Februarys Goal…Tick or not too Tick?

  • Last month I got rid of a lot of clothes and accessories. This month I want to go through my technologies, for example, my computer and phone. To get rid of any old and useless files/photos etc.

This one has been great! I have saved SO much space on both my computer and my phone. I did not realise how many old files I had saved or just had had nothing to do with anything anymore. I also saved a few things on backup via an external terabyte. I think this is something I am going to start doing at least once a year now. I also went through my saved/bookmark pages and got rid of a few of them…A lot of the links were either broken, or were a completely different site altogether!

  • Look for a 4 space A4 photo frame in one.

I didn’t even get around to looking for one to be honest…I’ll have to leave that up to March!

  • Organise my photo albums.

I have been going through and have organised quite a lot, I didn’t realise how long it’d take. I’ve got so many doubles and photos that I don’t want in photo albums. It’s a really lengthy progress.

  • RENEW MY PASSPORT!!! I really need to get this one done!

I did it…It was so quick and easy, I don’t know why I waited for so long. It was expensive though. When I think about it though, its over at least a 10 year period, so it’s quiet cheap really. Well technically it’s about 13 years, because there’s an expiry date on your actual passport, but you still have a couple of years after that to renew it. It might be different for different countries. Even though my old passport expired in 2015, I can still use it until August, in Australia, this year for identification.

  • Compare Anxiety Apps:

I have used a few over the past month or so. So I’ve decided to write up about them in a Blog Post, later this month.

  • Write a post for my category “The Nerd Life”…I haven’t written one for a long time!

I did this one too =D It was one of my popular posts of the month as well. Created some interesting discussion. You can find it here at “It’s a hard-knock life”