Thursday Theories – Rights, Freedoms and Opinions

This will be my first “Thursday Theories” for the year! Lets make it interesting!

Hows 2023 going for you so far?

What makes your opinion, worth more than someone else’s reality?

I was “inspired” to write this post as again, another TERF said and I quote “Deep sigh!! Another Gay man Mansplaining our rights away! And his also, ironically.”

So I said

“Deep sigh!! What rights.?”

It’s been two days and they tweeted other stuff. I did recently say to a transphobe, that if it wasn’t for Rowling, no one would be listening to them. I stand by that.

It’s with everything though really. Every single aspect of life. It is just like we just have to ‘accept’ peoples opinions, and no ones allowed to have Free Speech to disagree. It’s always THEY get to have Free Speech, the amount of times I’ve had to explain, After Andrew Tate protectors, after watching another week of people ignoring Prince Andrew, again. Watching transphobes getting upset by a single Firework display that also included the Queen, the Monarchy in general and Sir Thomas…that older UK guy who run a lot.

You can say what you want, and other people are free to use their Free Speech and disagree. That’s all I say now, I refuse to keep getting into “arguments” with idiots who keep insisting they’re allowed to have Free Speech, but no one else.


My Dad

I was “inspired” to write this after the past weekend. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while, you’ll probably know what I’ve been having issues with my Dad, pretty much the entire year so far. I’m nearly 40 and he’s been doing this since I was at least, 12. I just don’t care anymore.

Seeing the Father’s Day posts over the weekend, was so sweet! It made me quiet angry with my own father. People who are my age, at lot of them, have already lost their fathers. My Dad is probably the biggest reason, why lately, my patience with others has been pretty much been nil. If you want to be a hateful person (like a transphobe) do it on your own time, don’t be wasting other people’s times and lives.

You don’t have that right.

Grow up, be an actual adult.

I don’t think I am normal, haha

Some days that I think I am totally a normal person, and then other days I think “No Way”. One of the reasons I dislike social media so much, is because one person’s platform can seem like a lot. But when you think about it, it’s only one person’s voice.

I asked a question go after male politicians, are much as they do female politicians. A transphobes “answer” was that women tend to stand together with women’s rights. So when ‘we’ see a female politician take the side of men, we tend to go crazy.

Which makes no sense, women, on majority, support trans rights. It’s men who do not. Take a Green conference over the weekend. There was an amendment made by an MP called Sharari Ali, to “debate” about trans people having a mental disorder, and that trans people should still have to attend Conversion Therapy. He found some way to get it through. It was co-sponsored by a female, but ultimately a male brought it up and not a woman. So why didn’t they give him a hard time? He thought to speak for females. Women/females quit because they were so disgusted.

But they’re not angry with him. They’re angry at the female lead for passing this motion

It will ensure liberation groups (representing members with protected characteristics – women, LGBTIQA+ people, disabled people, etc) are consulted on conference motions that affect their members…”

I can’t possibly be the only that think it’s odd, how few males transphobes and TERFs go after. Considering cis males are the problem, and they have a LOT of problematic males on their side. Trump for one.

OUR Rights

My Mum and I were talking about this, RIGHTS RIGHTS RIGHTS … Everyone is about their rights, what about OTHER people’s rights?

I was talking to a TERF, about how violent this trans person was being by saying, they would full a whole pool of poop if a TERF was swimming. I pointed out to them, what did they think was going to happen? They’re trying to take away trans people’s very existence of living, did they want a thank you and a great big hug. Also, I would join that trans people.

I think they do…

You know what I think is violent? Trying to take away people’s existence, their rights that they fought for, all based on a unfounded fear. After all “It didn’t start with Gas Chambers”.

It’s like the same with Trump Supporters who were let into Capitol Hill, how they were all “It’s MY house”. Only to discover what they did is a Federal Crime, and now they’re on “No Flying Lists”. (That will never stop being satisfying).

What About Other People and What About Their Rights?

What about OTHER’s Right to keep the Rights they fought for? Trans people, had to fight for the rights they have now. What, they should say a big thank you for others trying to take that away? That’s insane!

What about OTHER’S Right to feel safe?

What about OTHER’s Right to be able to visit Capitol Hill, without worrying that a whole bunch of gun toting and completely deluded scary people, are just going to be let in…BY THE POLICE!

Homeland Security in the USA, have had to put a warning, for the first time, about Domestic Terrorists, and what to look for.

We don’t live on this planet, alone.

Yes or No

I promise this is going to be my last Same Sex Marriage post, mainly because I think by now people have their minds pretty set. Guess What…Whether you agree with someone or not, they have a right to say what they think. We don’t actually have “Freedom of Speech” in Australia, we have an implied right to political speech.

