Gone Girl

If you have not seen Gone Girl yet, please be aware this review contains spoilers. Spoilers for the movie, as I have not read the book.

I finally got around to seeing “Gone Girl” over the past weekend, it’s a movie that I have wanted to see for a while. I have mainly good things about it and I have to be honest, not many people I know have actually read the book. So this was one of those situations where I haven’t read the book, but have seen the movie.

Hopefully I’ve written enough to hide what I think from the general public. I was SO confused! I had heard so many good things about the movie, that I was certain I enjoyed. I have to say I was not 100% certain why it’s been so revered. The premise of the movie is on the fifth wedding anniversary, a wife goes missing and her husband is presumed to have murdered her. If you had seen the previews and the talk about the movie beforehand, there was a whole thing of “Did he or Didn’t her?”

It’s the plot and what happens closer to the end that I just find so confusing. *Spoilers*

How does NOBODY check her body for cuts, since she is covered is so much blood? No one checks her for cuts, bruises. Only one person in a room full of detectives even questions how she managed to kills a fully grown man when she says that she was tied up and had been abused, starved and beating up? When she left the house and run away to be with some people she didn’t know, her appearance was only slightly changed and was watching the drama unfold on tv, maybe she was also Clark Kent? No one even seems to check the house where she was being held?

I’ll never forget the moment where Ben Afflecks character even asks the detectives “How did she cut his throat if she was tied up all the time as she claims?” To which the police response is “Can’t you just be happy your wife is home?”

The idea of the movie is a good one, a lot of suspense in the idea. The execution was definitely poorly performed. There was no suspenseful twists, there was O suspense…Other than even after everything…For some reason, other than something wrong with him…Ben Afflecks character stays with her?

I was so uninspired.

This or That? #52


This or That? #52

So last week we talked about reading reviews. This week Bookmark Chronicles wants to know…

Do you write book reviews? Why or why not? And if so where do you post them? (Goodreads, WordPress, Youtube etc.)

I have been trying to write reviews on my WordPress, I even tried “writing” reviews as a Vlog. Something went wrong with the type of media I was using and every time I would try to upload, the volume would cut out. It would cut out everywhere, I would literally have to turn my computer on and off to get the sound back.

I have been really bad with my reading this year though and I have been finding myself reviewing films more than books. Also because of this I have not really been using my Goodreads page much this year. I have done 23 reviews though overall. If you do want to follow me though, you can find my page here:

Goodreads – Lolsys Library

This or That? #51


This or That? #51

This week Bookmark Chronicles wants to know…

Do you (typically) read reviews of books before you read the book, after you read the book or not at all?

If it’s something I have been waiting for, I wont read the reviews. This is mainly because if it’s something I want to read, it doesn’t matter how bad the reviews are, I am still going to want to read the book. It’s the same thing with really not wanting to read something. If I don’t want to read it and really hate the idea, the reviews wont make a difference either.

If it’s something that I have an interest in reading, but not 100% sold on, I will read the reviews before getting or having a look at the book.

I love my Fantasy

If you had read from last week, my partner and I went on a bit of a movie marathon over the weekend and it was great and it also was really interesting. Usually seeing one movie apart I don’t usually get to compare themes or acting ability or even really see if I like one genre more than the other. Once seen one and then maybe the next month or even the next week, I’ll forget how the previous one made me feel.

I am one of the people who just never listens to the critics, if I want to go and see the movie, I will go and see it. I would suggest that others do the same, never listen to the critics, if it’s something you’ve been wanting to see, go and see it. Let’s face it, unless the movie is some hard hitting, deep, meaningful plot…The critics are going to not like it. I don’t know how they stay in their jobs personally.

The two movies that I saw were Warcraft: The Beginning and Independence Day: Resurgence.

To begin, I realised how much I just love Fantasy films, they just hold my attention more than other genre’s of film. That’s not to say that I didn’t like Independence Day, I did, it was felt much more of a cliche of the original. I would suggest that you see it out on film, just so the enormity of the action and aliens are not wasted on a little screen.


I really do love it when a random thought hits my brain sometimes it’s kind of like:

 Brain, Simpson

Any-ways, I was reading a few reviews on some really big movies over the weekend and I saw the same “complaint” about how, even though these movies have been proving really successful…”Hollywood can’t come up with original”.

Then seeing this over and over, and although I agree, and realising that I don’t even mind because I enjoy these movies so much. I started to think to myself, most of the movies coming out are either:

a) reminiscent of my childhood,
b) are “simple” and by that I mean, they have big bangs and bad guys vs good guys.

Then it occurred to me, maybe that’s it? Maybe that’s why these “unoriginal” movies are doing so well? Maybe we’re all craving more simplicity in our lives? A reminder of when time was more simple? I don’t know about you all, but I’ve never noticed a really annoying trend, where everything is bad these days, and on the great big grand scale of things they are really not bad things. When you think about these “bad things” you think to yourself, if that’s the biggest complaint in your life, you have it pretty darn good.

Deadpool vs Zoolander 2

In the last week I have seen both Deadpool and Zoolander and it’s amazing how vastly different the two movies are. Zoolander 2 is one of those movies that has it’s bits, but there are others that just run on and on and I’m not sure who made the decision that it was…well I think they thought it was funny? Deadpool though was amazing when it came to timing. None of the jokes run to long and it kept going, there was a nice flow and it all made sense.

