Share Your World, April last week, 2019

Share Your World

Share Your World, 4-29-19


  1. If you could interview anyone from your life living or dead, but not a celebrity, who would it be and why? Wooo, good question! Whenever I think about it, I always want it to be like a Audrey Hepburn or a Gene Kelly. You know who I would like, but she’s kind of a celebrity? Cleopatra, the real one. I guess she’s not really a “celebrity” but she’s sort of one with them? Her name is ‘famous’. I would love to get the REAL story, did she use an asp? Did she really love Caesar or Antony? Would she love that thousands of years later, we still reverie her and find her a mystery?
  2. As a child, did you have a nickname?  Did you carry that with you throughout life or was it only in childhood that you used it? Yes, I’ve had two nicknames from childhood that I still use. One is Lolly, which usually only my Mums side still used with me. The other is Little Poppenjay. Only my grandfather used this on me, so very rarely my family do. But I really love it as a nickname. He’d say “Hey, Hey, Poppenjay…Hope you’ve had a lovely day”.
  3. Give us three words that describe you: Kind, Introverted and a little bit innocent.
  4. Sneaking into a second movie at the theater (if you go to a movie house)?  Is that wrong or just harmless ‘fun’? I don’t actually know what a movie house is, is it an American thing? But I think in terms of wrong and harmless fun, there are a lot worse things out there to do!
  5. If you had a time machine would you go back to the past or forward into the future?  Why? There are some parts of my life, now, that I so love. If I could go back, still know those people, or have the same job in the future. I would want to go back. This is going to sound really lamely sad. There’s one person who I believe loved me for me, like they actually worried and thought about me. I’ve always had this feeling that I am not number 1 to anyone, not even my parents. Even though my parents have been divorced for well over a decade. I know if my Mum said to my Dad “If you hurt Lauren, I’ll get back together with you”. As sad as it sounds, I think he would do it. My brother is definitely my Mums favourite, she does love me but I’m not the favourite. She’d deny it, but he is. Don’t even get me started on ALL my partners apparent obsessions with their ex’s. I’ve got great examples, one was one of my ex’s bought a couch that rhymed with his constant cheating ex’s name. If I had a dollar for the times he’d “accidentally” call his couch her name…


What were you thankful for during April? I am grateful that both the fur-babies are still alive and loved to be love, as they love me. I think this birthday I didn’t actually want “stuff” I wanted to be listened to and feel like I am loved. I think i kind of got that =)

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