Daily writing prompt
How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?

I actually did this last night, on Twitter. After two days “arguing” with white people about even though being part of a cult is horrible and makes you do and say horrible things. When you say something horrific like celebrating the murder of three black people, one a child. You do not make excuses and have to have people drag an apology out of you. That’s not an apology and if the last time you, as white person, made racists comments about George Floyd. You are not then cured and absolved because you transitioned. That’s not how it works.

Then of course you’ve got the transphobes who think they have the “right to offend”. I mean, you do, I guess, but people also have the right to debate that. You are not being silenced when you are on every single media outlet, uncontested. And you are not on the right of History when the leaders of the most corrupt and stupidest political parties, back you up.

Then of course there was the whole Rowling calling trans people and the activist the actual Nazis.

There was a moment where I was going “I hope when I log back on, I’m banned” and then I was…

I don’t NEED to be here. I have got plenty of outlets and I have got plenty of ways of keeping in touch with others.

For the moment, I am keeping Twitter up, but only as a way to let people contact me until I get rid of Twitter for good. There are some people, who for the moment, don’t have else where to go. I will be encouraging them and supporting them to leave Twitter.

Seriously, I am getting my root canal finally done later today, and what if I got hit by a bus or a car. My last days on earth would have been me fighting with grown ups, about how to be better grown ups. As much I have this weird/odd need to fight for everyone. I shouldn’t be fighting other adults on how to be, at the very least, sensible human beings. That’s not my job. I highly doubt that’s my lot in my life.

I literally called someone beneath me, because they said that trans gender people were having a “gender” gap year. This person actually chose’s to follow me. So I let them have it, lol.


Social Media

I had what I thought was an interesting moment yesterday. I noticed how badly I was writing on Twitter. I think I have actually mentally checked out of social media, in general.

Twitter especially, but social media is becoming more and more of a place, where people just say something.

Take for example, a complete ninny having a go at India Willoughby, a trans women and a UK journalist. She showed up how many people shad blocked on Twitter. It’s up too 200,000+. Then a “Christian” Right Winger said all proudly well if you have to block most people, maybe the problem is you.

So I did some research.

When Elon Musk finally took over Twitter, he allowed 60,000 banned accounts back onto Twitter. Most of those had been banned for hate speech. There are 8 billion people on earth, Twitter has about 206 million users. So 200,000 isn’t really that much when you think about it. It’s quiet small, but also when you hear Musk let 60,000 accounts back onto Twitter, who had violated Twitters previous rules. It makes sense that someone that well known as India is, would have that many blocked.

The other point I just want to make is that Musk routinely brags about how hate speech has dropped on Twitter. Which, technically, it has. But again, that’s because he changes the protections. For example, he recently made it so you can misgender people and you cannot report it. So, technically, people wont report being misgendered, because there is literally no way to do it. That doesn’t mean misgendering just stopped. It has gone WAY up.


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New Week, New Me and New You Too =D

Oh my goodness people! Two days off of Twitter, and I got more accomplished over the weekend then I have in the last month, lol.

I came off on the Friday, mainly because, finding out that I had an infection in my tooth and I have to go back twice to get it properly fixed. Kind of depressed me. Its not just the dentist and the work needed done there, its my wedding in November. So it’s just one more extra BIG cost.

Apart from that it’s actually be really good. I got a lot of gardening done. I got a lot of wedding organising done. Too the point it seems like buying a new camera and playing with it, would be much cheaper and a better idea than hiring a photographer, outright. I reckon we could totally do it! I really wanted more “professional” photos for both of our Grandma’s, but neither may be able to make it by November anyway.

Thanks to St Pattys Day, I have an entire new focus on a wedding dress. Get something in a simple Boho/Celtic/Renaissance style and then dress it up. As my therapist reminded me though, I can have more than one dress, but with the costs at the moment. I still have time to really decide.

I am also just not replying to toxic family members at the moment. It’s actually all going really good. If they do reply, I either delete the message, or put into a folder to be dealt with later.

My mindset is just completely changed. I’m focusing back on my “website” that I was trying to startup last year. That wasn’t really Twitters fault. It was more what I can use a website for?

The most fun news, apart from the wedding and the gardening. I started to write a book. At the moment I know what I want it to be about. I was mainly inspired to write about what I think a “real” woman is. It’s a total pet hate of mine, that people (transphobes) will call biological women, like myself, “real”. Too me, we are all real. What even is a real woman?! I feel like it’s something I can write about from my own experiences. At the moment it’s just sporadic writing, lol

Are they not tired yet?

In 24 hours, Musk like Trump, Kanye and self-described misogynists back on Twitter. I don’t have a problem with Trump on, I just blocked him and all the other ones too.

I have a problem with Musk.

It’s like even though he let Trump back on, Trump hasn’t made a tweet yet. Because Trump has his own social media, which his supporters seem to have forgotten about. And after another mass shooting day in America, against a gay club who were supporting trans people on TDOR. Musk decided to tweet all day “Brokeback mountains” for Donald Trump type memes.

What has happened today, is proof that countries need to start making Federal/National Laws for social media companies who encourage hate and terrorism against other people. LibsofTikTok, LGB Alliance, Fair Cop. What’s the difference between these accounts and Jan 6th types? There is none.

Thursday Theories – Being back on Twitter

It’s been really funny back on Twitter. I swear, literally nothing has changed. It’s pretty much the same thing, except for the fact being that the theories are crazy, haha.

