It’s not rocket science…Simple Wednesday Wisdom

  • Women have a cervix
  • Not all women have a cervix
  • Not all of those who have a cervix, are women
  • The plural for cervix, is not cervixes…It is cervices. (haha)
  • I don’t care what red lipstick “means” to you. The moment you’ve put an adult situation onto a child, that’s a YOU problem (John Lewis Advert)
  • Trans people represent about 5-6% of the worlds population, and if they were being killed at the same rate as cis people. There would be no trans people.
  • The world can change every single second.
  • The Public Broadcasting stations, are supposed to work for the public, not what Government party they personally favour.
  • Most, if not all the time, those who complain about “being silenced” never are silent.
  • Be careful about labelling yourself, as anything. But let people know what you stand for.

It’s simple, isn’t it.

If a Government can’t feed it’s most vulnerable, children, but a footballer can, that Government is a failure.

Trans people understand about biological sex.

MRAS’ want to control people, TERFs and Gender Criticals also want to control people.

Bigots always accuse others of what they, themselves, do.

Bigots also always use the same old rhetoric for every bigotry, just the year, generation and bigotries changes.

Science changes, with the more we learn and discover. But it is still correct at that time.

Protecting others, helps others and allows humans to thrive (though whether or not that’s a good thing or not, is still up for debate).

Living, laughter and love helps to love yourself.

We live in a global community.

Listening is simple.

This blog post is very simple, lol

Why anti-trans people make me laugh

Like generally all bigots, anti-trans people are not that much different.

I was inspired to write this post after making fun of quiet a few TERFs, all on one day too,lol

The main one was a woman (I presume) saying the term “non-trans people” and how unfair it is they get bullied all the time. For those people playing at home and for TERFs, the correct definition is actually cis. So that was a red flag, but it also made me laugh because I knew instantly she’s anti-trans. I went and look at her profile and … yep, lol. I came back and explained to her that I am a cis woman, who stands with trans people and I don’t called a bigot, so maybe it is bigots being called what they are? Hahahaha

Then there was another guy (I presume) saying that while trans people should be included in sports, it’s not fair to the other athletes, so they should play against other trans people. Now, ALL trans people make up 6% of the worlds population, and I don’t think even 1% of the world’s athletes. Meaning you might have ONE trans person in your community/town etc, but they may not even play sports. So who are the trans athletes supposed to play against, when they’re it?

Then there was another who made me defend Caitlyn Jenner. They’re problem was, if Caitlyn doesn’t “know” if they’re a man or a woman, then how can she run for Governor? So I simply asked “When did you know you were Eric”.

I think I find them funny, because they try to make it a difficult and complicated thing, and it’s really not. You don’t even have to know or understand the Science behind a trans gender brain, to know, and be able to simply rebuttal a TERF or anti-trans person.

p.s. The reason I put (I presume) in brackets, is because a lot of these people have “male or female” names, but you don’t know for sure. They could be the complete opposite of who they are pretending to be. They never ever have a profile picture of themselves. There’s no real proof, if that makes sense?

I don’t find them funny though, when we’re talking about horrendous bill in the US, that allows the adults to check children’s genitals. Then they’ll go on about how trans women are over taking women’s sports, which isn’t true. Then they demand to be shown trans men involved with sports. Which there are, but then as all bigots do, they move the goal posts. As I repeatedly have had to point out, we’re not on posts about grown women or men in sports. We’re on posts about a Bill that now makes it literally legal to be a pedophile and molest children, and they want to talk about adults sports.

Trans Remembrance Day Pt1

I have another written, I was going to have another here instead of this one, but I’ve swapped! I am a very passionate trans ally after all.

One reason I wanted to write another post for Trans Remembrance Day is because of this tweet.

When do we lose this, not all of us…Who says children don’t know what they’re talking about? Life CAN be this simple, I don’t know WHY FARTS, TERFS and GCs make it HARDER for everyone. IT IS THIS SIMPLE.

That’s it really, I was planning on writing more in this post, but it really is THAT simple!

