New Year Resolutions

I’ve already decide what I do, with my own mindset for next year.

  • Make a safer space on my platforms, without having to use Twitter or Facebook to do it.
  • Go to Monarto Zoo! Where we can be in a cage and feed the Lions!
  • Head to at least one Fringe event … Get out more basically.
  • Start creating things on my days off, and learn to draw!
  • Set up the spare room. My partners mum said she’s coming down these holidays. Do you know how much it would calm my mind to have a nicely put together spare room.
  • Get Travie a harness, since he is NEVER going outside again without supervision.
  • Try to be more…not understanding…but not lose my emotions when I speak with a transphobe.
  • Start to come off the anxiety tablets and practice more mindfulness.
  • Set up one of the other rooms, and make it more calm and a place for myself to escape.
  • Take more selfies, even when I don’t feel pretty. Doesn’t mean they’ll be posted, but just for me =D



The end of the start, start of the beginning?

So we’re at the end of the first month of January, how are we all going?

I changed my website, and I am nearly ready to go! LolsysLibrary – Go Daddy

Long Post incoming!

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I am determined on a few things for the rest of year. Maybe the end of January is when we should make our resolutions?

  • Fight for people to quit following “social influencers”. I swear, they are the worse! I’d say the majority, if not all, have no CLUE about TRUE social issues. The majority of them if not all, don’t actually live a “normal” social life. They’re all advertising ridiculous bikinis, that only people like them would ever wear. One of our the whiny tennis players that I wrote about, his girlfriend is a social influencer. She was whining that she hasn’t washed her hair, because only hairdressers wash her hair, she’s 26. Oh, and also she didn’t apologise she did the whole “I’m sorry people felt that way”. My Nana gets her hair washed by hair dressers, because she physically can’t do it anymore. Let alone the “social influencers” from the UK, breaking Laws in Dubai for their “business” (apparently their there for those ridiculous bikinis I mentioned).
  • I hope more people are called out for their “being silenced”. As they’re on every single media outlet. Watch Death 2020 “I’m being silenced…As I said to Tucker Carlson, twice”.
  • Personally, I am going to start asking people that if they clearly don’t like a page. Why do they keep making comments on it? It’s almost like they think, if they complain enough the page will stop? Which is not going to happen. Especially those people who are on Facebook and become “top fans”, because they’re commenting a lot on a page they don’t like. I don’t like the Kardashians (as a example), I don’t go to all their pages and keep complaining about them. I have a life, lol.
  • I wish for 2021 that pro-lifers and anti-trans stop using animals and compare them to humans. As examples, I recently came across a pro-lifer that told us off for caring more about and fighting for dolphins, turtles, than fetuses. Than anti-transers said that Human Beings are the only mammals that perform invasive genitalia messing operations. One) Animals are better than humans to begin with, and the reason we need to fight for animals, is because OF humans. Two) Human Beings are the only mammals that can do medical and surgical procedures, period. Thirdly) Human Beings tend to be more “aware” of certain things Fourthly) We are not that kind of animal/mammal.

I am glad to see though, more people are starting to call out Rowling, for her more than clear anti-trans stance. The woman advertised anti-trans merchandise that had pins that said things like “Sorry abut your dick bros” and ” trans men are our sisters”, and last year she gave back a humanitarian award. I don’t know how much more of a bigot you can be, than willingly giving back a humanitarian award. Because you don’t agree with trans rights being human rights. If you didn’t have a problem with anyone, why would you give back a Humanitarian award?

Next Year

I have decided, because I am a grown up, as disappointing as it maybe. I am actually going to research celebrities and judge their “superhero” like qualities on that. Rather then the roles they played.

Christ Pratt has been the most disappointing actor all year.

Chris Pratt was named the worst Chris, because he simply IS, the worst Chris out of the Chris’s that were named.

  • He gave up his senior cat when it became to difficult to clean up after it. Now he and Anna were having a new baby. They couldn’t hire a cleaner? Also, yes, you still clean up after family, like you would have to after a baby.
  • Not only did he do that, but then called people calling him out for that “weirdos”. “What do you expect us to clean up after him too?!” YES.
  • The fact that during this year, of all years, he’s been mum about who he’d vote for, if he’d vote at all.
  • Even IF he was voting for Trump, it wasn’t JUST that, that would make him the worst Chris. Chris is just ONE person, he gets ONE vote, just like everyone else. Can you imagine a single character of his, being silent?
  • Also the fact, except for Don Cheadle. Not a single ONE of his co-stars felt the *need* to defend him were completely and utterly SILENT when Brie Larson received actual death and rape threats.

Not sorry, but Chris Pratt is just pathetic. When you don’t know what someone stands for, it more than likely means, they stand for nothing. The only thing we know what Chris Pratt stands for is for giving up on family, when it gets too tough. That’s not something to defend.

The List!

