This or That #40

Bookmark Chronicles is back with another edition of “This or That”!


This or That #40

You buy a book that a friend recommended to you or that a lot of people have been talking about. You reach the end of it and you hate it. Totally unsatisfying and a waste of time. One, maybe two, stars out of five. What do you do with it?

Keep it


Donate/sell it

I would probably keep the book for a little while, I have learnt from the past you should always give book a second chance. There was one time where I could personally relate to the book and so I hated the theme, I hated the characters. So I stopped reading it and I held onto it for a couple of years…Mainly through completely forgetting that it even existed.

I put it in the dark recesses of my mind. However, recently I was going through a “Winter Cleaning”. Where I was getting rid of the summer clothes I don’t fit into it, stuff and things. I went through my books, I very rarely get rid of books. I saw this particular books and I picked it up, decided to give it a chance. I really liked it.

So my lesson is, if you don’t like something, maybe hold onto it for a little longer and then give it another chance.