Thursday Theories – Those stinkin “fans”

*Warning…Long Post*

I am feeling all sorts of out of sorts folks, lol. I started yesterday morning really well. I somehow managed to see that a lot of people were giving LGB “Alliance” a go at. It was truly wonderful too see. People saying things like to their supporters, hmmm…I wonder why Labor didn’t want LGB, but the Tories did? It was glorious!

The day ended also really happily. I live in a main city in Australia, but we are probably the smallest…Maybe Tasmania…But for such a small main city, and being the “City of Churches” we are quiet progressive. So progressive in fact, you know what I saw, front and center in my local library?

In between though…

I tire of humans, I really do. I’ve already some try to ruin LinkedIn, and the only place I feel any “sanity” is on mynameisTravies instagram page. Don’t animals just make everything better?! I was so happy to see Juno Dawson’s book, I nearly cried in the Library. So I am writing to them.

I tire of humans, I really do. All day, it was stupid people talking about people they don’t know, who don’t know they’re alive. Who wouldn’t care if they lived or die, celebrating celebrities making the world worse, OR, putting people in harms way…but all with “love”, of course.

Then as I’m trying to make these people “see sense” I know, I know…One I saw an article saying that Rowling had made a swiping threat at Emma Watson. Like someone tell her SHUT UP! But then I came to a realisation, it’s the freaking fans faults!

All of this is their fault. They’re the ones winding people up, instead of speaking common sense. Imaging saying to someone whose winding someone with bi-polar “Oh, I am so glad you told him off”. No, no no no…Bi polar is a serious disease and it is not just a “mood swing”. I should know, I was attacked by someone with bi-polar, and I’ve always had a twinge of fear since. I can’t help it. I get over it though. But you do not mess someone about who has it. Then people are agreeing that being called transphobic, is the exact same thing as Salman Rushdie being stabbed…

I am sitting there and it this hits me. I’m not sure if I’ve written about this before. But I have said, maybe written before, about this. In order to have any kind of big “presence” on social media. You need to have a strong “skin” and be able to get over your own ego. You need to be able to go “I am not perfect, and that’s okay”

There are SO few people who can do it, at all. I can’t even actually think of one person off the top of my head. Maybe Selena Gomez? As I mean, she’s been through a lot and a lot of it on social media. But, unlike a lot of them, takes breaks from social media. A lot these “celebrities” don’t know when to stop. Especially the Kardashians, I don’t know what they’re going to do, when it all dies down and it’s starting too. But I don’t care, because good riddance of bad rubbish.

The celebrities having literally thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands telling them more than any of us will get in a life time. That no matter how wrong, or how bad a celebrity is. They will always have hundreds of thousands of people telling them how wonderful and perfect they are one in post. It must be SUCH an ego boost! You are not going to convince me that that is not powerful.

But we don’t have to do that. We’re adults. These people will never know us. There in lies this sickness. Too sit there and trying to impress people who don’t know whether your alive or dead, you gotta have self esteem issues.

It is a sickness and it’s a sad one. Hmmm, maybe I should look into becoming a therapist, ha!

There are approx 7.753 billion (2020) people on earth, and every single of them has an opinion. I’m sure newborns would, lol


Happy Birthday to me…Get to know me!

Okay so I’ve just recently turned 30…Happy Birthday to me! So I thought that I would share 30 facts with you, my blog readers =D Hopefully some will be unexpected:

  1. In nearly every single situation I prefer the bad guy over the good one. Except possibly not when it comes to Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. I think it may be possible that those movies are the first that I prefer the good guys…Except for Iron Man.
  2. My best, best, BEST friend and I have known each other for more than half our lives and apart from my family she is the only other person to be in my life that long.
  3. I am one of those very annoying people that actually does like a bit of everything, music-wise
  4. Over probably the last 5 years I’ve started to realise that I am nothing like most of my friends. I have completely ways of seeing the world and it has made me feel incredibly lonely, BUT, I am meeting people now and am starting to believe in myself again.
  5. I am Doctor Who obsessed and I’ve started to watch the original series. People think that I know everything from the William Hartnell years, but I actually don’t.
  6. Ironically when I started my course to train to become a Librarian, I stopped reading. It’s only been since I started to volunteer at my local Library that I restarted again.
  7. While most people seem to freak out about rats, I have actually three pet rats and think that they are adorable (I still want a hamster, but they are illegal in Australia).
  8. I do things like meditation, reiki…I never try and force it down people’s throats though.
  9. I love to dance! Although I have not joined a local dance class or something like that, I have a lot of the dancing games on my xBox and I play them a couple of times a week.
  10. I don’t just have an xBox…I have an Star Wars xBox with a C3PO gold controller!
  11. I love watching Vlog’s, especially those ones of Cosplaying and am currently trying to set up one for this Blog!
  12. I love the crime channel and for the longest time I could not figure out why. I think it’s because I love that in all of the programs, they find their person and justice is done.
  13. Speaking of Justice, a role model of mine is Athena the Goddess of Wisdom, law and justice. When I was in High School, my ancient classical studies class was the only class I use to get A’s.
  14. I suffer from dyslexia and due to large classrooms, this went unnoticed through 99% of my schooling,  until Year 12. Where my ancient classical studies teacher recognised and helped me. I know have exercises that help me cope. As annoying as it may be, I constantly I have to re-read everything.
  15. I am an animal lover, although not a vegetarian. When I was little my brother, cousins and I had a nature club and we took “care” of any animal that we could find. We found lizards, caterpillars, millipedes…Yes…everything!
  16. I have travelled overseas mainly to Arizona, I have also travelled to the UK.  Once I get a well paying job I will be saving to go back there for at least one last time, for a long time. I don’t think it will be my very last time, but it will be for a long time.
  17. I love both coffee and tea…I have been experimenting with different teas and coffees this year, it has been a good time!
  18. I am organising my 30th party while I am writing this…I get really stressed out organising parties.
  19. I am an Facebook ‘addict’ but one of my resolutions to stay off of Facebook once a week, has been helping and I find that I am getting stuff done!
  20. Over the last year I have been changing, getting rid of and acquiring new things, so that I can have a more “grown up” bedroom. I think I have more toys (statues, figurines) than I ever have before!
  21. Before I started my studies I was a call centre operator, but I never ever want to do it again!
  22. Out of all my thirty years I have found this past year I have learnt the most about myself and have noticed huge changes for myself.
  23. I am more happier being single than when I am in a relationships. I seem to have more fun!
  24. I am more of a dog person than a cat person, but I love kittens!
  25. Apart from this year I have been back-stabbed about two weeks before my birthday parties. You can imagine how happy I am that this year didn’t happen!
  26. I think this year is definitely the year that I have learnt “It’s more important to have a few true friends than a lot of fake acquaintances”.
  27. I cannot stand romantic comedy movies, the only one I have ever enjoyed was “Love Actually”. I enjoy actual comedies, musicals and LOVE action films!
  28. Although I am a huge Disney fan I am probably the most realist idealist you will ever meet. Probably why I am still single, I’ve noticed a lack of honesty, compassion and open-mindedness these days. Which are probably the three most important values in any relationship.
  29. I am girl who does not love chocolate! Give me a packet of chips any day, I have to be in the mood for chocolate…Shocking, I know!
  30. Although I have just spent this past year trying to remodel my room and make it more ‘adult’ I have just gotten a whole tonne of presents which I have no clue what to do with!