So this year I wanted to get down what I’ve learnt and what I hope to achieve next year and what I achieved this year. Let’s do this! Please feel free to share with us anything about this year! I went with 19 initially because we are going from 2018 to 2019. This is actually what I have posted on my personal Facebook as well as reflecting on the year a bit. I just wasn’t sure that you’d all be interested in that.

19 Things that make me happy to be alive.

I saw this on a Blog that I enjoy reading and I thought it was a fantastic idea! I went with 19 because we’re heading into 2019. Instead of a get to know me type list, or a goals list. Last year I thought I was going to die and I didn’t, but it’s the closest I’ve felt like I’ve come to it. Instead of getting to know me, how about the things and people that make me happy to be alive.

  1. That I am still alive to make the choice to walk away and/or stay ❤
  2. Music…Some people pray to God, I pray to Music.
  3. When you are reading a new book from a new author and you love it and you don’t want to stop reading it.
  4. I have been reading classic novels and have read a huge amount of the Agatha Christie books this year, instead of just watching the movies and the tv shows. I love them! When you read the books, you realise WHY the author is a classic author. If you do want to follow me, I’m on Goodreads.
  5. The people in my life right now. When I think about it, the most toxic people are gone. Any doubts I have had about myself, have come from myself and not someone from the outside. Which I can’t even begin to explain how new that is to me. Or how freeing it is.
  6. Nature…Have you ever just sat outside and just looked up? Have you ever just gone for a walk in it, just to go for a walk in it? Have you just sat and listened to the birds?
  7. Food…Freaking food man…It’s the best!
  8. When the shower is that “perfect” temperature…You all know what I’M TALKIN’ BOUT!
  9. That I got to live in the generation who were able to really appreciate the awesome of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.
  10. Finding that even if you can’t get your dream or perfect job, as long as you like the people you work with. It doesn’t matter.
  11. Animals – Just am thankful that I get to live in a world with them, and hope to continue so! Except Mosquitos, lol
  12. My health…I may have Anxiety, but overall it’s made me go and get my entire health checked out. My cholesterol was a little high at the beginning of the year and now it’s good again. If it wasn’t for my anxiety, I would have never have gone and got it checked.
  13. Just being a kind person. I’m starting to realise, how little people are kind these days. Just simple acknowledgements of other people’s existence. It’s such a simple, but vital quality to have!
  14. Although I may not drive yet, and I’m not rich. I love being able to visit, pretty much, all over the country and see what a beautiful country I live in.
  15. During my time on medication and not being able to drink, I’m still a lot of fun when I’m sober, lol.
  16. I really love the Internet, for one major reason. It means I can watch live feeds. I can watch safari live, I can watch my friends on Twitch. Its part of the reason I love being alive, right this moment!
  17. That when I want, I can just turn off the Internet, into the arms of loving people.
  18. That we have the resources to take better care of ourselves, and each other. We have a good understanding of what we need to take care of ourselves, we live in a wonderful age.
  19. I’m thankful for the people who’ve attacked me and hated on me. They are the ones who make me realise how happy and how lucky I am.

I believe I’m loved when I’m completely by myself alone

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Published on 17 Mar 2011

New Year Resolutions – Too the “bad” parents out there…

I have actually debated posting this one several times, because it such a sensitive topic. I have noticed though that there is a certain type of “parent” though and they seem to be getting worse. I don’t know if it’s just a generation thing, or a hereditary thing or just a lack of discipline thing. It might even be that these days people feel more okay with sharing their parenting on social media.

This isn’t a blog about the parents who’ve had enough, with their…usually…ex-partners. Now I just want to state as well, this comes from a person of a broken home…and although I love my Dad…He can be pretty disrespectful, while at the same time demanding respect. This is a plea from a child who is consistently now watching others go through what she went through. I have noticed a trend though:

  • They tend to never show up when they’re supposed to.
  • They think “spending time” with their kids is a couple of hours here and there.
  • They get angry and act like it’s an inconvenience if they HAVE or NEED to take care of their own children.
  • Funnily enough get really angry if their children decide they don’t want to spend time with them. Bad reflection on them I suppose.
  • They can’t understand (especially later in life) why they don’t have a good relationship with their children.
  • …And them blame their children for the bad relationships.
  • It’s always about “them”.
  • They usually have at least one failed relationship.
  • They tend to think they are “baby sitting” their own children…You are not, you are raising them.
  • They brag to the other parent how the children don’t misbehave with them…Never occurring to them, the kids don’t want to mess up because they want to treasure the little time YOU spend with them.
  • They usually think every else thinks they are a wonderful parent.
  • They think no one else has noticed how much they have failed as a parent.
  • It’s usually very rare that pay any child support and even if they eventually do, they question all the other parents spending…The one that is actually RAISING their children.
  • They think no one else has noticed how much they have failed as a parent.

Sounds like anyone you know?

This is my plea to *those* parents.

The funny thing is I think they genuinely want a good relationship with their children.  They are just usually have too much of an ego and are just generally lazy in their overall life.

