can’t someone like Jack from Twitter say we’re going to really crack down on bullying and then just keep letting the POTUS continually a 16 year old girl, because she knows how to handle herself.

Spending the last few days, nearly a whole week off of social media, because of just not being able to access it. It’s been really nice, I cannot tell a lie. I’ve been taking photos and things, writing ideas down for blogging. Generally though, it’s been quiet. The first time I came back on, it was alright too. I just had a lot of dog on my Instagram feed. Then the next time, that’s when it started to get back into again.

When I came back on as well, I noticed that the same people I had left behind had been on over the entire Christmas days. I felt sad for them, and pretty sorry as well. I think it’s kind of sad that they’d rather go and follow people they don’t like, to “argue” with people they don’t know, over Christmas.

I’m not Religious, I’m more spiritual than anything. So I’m not into the whole celebrating Jesus’s birthday. I love just being with family and spending time with them…Getting the gifts, don’t hurt either. This was the also the first year I didn’t speak to my Dad over Christmas, but that was okay too. Even my Mum had to block my Dad in the end as well. She was the one who felt sorry for him, until he insulted her parents. Her parents (my grandparents), her father is Dad and her mum is still alive. But no matter their faults, they are definitely a world better than my Dads parents, their Dad beat up my Dads twin brother. Too the point, he was nearly dead. All because my Dads dad, didn’t believe his own son has tourette’s.

It’s like my cousin said today, the internet is a great tool, but it has really exposed a lot of faults in our world. Especially with human beings.

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Share Your World…7-10-19

Share Your World

Share Your World – 7-10-19


Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) a good thing, a bad thing or a mixture of both?

It’s a mixture of both. Some days I can be on it and be fine and just interact with people that I care about. Then there are other days when I can’t stand the stupidity, even if it’s with the people I care about,lol. The best thing it keeps you in contact with people you care about, and most of the time for free.

Are you camera shy or do you pose for the camera with confidence?

I don’t mind taking pictures of myself, but I’m shy taking them with other people. I’m an introvert, so I feel comfortable taking pictures of myself more because I’m comfortable around myself,lol. A lot of people that I know are extroverts, so a lot of the times they want to make sure they look good. Doesn’t happen so much anymore,lol. But most people I hang around with now only ever take a group photo. So it’s not as big as a deal.

Is there anything you’ve kept from younger years for sentimental reasons alone?

I’ve kept quiet a few thing. I tend to keep things a lot. Not like a hoarder. For example, I’ve stopped buying plush toys, because I’ve got so many from my childhood that I’ve held onto. But if for some reason I get rid of it. Like one of my nieces really liked one of them, so I gave them to her. I feel like that gives me permission to get another one,lol. I also recently went through and chucked out a whole bunch of pictures and presents from my ex-friends. I did keep letters though, and any presents that I actually use, because why should I have to get rid of them? I’ve kept the letters too because there are memories from high school and other things I achieved in them.

Do you like to decorate for different holidays?

Yes…yes I do. Every year I have to convince my partner to decorate for Christmas. This year I’ll have to do it again because we’re going to visit his family, so he never thinks there’s any reason to when we wont be in the house on Christmas Day. I’ll probably just do it anyway,lol

ahb  ahb1


Do you feel you’re a strong person character-wise?   Also, if you do have a gratitude thought or picture you’d like to share, please feel free!   The world can always use more positive vibes!

I feel like sometimes I’m not and then other days that I am,lol.

Twitter Trouble 1#

I’m going to write/talk about my situations on Twitter. God knows, how toxic it is on there!lol…See if I’m being silly or overreacting, or perhaps you can even help me understand?

This happened a few days, probably a week or so before the climate strikes. Basically I USED to follow a Twitter account, right up until they become derogatory and demeaning just because we made a suggestion to do more than Tweet? We said if they really wanted to make a impact, get out and protest. Like Kapernick, like Greta etc. I didn’t expect the violtile that came with making that suggestion. One guy I was standing up for was called a “little bitch” just because he made the suggestion to do more than tweet. I was called incompetent for not being able to “vote and tweet” at the same time, even though that’s not what we were saying…At all? (I also can do this).

This “person” also decided to send her followers to attack us…Why? It was ODD. This was by a supposed “Leftie” and Liberal. All we were saying was if you don’t like how it’s going, be proactive. Like Moms Demand, like Kapernick, like Greta Thumberg. Against all these odds, they are actually changing things. Wouldn’t they feel better for it?

I truly do not understand why they took it so personally, I’ve seen less of an emotional reaction from Trump supporters. There was no way I could keep following this person and I most certainly do not have any respect for them.

Basically it made them sound like they are the ones who can’t tweet and vote. It wasn’t just that it was that they “spoke” and tried to get people to gang up on us. Which has never been a way to change my mind. They were also derogatory over a simple suggestion? Not even a horrible suggestion at that! Who wouldn’t want to be immortalise for helping the planet?

It also showed how easily led people can be on Twitter as well, especially if you have a massive ego. This person started to delete comments when other people started to agree with us. But it was also the surprise that people were liking her derogatory comments, despite no proof of what she said? We were literally saying to do MORE and we were the incompetent ones…Because we can do more than them? It was bizarre!lol

I’ll just finish off by saying don’t make suggestions to “The Volatile Mermaid” she doesn’t actually want to know,lol…She’s definitely Volatile, but no Disney Mermaid in her whatsoever!

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So I was just wondering, what you, readers think which social media platform is the most toxic and why?

See, I used to really like Twitter, but now I think that’s probably the most toxic. I definitely feel like Twitters CEO is probably buddies with Trump. While I think that Instagram may be the most positive. Well, as far social media platforms go. Facebook I don’t hate as much as I used to. Despite knowing that they are listening to our conversations. Here’s the thing with that though, so what? It’s annoying, sure. Once I knew about it, it didn’t make me change anything. I’m not a raging psychopath and I have will power. Just because Facebook is re-hashing advertisements, you don’t HAVE to buy it.

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