Virtual Reunion

I have been loving either hearing or watching all these virtual shows and virtual reunions…But this one has to be my favourite one by far! It’s also one I never would have thought of myself.

The Bill cast reunite 10 years after final episode

From the moment I could watch this show, that was it. The Bill was MY show. It was my Grey’s Anatomy, it was my Walking Dead, it was my Sopranos, it was my…whatever your watch-whenever-tv-show. It was the show that if I couldn’t tape it, I just wouldn’t go out and hang with my friends. The Bill was that show too me. I am pretty sure I had my first tv character crushes on that show.

What, if any, has been your favourite virtual reunion, so far?

Comeback tv shows!

“The past should be left in the past”.

So with Full House coming back everyone I’ve been talking to has been really excited and can’t wait! Like with most tv reunion type shows, everyone is full of trepidation and anxiety, most people cannot wait, but are worried about the “let-down” too. There have been many televisions shows that have stopped and then come back many years later.

Unfortunately when you type in “Comeback tv shows” into Google, there was actually a television show called “The ComeBack”.

One that I have actually been really enjoying lately is “The Odd Couple”starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. I’m actually finding it to be really good, I didn’t think that it could work in this day and age…I was pleasantly surprised.

What shows are you looking forward to see coming back?