You are not…

I know that by writing this post, I am writing to the “converted” here.

Over the past weekend, I encountered a couple of odd people, who tweeted odd things. The first thing being a person who says they’re all about “free speech”, kept blocking people, who were not only giving them constructive criticism. But blocking those, who have defended them in the past, because they gave them constructive criticism. The funny thing is, this person has been doing it to everyone, lol.

The second was TERF telling us cis women, that they can’t believe how aligned we are with the Patriarchy, and how we don’t see it. Now this came after they AGAIN, asked us to define women. Which is quiet honestly, getting just boring now. When we do give answers they don’t want to listen to the answers, so they say we never answer them.

Now, the reason when I found this “feminist” so funny. Is because, if you know any TERFs. You know that they define woman, as what a English dictionary, defined by a man, is written as. At this time, I am still waiting to my reply of “So TRA’s are for the patriarchy, because we don’t think people should stick with the rigid/black and white definitions, people should be and define themselves. But you’re not for the patriarchy, because you want to stick with rigid/black and white definitions, that men created.”

People who cannot see who they are

Do any of you have a friend or family member on Facebook or Twitter, or even Instagram. When you read this next bit, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I believe that we all have at least one friend or family member who does this.

So, I have a friend, a male friend, who complained about health and medical services changing the term “women” to pregnant people. He also complained about the Dr Seuss company choosing to stop publishing the racists Dr Seuss’s. You know the stories that no one really has read and no one knows about anyway.

In one day (many days after he called the world “time to get off the crazy bus”) I log on and he’s played one of those FB games, where they “guess” your personality type games. The one he chose to post said how he “hates” petty drama and everyone was calling it spot on…Surprisingly though, not his sister. Who normally likes a lot of stuff his posts. Later on in the day, I saw him comment on a post that said “What do you think is the worst thing that mankind has ever (come up with) or (invented)…I can’t remember which one”. I said “mankind” (haha)…he said “Judgement”…I CRACKED UP!

Does this make you think of someone that you know? Haha

I know I’m not perfect, and have my flaws. I judge, I have…well, when a white van rolls up next to me, I get scared. Even though that person probably doesn’t even think about anything like that. I would say that I have a healthy amount of self-esteem. I am definitely kinder than others, but you know how people will say re: “good guys”. If you are a actual good guy, you don’t need to tell anyone.

That’s how I feel about myself. It may not be very “lady like” to know that I’m a kinder person than a lot of people out there. But...BUT...I also read a lot of kind bloggers on here too. I know that I am open minded, but I am also aware that I sometimes make judgements on people on first look…or smell, in some cases. Also though my judgement, may not be a usual judgment either, as I’m sure you all can relate. Take someone with a very apparent physical disability. A lot of people appear to get uncomfortable. I will always make a effort to talk and interact with them like they’re a human being…Because they are. And I am not sorry, but white people with dreadlocks, just looks stupid. I think natural hair on POC is absolutely beautiful, and I do not simply understand, at all. Why some people think that POC natural hair is “gross”. I love it!

*whispers* I judge stupid people…Hahahaha

I don’t need to post a Facebook post to prove that either, I just do.

I do like doing those Facebook games though, for fun. They can be quiet funny and not like yourself at all, haha.

You’re a liar if you say you’ve never judged, lol. We might get better as we get older, and start to “care less” so to speak. You know you do it, lol