The Silly Activist

Too the #Right, before you try to “#debate” someone. Make sure that the person you’re debating, really doesn’t care about being called “mindless sheep” or “woke” or “leftist”. Because I don’t, lol. By showing all that you’ve got are right buzzwords, you lack any originality and show us the “sheep” you are. Especially if you can’t even come up with anything original, or intelligent or informative.

My name is Lauren. Today I was reminded why I would have made a good therapist. I was also reminded though, why I’m not as popular. Do I care? No. Do I care when someone says “You should be more like that girl” Yes…I am only human after all. Do I want to be like that girl? Oh, hell to the no. I will never be popular (god knows why, I am fantastic) I will always be passed over for that other girl. I will never be the favourite. But I am Lauren.

And never underestimate what sheep are capable of.

Be a Proud Sheep With Me!

Come my fellow herd! Come and be “sheepish” with me!

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Let’s … flock … together and show others that there are humans out there,that do care about them.

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Let’s be … wild … and show these bigots what sheep can do together! I’m sure that those clowns don’t know what we can do when put together.

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(no animals were harmed…I’m assuming…That terrier is rather small).

I’d rather be a sheep, than “them” any day! Which one do you trust more?

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So come at me, you bigoted, trump supporting, non-mask wearing, boot licking clowns!

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I’d rather be a sheep, than dead, a bigot or a trump supporter any second of the day! So why do they keep calling us that, like it’s a bad thing? And aren’t they just being a sheep, by not wearing a mask, because other people told them they don’t need too? I wear a mask because the Doctors and Scientist told me too. I wear a mask because Trump said we don’t need too,lol.

The Majority

I read a post recently and I had to unfollow the Blogger and her posts, but it was for a very unusual reason. I have this weird “thing” (don’t know if you would call it a habit or what) but when someone groups a bunch of people together or says something like “the majority of people on this post/blog” etc. It instantly turns me off, as a lot of the times I haven’t actually agreed with what the writer has even written.

For more a perspective on what I’m talking about I will give people a bit of a warning and a heads up. If you don’t like “wolf-whistling” turn away now!!! …

I don’t get morally outraged at a wolf whistle, I just don’t and sometimes it has made my day. For example, I had an ex who was literally telling me I should be more like the other girls “I should dress more like this girl” or “Why can’t you do your nails like this girl”. So you know one time I went for a walk and I got wolf-whistled by a guy. Just me, just little old why-can’t-I-be-like-all-the-other-girls got wolf whistled and I am not ashamed to say that it made me feel better and I went home that day instead of staying with the guy who thought I should be like the “other girls”. I am now with a guy who makes me feel so beautiful that when someone does wolf whistle me it doesn’t phase me.

Now guaranteed if some person wolf whistled and said “Show me your t&its” I would think that person is gross, but I would just keep walking, it wouldn’t upset my day. It makes me feel “unwomanly” though when other woman get morally outraged at me that I don’t get offended by it. I just don’t. I think there are definitely worse things you can say to a woman than a wolf whistle. I just don’t let strangers affect me? I am more affected by my boyfriend telling me that I should be somebody else.

Back to the topic, even in High School I was like that. I might be showing my age by sharing this with you all by when everyone else like Taylor Hanson, I liked Isaac. When everyone else like Nick Carter, I liked Brian. I think that it’s one of my weirdest thought patterns.