Thank you…number gazillion

When I was younger, so much younger than today…haha

I used to feel really dumb, I have a brother who was in the smart kids classes and a now ex best friend, who’d get A+++ on everything. It wasn’t until after High School, I found out that I had dyslexia. I am nearly 40, and until I saw TERF Twitter, I kept believing that I was dumb.

Until TERF Twitter…


We keep getting stupider, lol

Oh my god, not all of us, obviously. We are completely getting stupider.

I am not going to go into too much information. But in Western Australia they decided to do the disastrously done task of sending juvenile offenders to stay with adults offenders. It’s been a disaster, obviously.

However, the article that I saw, I ended up creating an account just so I could report a lot of the comments on there. If being a heartless, soulless sociopath was arrestable. All of them, would have been. Anyways, I am not here to talk about that article and the truly terrible comments.

The comment that caught my eye and made me really LOL said and I quote “Well at least they can’t harm the tax payers anymore”.

What a bunch of idiots.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this story, because I find it utterly reprehensible that anyone would think it’s a good idea. You can only begin to imagine how bad it would be. On top of which, we don’t actually know what the juveniles even did. They were transferred because they wrecked their cells. Which I don’t get why they couldn’t just go and share with another juvenile offender. We don’t know though what their crimes are. And because they’re Indigenous juveniles too, they need to be handled differently.

What made me laugh about that comment though was. Do these people not understand, we still pay for jails and the people in them. These kids *warning here* have been trying to commit suicide. Whether or not you feel compassion for these juveniles, the tax payer is paying for their medical treatments, they might even possibly be getting therapy. Who do these people think pay for that? The Jail Fairy?

Which is why they also needs to be a bigger focus on rehab in prisons/jail. So people can be rehabbed, come back into society and THEN help “pay back” what they owe.

Don’t Ass…u…me those smarts!

Years ago before I stopped ultimately being friends with my now ex-friends. We had gotten into a argument that ultimately, for me, ended the friendship anyway. I just didn’t know how to let go. When you know people for more than half of your life, it’s kind of hard to just go “Bye, bye”.

My Regina George was an A+++ student who was so smart, she was a teachers pets, because she was a A+++ student. So the irony was of course, when I saw her get into relationship and after relationship, no matter how abusive, or how bad the guy was. It put me off wanting a relationship, because I figured if someone as smart as her could get into such horrible relationships. What chance was there for me?

So when she said those immortal words” I only told you all that stuff, because when I’m single, I’m miserable when you guys are all in relationships and happy. I’m only happy when you are miserable in your relationships.”

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I started to realise that I may never be an A+++ student, but I always be A+++ when it comes to my heart, and my personal safety, and my self esteem.

It’s also a good reason to never judge yourself, with someone else’s place in life. We are not all on the same journey. Neither are we all the same. So we are not going to have the same “smarts” about life either. That’s alright. I don’t think my Regina George is a bad person because she has low self-esteem. I think her narcissism is what makes her a bad person.

Credit where Credit is due…

When I was in High School, I used to C+…B’s if I was lucky. It wasn’t until after high school that I discovered that I had dyslexia. Whereas my ex best friend used to get A+++. I always felt dumb.

Now I have realised that there are different kinds of “smart”. One thing about my ex friend, none of them want kids, they just want to be married. Which is fine and I have no problem with that. It’s a long life though and if you can’t grow ambition beyond that. I’ve noticed that people tend to get stuck. All three of them, no career ambition, not even any travel ambition…They just want to get married. Other people I know who don’t want children, have other things they want too. Ambitions and goals that take them every where! Which is why I started to realise that they’ve got three of the lowest self-esteems I’ve ever seen. Also why they have SO much time for gossiping. And it will never change. It was always funny to me how they’d brag about being better than people who have children, because they have all this money to do with things with…Only thing was…They don’t DO the things they brag they can do,lol

So even though not being friends with them anymore, I feel smarter than them. I started to realise that smarts aren’t always about getting A+++ at school.

Then Donald Trump came along, and now I genuinely believe that I could run a country.

So I do have to give credit, these people have all made me feel smart again.