I swear, until Rowlings off there, I can’t see much changing. I can see though trans and cis people are getting more tired of the stupidity, and it’s becoming more apparent.

By the way, Drag is not woman face. What’s next cis men complaining that Drag Kings are men face. They are actually comparing it to black face.

Real life though has been crazy this week! I am SO tired, I’ve slept bad every single night, had to work and then my Mum got COVID, her first time. But I was with her when she tested positive! So my partner made me stay with her, which I can’t blame him for.

I am really stressed about getting my wisdom teeth out. I have to go “under” and I have never done that before! I was going to ring up about some questions I had, but I left all my dental information at my partners =/

Then I got so excited about Alex Kingston aka River Song coming to my state, that I went and bought a ticket, but now I am realised I really can’t afford it. So, I’ll have to get a refund, she’ll be around again though, and maybe I can travel interstate and have a whole trip away =D

And Suella Braverman is GONE!!! YAY!!!

Never mind me, I’m just twittering away, lol

Guess whose back? Back again!

Don’t worry though, I said my piece, let a couple of people know and came off again. I have NO intention of going back there again. What is funny though, I said to my Mum only yesterday that I was 100% believing that since they blocked Kanye West, we might see some changes for a little bit, and we did! Maya Forstater got suspended and here’s hoping Rowlings rants and defamation against Graham Norton and Billy Bragg, will do…something, lol

Well, duh, lol

Social media has done ‘extraordinary damage’ to democracy, public health, safety: Expert

They do actually have a transcript of the conversation. Reading through, I got slightly annoyed

Negative news, triggers fight or flight, so it makes people pay attention to it. Whereas good news, doesn’t have that kind of affect.

The third problem is one of incentives. And this is the one that’s killing us because there is no reason from an economic perspective why these companies should look out for the safety of their users, much less protecting the country’s national interest. Right now the incentives are for them to make as much money as they can as quickly as they can and not worry about the consequences. And until that changes, I don’t think there’s a chance we’re going to do anything good about this.

Roger McNamee

I would highly recommend reading this, or watching the video. Even though you all know what’s going on in the Universe. It is sometimes nice just to hear someone with clear intelligence, say it.

Is it just me?

Or are people getting stupider on social media, if that is indeed, possible, haha.

I’ve written about a couple of things that happened over the weekend, on here. The stupidity just honestly never seemed to end.

I totally was empathetic and understood about people being upset. What I didn’t understand was the whole saying something stupid, even if you’re upset and then refusing to admit that you probably shouldn’t have said it. Instead of being an adult, being all “Well, my feelings are hurt”.

Like you know how, when you’re upset and you say something stupid. It use to be that you’d apoligise, but these days, people will lash out and then their little social media minions will sit there and attack with you. For example, I follow a lot of different animal rescues accounts, wombats being one of them. So this account I follow, was upset that they couldn’t find this wombat and this person, I felt was just pointing out that it is all “doom and gloom”. Because, well it is.

Well, the account holder had a go and then all these other people, had a go. Calling the person a “troll” and other things that stupid people call others. I popped in and said “Well, I think they were agreeing with you”. How doom and gloom the situation was, because, well it is.

Are you seeing these things also?

Wombats are not pets

Thursday Theories – Tik Tok

I will start this blog post with a warning. I am not 100% sure what happened on there, all I know is that there were a lot of parents who stopped posting tik toks of their kids on there. It seemed to have involved child exploitation on there too. One of the reasons I have not written about this before is because I am not a parent. At the same time though, I keep wanting to say

*warning* child/minor exploitation


A lot of social media sites have an age limit for a reason. There’s a good reason why a lot of social media, will not allow you to post naked, even sweet pictures, of your children, say in the bath.

We all get it. There’s people out there who “do not” though. There are some sick people out there, who literally do not get it.

Even if you do not post naked or semi naked pictures of your kids, in all pure goodness. There are some sick people out there. I don’t even want to imagine what they’d do with videos, clothed.

Now onto the other different topic. Too lose a child, I can’t begin too imagine. Unfortunately, I don’t think the parents suing Tik Tok for negligence, will win.

Dear parents, you are NOT your child’s friend. You are their PARENT. You are responsible for them. Not a social media company. The age limit for tik tok is 13, not 9 or 8. Most people say common sense, it should be 15 really. We’re in 2022, sorry, but that is not tik tok’s fault, you didn’t say no and clearly did not monitor your child’s activity.

People in there’s teens, 20s, 30s 40s+ Cannot handle social media. Why in HECK would you not be monitoring your 9 YEAR OLD!

Thursday Theories – “Violations”

Being “kicked off” of Twitter, for the stupidest reason. Has been quiet good, I know that when Elon Musk said he was going to buy Twitter. A group of us said we will leave Twitter, myself included. So it’s actually been quiet good.

It’s also been interesting seeing it as someone who does not have Twitter, and you realise how toxic twitter really is. And you also see how little people take any responsibility for their words and actions on there.

It’s like every single time at the moment, that when you see something about a celebrity it’s always from Twitter. Sometimes Instagram, rarely Facebook these days interesting enough. The day after I had been ‘banned’ there were a least 4 different celebrities who said stupid things on Twitter. By the way, if you’re going on Piers Morgan, it’s gonna end bad, no matter what your intention is, Macy Gray.

If Twitter were too actually stick to their “guns” (so to speak) Twitter would be SO much better. Twitter is definitely a toxic environment. Left, Centre or Right, doesn’t seem to matter on there.

Embrace your bodies all!