Here, is a safe space

I will trigger warn, I am writing a bit about domestic violence.

I was extremely disturbed yesterday, after Heard’s interview with SG. “People” were calling her a psychopath. Because, she recognised how everyone falls under Depps spell, but that she also loved him still.

She did not disturb me. What disturbed me was people calling her a psychopath because of that.

It’s actually a very common thing, for an abuse victim to still care or love their abuser or harasser, even after they’ve left for themselves. Think also Meghan Markle. Think me, lol. I have cut communication with my Dad, still love him though. Times it is hard too though.

It is also known as Stockholm Syndrome

There is nothing wrong with you, you are not a psychopath for still caring or loving your abuser. This is why I was so infuriated, I’ve come off of Twitter for a while.

Why Do Some People Fall in Love With Abusive Partners? Medically reviewed by Lori Lawrenz, PsyD — Written by Kimberly Drake and Sandra Silva Casabianca on June 24, 2021

It’s what brings me to this blog post.

This blog is s safe space, my Discord, Instagram are all safe spaces. If you feel that I or anyone is making you upset with a blog topic, I swear I wont yell at them or you. I’m human, I make mistakes, but I don’t want to be continually putting you all in harms way.

Of course that’s not the same, as me being woke or a leftists. Deal with that yourself, lol

I was absolutely disturbed at all these people saying that Heard was a psychopath because she both was saying that she recognizes the hold he has over others, the toxic relationship, and that she still loves him anyway. She married the guy. That is completely normal.

What is not normal though, is a bunch of strangers, bragging how they watched the trial, and were completely fine with him texting things like that he wanted to have sex with a corpse, and a girls “pussy” is his and he owns it, he takes what he wants. And calling another stranger a psychopath, because she still loves the man she had married.

That’s not normal.

What these “fans” are doing on Twitter, FB, Insta, THAT’S not normal. Did you know, by the way, that Depp, who is in his 60’s, has never dated a woman OVER 30. Ryder, was a minor when she first dated him, and only 19 when they broke up.

He’s a total A-Grade wanker…

You ARE normal, he’s not and his little Deppford wives are not normal either.

Talking about Disturbed…


Safe Spaces

Now, I’m not writing about the ones that the Republicans and hard core righters seem to think they are something to make fun. They are interesting things to think about, aren’t they? I was just thinking about this over the weekend. I find it easier to fall asleep with at my partners house, but I find it easier to wake up at my own house.

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Safe spaces are definitely not something to make fun of.

I am also finding that my work just in general works for me as well. I think because it helps to keep myself distracted, instead of thinking…thinking……and thinking. Not only do I have different rooms, but just different spaces and things as well. My plushie Savannah and Mufasa, whenever I hug them, I always feel better. Sometimes I will just hug them and not let go for a while. I have a couple of meditation and anxiety apps that I can listen to anywhere, so I guess those are “safe spaces” too?