Huzzah to the Grand Duchess Anastasia

Well, if she had lived…She would have been 120 today…Sooooooooo…The chances of her still being alive, are pretty nil.

However, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov was burn 120 years ago today.

A lot of us today are completely fascinated by this family. The Myths, the reality, the stories … They have to be one of the most fascinating Royal Families in History. They were around for such a long time and then it fell so quickly. With that the stories and Myths came and have never really been out of our collective conscious.

Did Anastasia escape? (They’re pretty sure she didn’t’)

Would the Heir apparent, Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich, even have survived to Rule?

Did you know? In actual fact, Russians have never ever said ‘Huzzah!

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Huzzah for the Tsar!

Over a hundred years ago today…(102 years ago). The Romanov family was brutally murdered (not just executed) by Bolshevik agents with gunshots and bayonets at the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg. Too this day it’s still a mystery whether or not Lenin actually gave the order to kill the family or not.

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There has been so much myth and legend surrounding this Royal family. None more so, than the legend of Anastasia Romanov. Did she escape? Didn’t she? Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia remains were found and DNA tested in 2007, and were found to be that of Maria and her brother. Anastasia’s remains were likely one of the bodies that had been found earlier. It was always very unlikely that the Duchess and her brother had escaped.

Romanov imposters sprang up all over the world. The most famous claimant was Anna Anderson, whose case remained in the German courts for more than 30 years until a 1970 ruling declared no conclusive evidence proving Anderson was or was not Anastasia. Anderson’s story inspired both the French play on which the 1956 film and 1997 animated film of the same name were based.

The Romanov family has completely fascinated me ever since I can remember. I do think though a lot of that was based on, for me, the Boney M song “Rasputin”. The “Sorcery” and magic, this one man’s influence over a powerful family. The story of Anastasia…There is so much magic, mystery and myth, that surrounds this one family.

Just posting this again, for good measure.

“Once Upon a December” is actually one of my most favourite non-Disney Princess, Fox, fantasy song films.  (It’s kind of confusing,lol). Sometimes I like to pretend her father in this, is my great grandfather, or my grandfather whose passed on…They both loved Christmas ❤

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See inside Ipatiev House where the Russian Royals were executed…

I have been so fascinated with all the programs of the executed Romanov family that were brutally murdered. I’m not 100% sure if this year is a significant year for the executions, but there seems to be a lot of works coming out about it, like this one:

See inside Ipatiev House where the Russian Royals were executed (Courtesy of

For a quick break down of who the Romanov Royal Family is, here it is:

  • After the Romanov Royal Family were excuted there has been no royal family to rule since.
  • There have been many rumours that one of the daughters “Anastasia” managed to escape (although very unlikely). Disney even made a movie on this myth.
  • The father or leader of the Royal Family was also known as the “Tsar”.
  • The day after the Royal Family were killed, other close Royal Family members were also killed.
  • Some of the daughters/Princesses did not die easy deaths. Their clothes were sown in with diamonds, which actually protected them from the bullets and bayonets.
  • The time of the actual execution was a big mess as the soldiers were drunk and just threw in gas type bombs, which didn’t just injury the Royal Family, but many of the people in the room.
  • No one knows exactly knows how much influence Rasputin had over the family, but it was definitely a strong old, especially over the Queen Alexandra Feodorvona.
  • You should all watch the documentary “Russia’s Lost Princesses” The Princesses seemed like they were really sweet girls.

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