Basically whether or not you agree with the other side, they have a right to say what they want, but you also have to accept the consequences of those actions. A lot of businesses for example have social media type clauses.

The situation frustrates me because the Government should have just let it happen. I swear, there would have been a few upset people but I truly do think it would have just died down after a few months. Other countries that have done it, are perfectly fine. So what is the problem?

Oh and if one more person brings up “paedophilia” for a reason to Vote “No”. I swear I will list every single Church since the beginning of time that have either been charged or investigated for paedophilia…George Pell anyone?

Here are some facts:

  • People had up until the 24th of August to register to Vote.
  • There is a very quick way to check where the closest post office box is to you. You’ll probably find that it’s actually within walking distance.
  • Your vote has to be back by November 7th.
  • It’s not a obligatory vote.
  • Probably the saddest fact that even if the majority Vote Yes…It still doesn’t mean that the Government have to let it pass, there will just be more of a possibility of it happening.
  • No matter what the outcome is…Gay people can already have children, whether it’s by adoption or surrogacy or…other. The outcome of this vote will NOT change that. Some people seem to still need to get this one in their heads.


I’ve only just heard about the disgusting reception that NFL star Colin Kaepernick received, I think, last week at a game at Buffalo.

Read article here: Kaepernick cops vicious abuse in Buffalo

Just reading about the whole situation, I think it’s shameful that Colin Kaepernick decided to stand up for something he believes is a problem in his country right now and it’s being received like this, maybe not shocking to me, but disappointing. I find it a little ironic that instead of people putting two and two together. They decided to sell t-shirts with a target on Colin Kaepernick, which is EXACTLY what he’s protesting against.

What makes me laugh about the situation is that the people who are mainly hating against, are, let’s face it, white hillbillies. Who have never actually fought for anything in their life. Even trying to say “This isn’t what our soldiers fought for”. Even though a lot of ACTUAL Veterans have come out and stood with Colin Kaepernick, because and I quote:

(Don’t read the comments, most of them are good…but you know people).

If you don’t want to read the whole article, that fine, it is absolutely your right. But PLEASE read this beautifully written article by retired Naval officer Jim Wright…Enjoy your Friday and remember to love each other ❤



You might have seen a particular article making the rounds this week about a particular woman who likes to be naked and she is quite well-known for it, mainly because a lot of photos, she’s nude. I usually don’t make comments on this family because I have no real big interest in them. However, I saw a friend post this today and I felt this is exactly how I feel about the situation.

This is probably a bit too heavy for a Friday morning. If you’re like me though you are probably more frustrated about the body hating and everyone telling Kim K that she’s “not allowed” to be nude. If you want to be nude, be nude…Personally I hope I look as good as she does after I’ve had kids! Do nudist get this much hate?

Stephen Fry

My mind had the most inspirational, mind expanding experience last night. A night that I think will live with me for probably the rest of my life. Last night we had the legendary Stephen Fry in town last and he was speaking on stage for an hour and a half (although it ended up going over the set time…No one was complaining though!). One of the great things that happened after I left that stadium, I actually genuinely felt smarter coming out of that place.

What an inspirational person! I highly recommend that if he is ever in your part of town I strongly recommend that you go out and get tickets.

To give you some clarification of why he was in town to begin with. This year, 40 years ago, we had an law passed that decriminalised homosexuality by our their Prime Minister Don Dunstan, an absolute legend for my state (please look at the link, there are not many politicians like him. As Stephen Fry said “He was years before his time”).

Last night was absolutely the most mind expanding night that I had ever had, it was interesting too because a lot of what he was saying, I’ve been thinking too. Clearly though Stephen Fry can say it much more eloquently than I can and he can definitely put forward a good and intelligent argument. He talked about everything from homosexuality, politics, terrorism, religion. There were a lot of interesting points that he made, for example, I always thought that he was just dead set against religion. Although he would say that he’s a Atheist, he thinks religion can actually be a good thing. Like a lot of people who actually read the religious texts, a lot of religions are based on love and acceptance. Anyone who tries to call another human being “Stupid” for what they do or do not believe in is “sick”.

I was personally blown away by this I have always felt like my atheist friends attack my religious friends far more than the other way around and it really bugs me. What is the difference? Not much really. I am what the term is “Agnostic” so I think there is something out there, I just don’t know what. I believe in Angels, etc.

Stephen Fry’s main focus was on homosexuality and that is where I learnt even more about Oscar Wilde. What a sad life indeed, if only he could have had a time lord as a friend, to see into the future. One cannot even believe that his life would have been as truly horrible as it was, had he been born today. Then again we would not have such classic novels.

The importance of being Earnest