A job is a job

48. Your Job

I have two jobs at the moment, I work as a casual at both places. I am actually looking to get a more permanent position, I can go a couple of weeks without any work…Which is not where I want to be. However being a casual has a couple of perks and you mainly make more money (when you get the work). So I have had to become a really good saver. I can also say no to work as well. If something happens, that I don’t have to work (but I don’t get paid if I don’t work).

I have taken the last couple of weeks to help recuperate and I feel like I’m getting stronger, so I’ve asked to go back. So far, they don’t really have any shifts for me. Which is a little frustrating, I want to get back into everything. Get back into a routine again. Work is good in that it gives you something else to think about. Instead of staying at home and going through a morning routine and then nothing else to think about for the rest of the day. There have been a few times in life where I’ve appreciated having work to go to instead of hanging around all day and thinking.

But you have to get the right job for you

Working in the Library is something that I’ve wanted to do for years and I am so happy to finally be apart of it. It’s taken me about two years to get that first foot and sometimes, that’s what you need!


Social Media Cleanse

*Edit* I am so sorry! I do not know what’s going on lately, but I swear that I am scheduling  things and then they just keep popping up everywhere, anywhere they feel like!

It is SO hard these days to ignore the social media “craze” and the hold that it has over all people of all ages, races, gender, background…the list goes on. It is important to note here though that not everyone in the world has a computer or a “smart phone”. It is easy to understand though why people find it so hard to take themselves off of it, some struggle even not being apart of it for only hours and minutes at a time.

I made a promise to myself about a year ago, that at least once a week I was going to come off all my social media pages. Which I can say that I do and it’s easy. Although to be honest it isn’t that hard, there are a lot of negative and horrible people on their. They definitely do help me get fed up with it easier and they make me want to come off.

There are SO many benefits from coming off of social media, even for just one day. I can also say that I find it easily to spend days off of places like Facebook and Instagram so much easier these days for my longer than a day. I find that once you start making something apart of your routine and you keep it up, whether that be keeping something in or out. It just starts to become easier after a while.

However, I also think that you need something else to keep yourself occupied, especially those first few times that you do something. Below I have written a few things that I found kept me from getting on social media. If you have any please, free to share!

  • Read,read,read…and did I mention, Read…Taking time off from social media is definitely a good time to get caught up with your reading. If you are anything like me, once I start reading I tend to just keep going. Especially if it’s a book that I’m interested in.
  • I also love to play video games, so that is a good time.
  • I tend to do more things like mediating and doing more yoga when I take myself off. It gives me to properly sit and meditate and clear my mind. Although my Gran did say that you should be able to meditate anywhere, if you are doing it properly.
  • I do a LOT more walking, by myself and with my dog. Even if I’m walking to the local supermarket. I’m more likely to walk and get my food, rather than order it online…Save a lot of money!
  • Cleaning out my closets…Just this past week I have gotten rid of about nearly 10 blouses/shirts that I haven’t worn in a couple of years (I’ve had most of them for years, it’s just been the couple of years since I hurt my leg, I’ve put on weight) I have gotten so much more space now, it’s great! Room for more…Just kidding ~.^
  • Of course it gives me a lot more time for writing Blog posts and just the general writing for fun that I like to do.

Share Your World … January Week 3

Share Your World

Share Your World…Cee’s Photography…Week 3

  • Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

I sleep with my door close, when I was little I slept with it open. Now I just can’t sleep with it open, because in all honesty I get really scared now if I leave it open. ESPECIALLY if I am home alone, I will freak out every little noise and weird lights.

  • What is your usual bedtime?

Honestly it just depends on what I’m doing the next day, or if I’ve been sick. Sometimes during the holidays I’ll stay up a little later. However when I have work the next day, I usually go to bed about 11. Sometimes I’ll “go to bed” but then just lie in bed as well for a little while.

  • Do you like to use post-it notes?

I love post it notes! They are so handy and you can just stick them pretty much anywhere and then get rid of them easily when you’re done with them. They’re also not a huge piece of paper that gets thrown out by some people with just a couple of doodles on it.

  • When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?

I can’t even honestly remember, I am pretty sure it would have been early High School, maybe late Primary which is about 15 years ago. Letter writing is definitely a lost art! It’s just so easy now with sites like Facebook to keep in contact with people.

  • Any phobias?

A few years ago I watched a program about how intelligent and how “flexible” Octopuses are and I have been freaked out by them every since. It’s probably my weirdest fear, mainly because when I think about how easily an Octopus can slither through pipes and I’m in the shower or sitting on the toilet. I completely freak out.

  • How tall are you?

I am very short about 5″2.

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I am going to start connecting my post here for the 52 Week Grateful Challenge as well, if it has already been posted.