I was disappointed in the Zoolander movie, just because I loved the original so much and I know that there’s the whole the sequels are never as good as the originals, but I really wanted this to be good. Deadpool was just amazing. If there is a sequel (which I believe there will be) I have a feeling it will be good.

It seems kind of harsh to judge these two movies at the same time, even though they are different types of movies. However, I put them together because these are two huge movies of the moment. It doesn’t shock me though that Deadpool is doing so much better than Zoolander 2. I just wish that whoever put the whole Zoolander film together really watched it all together.

Also one of the clear differences was that Zoolander is definitely more “child-friendly” than Deadpool. Here in Australia the rating for Deadpool in only MA15+. Which means children can see it if accompanied by a parent. However, I was shocked by the amount of parents who brought their children into see Deadpool, because I wouldn’t. During the movie I got uncomfortable knowing that there were children in there. It’s not even the sexual scenes, it’s a little gory and there are a few intense scenes.

Star Wars …(again)

(Just posting here, I am not posting any spoilers … So please do not post any spoilers in the comments)

I’ll just start off by saying that yes, this another Star Wars: The Force Awakens (IMDb) post. The funny thing is I am not “fanatic” per-say, but I do enjoy the Star Wars (not the ones that were made in the 00’s … They were just truly horrible). I do have to say though that this new Star Wars is actually really pretty darn good. It is extremely relevant and very familiar to the originals, so if you are a fan of the originals, I would highly suggest that you go out and see it.

My favourite character in the whole film is definitely Finn (played by John Boyega). He has the right amount of fun, combined with the perfect element of cowardly heroism (trust me, you will get that reference). I can just see a whole new generation of little girls wanting to be like Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) and can see a lot of “Reys” at the next conventions.

The Force Just Got A Little Sparklier As These Disney Princesses Get A ‘Star Wars’ Makeover

You should definitely check this article out! Star Wars Disney Princesses make over =D (Pictures by Ralph Sevelius)

Leaving Time

I have a Goodreads page Goodreads – Lolsys Library (if you want to be my “friend” please feel free). One of my favourite authors in the whole wide world is “Jodi Picoult“. I have about 95% of her books on my bookshelf right now and I am honestly considering buying an e-reader just so I can get her free book on there. One of my favourite books of hers is her new one “Leaving Time”. It’s been getting mixed reviews but I loved it. Below is the review I left on my Goodreads wall.

I felt that I had to re-write my review as I felt like a lot of more of the “negative” reviews for this book were missing the point of this story (and these books are amazing) There is a detective/courtroom side to the story, just not a “typical” one. Think of Jodi Picoults “”Second Glance”. I think if you have enjoyed “Second Glance” you will enjoy this one too. The whole courtroom drama was not necessarily all played out in a courtroom in that book either.
A lot of Jodi’s book have a metaphorical and sometimes a literal meaning. This is a book about a metaphorical connection between how humans feels and animals feel, it’s about how humans cope with death and how much we and animals can relate to one another with death and grieving. It’s very similar to “Lone Wolf” as well.
This isn’t just a book about humans vs humans.
If you’ve enjoyed “Lone Wolf” and “Second Glance” you will enjoy this one too!

Age of Ultron…My Review (attempt)

Finally my partner and I gave into our nerdy side and we saw the new “Avengers” movie “Age of Ultron”…I felt like I needed to write this, because it seems like during the press junkets, they are getting such a bad wrap and I want people to still see this movie. It just seems such a shame these days that social media can make or break a movie these days, instead of letting people to just…escape…

For a sequel movie (which I had to remind myself since so many of Marvels’ movies are now interlinked) it was great! I always have a little fear going into sequels, they tend to either be really great or they are really horrible. Now the other thing is though I haven’t yet seen any of the Captain America movies and you will definitely have to see those movies to get some of the references.

What I liked most about this movie is though it manages to show each character from a different angle, it gave a deeper showing of each characters motivations and background, without dragging away from the story. The movie kept moving and you didn’t even notice the “breaks”. That’s what I love most about movies the chance to escape from reality. When someone can do that and give the characters depth while still moving the story and plot along, I just think that is genius!

(Please click the image below to be taken to “Avengers: Age of Ultron” IMDB page)



Leaving Time

Generally I don’t actually like writing reviews and such, mainly because I think with my dyslexia I can’t always think of the right words to write and use to make it sound like I know what I’m talking about. I love to read and I am always reading a book, sometimes it’ll take me a week, sometimes it can take me a month or so. I’m usually a fast reader, but I just have to find the time to read.

However, saying that, I just LOVE all of Jodi Picoult books, I have read all of them now am eagerly anticipating her next novel.

At the moment though I have just finished reading Leaving Time. Leaving Time is about the young daughter of Alice Metcalf searching for her missing mother, an accomplished researcher into how elephants grieve and mourn. With the help of both a psychic and a retired police officer, this books takes the most interesting twists and turns. It also looks into how Elephants feel and they grieve and mourn.

It’s what I love most about Jodi Picoult books, there is always a twist that you just do not seem coming, and this one had one of the biggest twists of all! I literally looked up and went “Huh” read on and was happy to discover that I did not see it coming.

Please click this link to find out more about Jodi Picoult and see what other amazing books she has written!
Jodi Picoult Homepage

Please click picture to learn how to purchase this great read!