The worst of the worst…

So I was just reading some comments of why people didn’t want to get the COVID vaccine, and most of them…were pretty pathetic to be hones with you, lol.

Like one person was saying how they would get the vaccine, but they just didn’t want to have to take continual boosters…Once a year, and how much they were annoyed that they might have to get two jabs if they want to travel overseas. Sorry, but, there are ALREADY countries where you have to do this anyway. I am also coming from a place though where, I know people and myself. Who take medication every single day to keep them alive, in pill and/or syringe type form.

One of the others was because they “heard” that they were using crushed up fetuses’ …

Now, my mum and I have actually dealt with this “theory” before, lol. A family friend is one of the COVID conspiracy theorist, she ended up getting a jab only because her DOCTOR SON, refused to let her see her grandchildren. She listened to the people like “Fox” over her DOCTOR SON. Now, my mum and I looked up this one, because we were like … whaaaaaaaaaa … Apparently it’s come from some theory from the 70’s, where they used one fetus. But if you listen to the COVID conspiracists, you’d think there still using this one fetus … from the 70’s.

I know this is going to “morbid and horrible”, but honestly, I don’t think I’d care anyway. Like, it is kind of icky, and obviously I would be against fetuse’s been grown just for the sake, like a farm animal. Just like I don’t wear makeup that still tests on animals. It’s a difficult topic to talk about. If it helps those to heal and find medicines and antidotes to illnesses.

But I can safely say, that the current COVID vaccines, do not have fetus in them, lol

I can even accept people who have a genuine fear of needles, not getting it. But some of the reasons behind why people don’t get the vaccines, are just well … kind of idiotic.

There is a minority, here in Australia, that are starting to become like the American Jan 6th co-op. It is really quiet scary, and something else I don’t understand either. Trump lost, repeatedly. No one likes or respects the people from Jan 6th. So why are Australians copying them? People are already calling for their arrests, since they are going to these “protests” and threatening politicians. I’m not exactly sure what they’re hoping to achieve, but they wont get it. Jan 6th didn’t get it.

Bigotry’s in all it’s odd glory

Aren’t people who dabble in bigotry’s the oddest people?

When I say the “oddest” I’m not just talking about how out and proud they are too be one. But just their “reasoning” when they write something and it’s just like …

I’m just going to write about a few experiences that I’ve experienced over the last couple of weeks, that made me go … What????

Firstly I’m going to write about a TERF, that made me laugh. She wrote about keep asking the hard questions, politely, but keep asking the questions. Because trans people and TRA’s get them so muddled up, that gender “ideology” will just disappear.

The reason it was funny to me, for a couple of questions. TERFs generally have ONE definition for the word women, and it’s adult female human, reducing women down to nothing but our sex organs. Which not all women or females, in fact, even have. You can’t define women or men, by a dictionary meaning, because dictionary meanings don’t cover everything. So if you ever see Adult Human Female, chances are they are a TERF.

What was funny, about this though. The person who tweeted “keep asking the questions”. When someone retweeted the tweet, mocking her. Every second tweet was “She’s blocked me, so what did she say” How can you keep asking questions, if you keep blocking the people you want to keep asking the questions too? Just because you’ve blocked someone, doesn’t mean they’re gone. Hahahaha.

Now I’m going to write about a Trump supporter…So if you are one, look away now and skip to my next section, lol

I can’t remember why people were bringing up Trump. I think it had something to do with Liz Cheney being “sacked” as GOP Chairman. This Trump was saying that Trump represents the average American person, and that he saved America from the and I quote “Oligarchy Government that has now taken over. That do not represent the American People”…So first I had to explain to him what Oligarchy actually is…which is

“Oligarchy is a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people. These people may or may not be distinguished by one or several characteristics, such as nobility, fame, wealth, education, corporate, religious, political, or military control.”

I had to tell them, that the Trump Government WAS the Oligarchy Government, which is why THE AVERAGE AMERICAN PERSON VOTED HIM OUT. Because he does not represent the “Average American”.

Never has a POTUS represented the “Average American” LESS, than Trump. The fact that he’s not even President, and the REPUBLICANS sacked the GOP chairman, for pointing out that Trump did, in fact, cause the insurrections of Jan 6th. IS, Oligarchy. They didn’t do it, on anything less than Trumps words. That’s just a fact.

Again, Oligarchy is a form of power structure in which power rests with a SMALL number of people. So, again, Trump WAS the Oligarchy Government. It’s basically a Dictatorship, based on one or more features, such as: nobility, fame, wealth, education, corporate, religious, political, or military control.

Fact 1) Trans people exist and have for centuries …

Fact 2) When a bigot doesn’t understand something and fears, they try to destroy it.. All throughout History. The Nazi’s did it, white supremacists’ do it, anti-vaxxers do it.

I also have no idea what the moon landing and trans rights have to do with each other? We all know that trans people exist. So, apart from that. Not really the same thing.