Any relationship in your life IS work. You actually have to make an effort with anyone in your life, especially if you want a good relationship. You have to compromise no matter if you have a good relationship with your children, there are times when they are going to be bad or downright disrespectful. Usually when they “act up” they are actually asking for help, they just don’t want to seem “weak”.

Make this the year you make an effort to have a good relationship with your children.

Not quiet a resolution…


*long post incoming*

Wow! This has been a year or what! I just need to thank some of you! Seriously if I had won the lotto this year, some of you would be reaping the benefits, lol…This has not been the happiest of years and I think we’ve all been through a lot…These types of years show us who is there for us, who makes things easier, who make things more toxic. Stop caring so much about those people who were never there for you and start relaxing a bit more that you are living your best life.

I want to do a BIG, Massive shout out to my family, my boyfriend and his family, the safarilive group and a couple of good close friends who have been the most amazingly supportive people ever! I could not have gotten through this year without any of you ❤ I really mean that! You reached out, you supported and you never once made me feel bad…Which would have made me feel even worse,lol. I literally have cried so many time with how bad I feel and how wonderful you all have been ❤

I’ve been debating a lot with myself whether to say this so publicly or not. However, I feel like I should share in case others have gone through the same and sometimes it can feel lonely, especially when you don’t really have other people who understand. I woke up in the middle of the night, for seemingly no reason at all and I couldn’t breathe. I ended up in hospital. Although it was just a massive panic attack, I had been suffering from anxiety for about a year previous. The drugs that I am now on, makes me so tired and my brain fuzzy and I am very careful with myself now…And I can’t drink alcohol for a year…Bugger! lol

The thoughts that the tablets can make happen almost make it not worth being on them, but you get through it all eventually. There was about two months where I felt like I was never going to be alright again. Sometimes every second felt like you had to keep control, because you were starting to lose. It was all very tiring. Night…Night is now the worst for me. So I’ve started to do things before I fall asleep, so it’s easier to fall asleep and not so scary.

I have been scared a lot this year and the only reason I feel half as good as I do now is because of you all ❤ I feel like every year I trust fewer and fewer people. Yet, I feel like this year some of my relationships/friendships have become stronger because of everything that’s happened. I guess what I want now in my life is for me to spend less time on people I chase and spend my time with people who want to spend time with me. I’m exhausted enough as it is, I don’t need to keep chasing people! I ironically now feel like I actually matter.

What I need: The biggest thing for me this year is because of you (and you know who you are) I am not worried anymore about asking for help when I need too. Asking for a break when I need too.

I guess it’s also why I’ve also been a lot more vocal on things that I believe matter. It may be annoying to see me comment on things especially about animals, lol…I just love them! Except for mosquitos and maggots, they are gross. I’ve been doing it a lot more lately, because I don’t want to leave this world not fighting for good! There is a lot of good in this world, even if this year has not felt like it, and it is worth fighting for!

I don’t really have a resolution this year, I just need to learn to not stress out so much. I tend to be one of those people who want to stress less, but then I stress that I’m stressing when I really don’t want to be, lol. I do however NEED to become more social again and learn to be around people again. So I will be doing more of the social gathering. I’ve already got quite a few ideas in mind!


Veronica Lodge

The Single Woman Blog

When I was single I was use to follow a Blog called “The Single Woman (America)” … I used to get all her email notification, blog updates. Mandy Hale is a awesome inspiration for people who are struggling at being single. I actually do still follow her Blog as I think that some of the ideas she has can be used for every day life (and is good for single men too!).

For example her new “challenge” for the New Year is: “A Beautifully Uncertain 31-Day Challenge: Week One” Where every day you do something else, cleaning things out, finding 10 minutes one day for mediation. What I love about what she is doing, is it is really easy and you can get most of it day within the one day. I am doing this and I am not even Single!

I always feel like in the first month of the New Year, that’s when you have to start making your Resolutions/Goals happen, even if it’s something that takes 10-20 minutes of the day. Once you get into a routine you will find it harder and harder to get out of it! So for every Thursday of January I will post up the links to Mandy Hales 31 Day, Weekly Challenges. Do it, you wont be disappointed!

7 Strange question that help you find your life purpose…

Scrawling through Facebook this morning and I see this article on my friends page and I go to read it thinking “Yeah, yeah another article telling us “What do you really love to do” and so on and so forth. I was genuinely surprised to read this article and I had so many “Wow” and Oprah lighting bulb moments reading and I just had to share this.

I’ve been so afraid to do things and I have felt like this is the year I start doing what I’ve been scared to do.

This article just almost spoke to me and made that lovely cold shiver down my spine happen. If you are feeling stuck or are at a cross roads about what you want to do, or what you think you should be doing, I highly, HIGHLY, suggest that you read this article.

7 Strange Questions That Help You Find your Life Purpose – Mark Manson

Manson, M 2014, ‘7 Strange questions that help you find your life purpose”, markmansonnet, blog,  <; viewed 11/01/2015.