Thursday Theories – I remember

I remember a few years ago, someone was talking KKKHate and how she kept her pregnant problems quiet. Unlike Meghan who splashed it across all the media. They then proceeded to list everything that had gone wrong with Kate’s pregnancies. But you know, it was all “quiet and dignified”. It was then I realised how different Meghan and Kate were treated.

I remember when I first was “introduced” too TERFism. These three “women” were celebrating the fact that they had managed to shut down a crisis center, that was going to be trans-inclusive. I had heard little bits and pieces about Rowling, but that was really a first introduction the to average “TERF”.

I remember a time when Trump seemed to be the only “crazy” person on the planet.



One thing really, right now it’s #RemembranceDay in #Australia. The big reason I am going to stay off social media, in general, today though, is because of the #rightwing trying to justify ‘that’ symbol. If I see one of them try to pay their “respects” I will lose my bottle.

They are seriously pissing me off. One moment their trying to justify “that” symbol, and then the next they are saying what a disgrace the younger generation is for not “boot licking” Winston Churchill. I’m serious, they keep saying “What, would they have preferred the other guy to win”. Which they didn’t say at all.

Winston Churchill was so beloved, that after the War, they voted him out. He was not a nice man. And they’re all acting like Churchill fought the Nazis on his own. An estimated 40,000,000 to 50,000,000 people died during World War II. Churchill did not win the War, the young men and women, some animals won it.

Anyways, Remembrance Day is actually about World War 1, it still pisses me off. There were 20 million deaths and 21 million wounded. The total number of deaths includes 9.7 million military personnel and about 10 million civilians.

I found out recently that Germany choose to use white poppies instead of the red. It seems they feel that the white represents true remembrance, rather than the red, that represents bloodshed. I think both are valid.

Thursday Theories – That is all

I am thinking how to start setting up and reminding people that JKRowling is a fictional author, and nothing else. She is not a medical or health professional, she’s not a politcian, she’s not a scientist she is not a war hero, she is not an educator, she has never been involved with helping the trans or gay community, she is straight, and she is not trans.

She has no experience whatsoever to be talking about it, or too be talking about trans people. Hell, she isn’t even woman enough to face people who disagree with her. Instead, she stays behind her computer and target harasses and bullies people, threatening those who dare to call her transphobic. She only hangs around with her other transphobic friend.

And twitter has done NOTHING. Even with the targeted harassment and very blatantly so.

Also, this is clearly not written on Thursday. But it seemed like a good time to write about it. Especially with everything about Kanye West. That despite them having a loud and being a minority. Too remind us all, that is all these people are. There are no more special than you or I.

You Have a Voice Too!

I remember…

Hahahaha … “A dangerous past time…I know”

I was reminded that Princess Diana, as lovely a human being as she was. She was also actually the first person to “hate” on the Royals. I was reminded of this when her 25th anniversary came up and there was ONE article that talk about how Prince Charles was interviewed about her death.

I don’t remember where I was when she died. I do remember the hatred towards the Royal Family though. I remember the conspiracy theories about how they killed her. I remember how much everyone hated Charles and Camilla. I remember how they blamed the Queen. How much people hated the RF for “making” a young Prince William and Harry to walk behind their mothers coffin and with Prince Charles. I remember people started to dislike the Royal Family a LONG time before MM.

I also remember the outrage at Prince Andrew attending his own Father’s funeral. I also can remember that the was the last time I heard ANYONE talking about him, the pedophile prince. That was the last time…A PEDOPHILE. A PEDOPHILE, WHO IS STILL PROTECTED BY THE ROYAL FAMILY.

So, please, enough with this whole hate on Meghan Markle. It’s beneath you all.

Just remember


Just remember that during these unusual times, that there are people out there who want to help. There are people out there who just really don’t know that you need help. Remember, there’s no shame in asking for help.

Just remember to talk to to people, even when you’re not expected too. A simple, “Hope you’re doing well” Can perk up anyone’s day. Do it, but just remember that they may not reply, and that’s okay. Just remember to not harass them if they don’t reply.

Remember Anne Frank <3

One of the ways I have been reminding myself to keep myself grateful, is to remember Anne Frank.

Sure it’s not the same thing, and it’s not on the same scale. When I think about being annoyed about things like, toilet paper hoarders. I just remember Anne Frank. They were hidden for months, in a large group, not knowing each day, if that might be the day. Probably not knowing from one day to the the other day, what day it even was.

Anne Frank, was definitely not heading outside and yelling at the SS Officers “Hey, you…Give me my right to Freedom”.

We Will Remember


11th of the 11th Month at the 11th hour at the 11th minute…We Will Remember them.

This year will be 100 hundred year since World War I ended…We Will Remember them.

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. / At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.”

Laurence Binyon, For The Fallen


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This is honestly what I first thought of when I say the post this week…I think it’s such an important moment in the movie. It still resonant with myself personally. It is important to remember who are, especially during the darker times! Never let the people who hurt you, become bitter!


#HolocaustRememberanceDay … There were not “fine people” on both side…Just one…The allies…Chuck Schumer is not a “cry baby” for getting choked up for remembering his family who died in those concentration camps…THAT WERE REAL!

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