May the 4th

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Crowdrise – Force For Change


Angels vs Demons

I am a Dr Who fan and I have to say that I am loving this season and I had a conversation with someone about why all the hate on the Doctor Who episode “The Zygon Invasion”…I 100% honestly have no idea why, I liked it,lol…People got nothing better to do than complain?
I liked learning more about Zygons, I know very little about them, I liked the subtly of the episode and the subtly in the episode with some current political relevant issues and I’m ‪#‎sorrynotsorry‬ but I didn’t see the Clara thing coming … It’s a tv series…God knows life is complicated enough, I don’t need my relaxation and entertainment to be complicated all the time either,lol … If only people could talk about how much they enjoyed the other episodes!

I am one of those rare Dr Who fans that always looks forward to meeting a new Dr Who (I was still devastated when Matt Smith left though,lol). I’ve really been enjoying this Season, I actually started to not enjoy it so much last Season. I think though that had a lot to do with the writing and had nothing to do with any of the actors, I’m not sure what they were thinking last season. If the Doctor can forgive, then I can too, hehe

Doctor Who is Back =D (No spoilers, just a review)

I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan, the biggest shame about the show is that it has such few episode and you have to wait nearly a year to see it again (apart from the usual Christmas Specials). Although my “favourite” Doctor is Matt Smith, I LOVE all of them, I just happened to resonate with him the most.

I know that Peter Capaldi and his time as the “Doctor” hasn’t been the most popular. I think it is extremely unfair, the writers (for whatever reasons) have been letting him down. Constantly seeming to have “apologise” for his age (cause stoopid young people). Also it seems to have been the “Clara show” a lot, which is a little weird, because I used to really like her.

So talking about the “Magicians Apprentice” I really did enjoy it. From the beginning, before the music started playing the theme, I was hooked! Who wouldn’t be when you realise that it was going to go back to more ‘classic’ Doctor Who rather than about a ‘love story’.

This is a story about the Doctor and the monsters.

The Kitchen

I have been very creative in the kitchen lately, which for me, is rare. I am normally a “cook-to-survive” type person, not a “cook-for-fun” person.


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The Borg!

The Borg! Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Usually I write about love and my favourite characters (not that I hate the Borg or anything…well kind of do…but if you know, you know).

The Borg are a fictional race of characters in the television show and science fiction movie “Star Trek” (the ones with Patrick Stewart). As well as Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager. (See picture below for example):



A Borg Drone

The Borg, I find, a quite terrifying alien race. They “assimilate you” and your thoughts and mind all become one with all the other Borg’s in the collective…For a well-known individual like myself, the thought of being a “one collective” is pretty terrifying! I had to admit though in the past (and kind of still present) there was a group that I belonged to that really remind me of the Borg…One thought…The Hive Mind

The Borg manifest as cybernetic-ally   enhanced humanoid drones of multiple species  organised as an interconnected collective, the decisions of which are made by a hive mind, linked by subspace radio. The goal…To achieve perfection…Or rather what the Queen deems “perfection”.

In 2013 the Borg were listed as Number 4 on the TV guides “60 nastiest villains of all time”.

We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.


Babylon 5

(And now for something completely different)


Over the last couple of weeks I have been re-watching a classic 90’s tv show called “Babylon 5”. It is without a doubt one of my most favourite shows, I haven’t been able to buy it myself as it’s very rare and it seems very expensive to buy. It’s one of those shows that every couple of years I re-watch the entire series and I always see something new or realise how much I have forgotten since the last time I watched it.

It’s quite a complicated science fiction and quite unique in how it was filmed. The writers had written the entire series before even staring to film, so in this way they were able to shoot events that they knew would end up tying bits of the show together. They would have “Flash Forwards” were in the present, the characters (and the viewers) would see things that would not be happening until further into the series. So before they started filming, they already knew what the outcomes would be.

Awards presented to Babylon 5 include:

  • Emmy AwardOutstanding Individual Achievement in Special Visual Effects, 1993 (The Gathering)
  • Emmy Award: Outstanding Individual Achievement in Hairstyling for a Series , 1994 (episode, “The Parliament of Dreams“)[
  • Hugo AwardBest Dramatic Presentation, 1996 (episode, “The Coming of Shadows“)
  • Hugo Award: Best Dramatic Presentation, 1997 (episode, “Severed Dreams“)
  • Saturn AwardBest Syndicated/Cable Television Series, 1998
  • Space Frontier Foundation Award: Vision of the Future, 1994
  • Space Frontier Foundation Award: Vision of the Future, 1996
  • E Pluribus Unum Award: (Presented By American Cinema Association), 1997.

(A clip of my two favourite characters from the show).