Simple Truth

I don’t need to had extra words to say how simply true this is, and even for Republicans, how easy it is to understand.

Summer lovin, had me a blast…

Well it’s actually Winter in Australia right now. But the sentiment behind this post is the same thing. What I have to write today is a very simple message.

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I know it’s hard during Summer and Winter to see happy couples out and about. Or during Winter to see couples all nice and cuddly cosy together. But just remember that at all times of the year, 24/7, it is better to be alone, than to be in an abusive relationship. Without a single doubt. I’ve seen relationship after relationship of people who are just in relationships to be in one. You end off being bruised more physically and emotionally than it’s worth.


Share Your World, May, Week 1 2018

Share Your World

Share Your World, May 7, 2018

If you were given $22 million tax free dollars (any currency), what is the first thing you would do? (This is just a dream question, remember anything can happen in SYW.)

I would definitely pay off both of my parents mortgages AND look for a house for myself. Probably not one that has something ridiculous like 7 bedrooms, but a nice house. That’s near the sea, but not so close that it gets all that salt rot.

In what do you find the simplest of joys?

Coming home again…Whether it’s my Mums or my partners home. That moment when you get back and you can take off all your annoying “look nice” clothes, and get into your sweats. Curling up with a cup of tea.

What would be your ideal birthday present, and why?

In all honesty (and my answer is pretty lame) Just to know that the ones I care about are happy. I know that it seems lame, but we’ve all had so much going on. That’d it’d been really nice just to know that they are genuinely happy. My partner and I make jokes now about how we are the druggie family. I’m on medication for my anxiety, he’s on antibiotics for an infected ear and even the cat at the moment. The cat is on tablets to see if his fits are from a parasite. Which means we are all taking some kind of medication at the moment. Even my Mum has come down with something personal, and she’s on antibiotics as well.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

So it seems like everyone in my family has high cholesterol, so my Doctor has put me on some tablets to help bring it down. I’m glad that I got is checked though. Now I know that I can’t keep eating badly, it’s making me want to change my lifestyle. More home cooked meals, more walks. My Doctor said that I wasn’t really at risk at a heart attack, because my blood pressure is fine. Although it’s scary, I am glad that I got it checked, because now I know.

Forgive…Or just don’t care?

That is the question…

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I was just randomly thinking about this…and my current situation with some people.

My Mum has always said that the opposite to love is not hate, it’s indifference..and I agree with her.

I was talking about my situation with a few people and they said “I’ll bet it takes you a while to forgive them” and the thing is…I already had…the next day….I thought to myself I think a lot of it had to do with simple the fact, I just had stop caring.

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I was more shocked that not one of them mentioned that I had ended up in hospital and not a single one of them mentioned that they were glad to hear that I was alright.

However, that was just even more proof too me…It was always about them…Hindsight and all that…I have been more upset about losing jerks of ex’s.

But had I forgiven them so quickly, because I just did not care anymore?

So if you just don’t plain care anymore, is that the same as forgiveness? Or is it just easier to forgive because you don’t care either way.

It truly is the simple things

16. The simple things in life

It really truly is, I have always believed in that.

 It really truly is the simple I am most grateful for, they keep you happy and more importantly they keep you completely sane. Even if it’s just “hiding out” in your home for a couple of days and doing absolutely nothing.

I think in this day and age there is so much competition. Competition for the best:

Life to Work ratio


Social Media profiles




Sometimes I honestly believe that are trying to be everything and have the best of everything, that we just simply forget how to be us.

Some of my favourite simple things are:

  • Having that cup of coffee with something small and chocolatey
  • Having a bath, even if I only spend 5 minutes in it
  • Not having to go anywhere, or do anything for at least two days in a row
  • Playing nearly any video for a couple of hours and not thinking of much else
  • Any time and any where that I can cuddle with my dog or cat.
  • Watching LotR, Hobbit or any of my favourite musicals, in the dark, creating atmosphere, eating popcorn…In fact I might do that tonight!