At this point on…

There is no good enough reason to support anything she-voldermont, anymore. I would say you have to be the next “Helen Keller” to not know what’s going on, but Helen Keller would still totally know.

So, I’m not gonna yell and fuss. If I see something and I think it’s supporting bigotry or “bad things”, I will unfollow. No yelling, no fussing. Just unfollow and if it is bad, report it. Not that I expect much to happen.

When I talk about this, I mean like everywhere…Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, here. It’s just getting too much out there. I naively thought once Trump was gone, when he was being banned from everything, I thought that the madness would stop. I’m still glad Biden got in, but if I had known then when I know now, I still wouldn’t have not cared if Biden got in.

I guess, what I’m thinking is that no one has really learnt anything from Trumps time.

Like, once Trump was gone. Once he was voted out by the people, once he was banned from a lot of stuff. And I do believe that he will get some kind criminal sentence. I thought it’d make people go “Oh, I don’t want to end up like that” Apparently not.



I don’t know if men experience this too, but I am sure the ladies know what I’m talking about.

There’s always that one person, usually one of the opposite sex, who every single time you sign onto a social media platform, that also had DM’s or you can privately chat.

They’re there “Where are you” “What are you up too” “Can we chat” “Why wont you chat with me”.

It is REALLY annoying! And also really puts me off wanting to go on, which I guess, isn’t totally bad.

People, we don’t have to chat to these … I don’t know what to call them … Obligations

You should never ever be obligated in a friendship to chat just whenever they want. You are under no obligation to chat with someone when you don’t want to. I actually was a little shocked the other day when I post a message to someone, something that I thought they’d like. And they did say “thank you” But then ended it with “I thought you had forgotten about me”.

Like, come on. If you want to chat, see that message I sent you? You send one back through that. Communication is a two way street.

Posting a post on FB, Twitter, Insta … doesn’t automatically = I want a chat. If you want one though, ask.