M is for Moolah aka Money

I have been very interested to watch two of the biggest “documentaries” of the year. One is actually a mini series, the other is a documentary.

The documentary is called “McMillion$” which is about the McDonald’s game in the US. Where they found that people who were saying that they were winning the millions of dollars, but weren’t really winning the millions of dollars. The other is a mini series about the UK scandal that was “Who wants to be millionaire” *cough cough*.

Isn’t it interesting, what motivates people sometimes?

Both men in the situation, were both people who were involved in protecting other people. So what made them turn to defraud people? One was a former police officer until he developed a MS health like condition. The other was in the Army, and rose to the rank of Major, which is pretty darn impressive.

Is that just the way I think? Isn’t it weird? I couldn’t even begin to explain why, and only they will ever truly knew.

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My River Song Journal

2015-12-25 18.57.17

I was completely inspired to write this post after reading this post: http://ceenphotography.com/2015/12/27/finding-myself/

So I strongly believe that every girl needs diary or a journal and what better way for the new year than a River Song Journal after all “You have to have something scandalous to read on long journeys”. I consider myself incredibly lucky that this year for Christmas I was able to score myself a River Song Journal and I am so excited for next year! I can just feel that it’s going to be full of creativity … I wonder what scandalous things will be happening for me next year! What are you excited for next year? What will be your scandalous story be for the year?


In case you have been living under a rock this past year you may have heard of the Cloud Hacking scandal. Since then Katy Perry has visited my Australian shores and was harassed by paparazzi to get nude photos of her while she was on the beach.

I never normally comment on these things, mainly because I just believe that stars are just as entitled to their privacy as much as you and I are. That’s it, no if’s or buts about it, they have a right to feel safe.

The reason for my random thought today though is the amount of people who say that these stars are doing it for the “publicity”. Stars who are NOT known for becoming famous through exposing themselves, who are known for their acting/singing etc. These are not human beings (because they are still a human being) who came into our lives through a “sex tape” or something similar.

They have worked hard, they have auditioned with thousands of others actors, they have established themselves through thousands hours of hard work, travelling the world and meeting with their public. They are world wide known, they are reported on daily, even without “hacking” scandals, and people still think that these hard working people are doing it for the “publicity”? Seriously?…Really? People still think that Jennifer Lawrence and Katy Perry already don’t have enough publicity as it is?…REALLY?

As was shown later (and I suspected) the one that Katy Perry was having a go at, was a paparazzi, who has already been arrested twice for stalking, harassing, being aggressive and bullying other celebrities.