I am allowed to call myself that, right? lol

Well, right now I have realised how much weight I’ve put on recently. Now in part, I am taking three different medications, my birth control, my cholesterol and my anxiety. I would also have to say though, it’s not really an excuse for my bad eating habits. I have become a little more lazier. Where I work now, I’m not catching public transport anymore, it’s rides with other people. So, I’m also missing out on the 10 minute walk to and from the bus. Which while not huge, probably makes a difference.

At first I did the whole “Yeah, yeah, I’ll start the diet next week” and then Shane Warne (a cricketeer) passed from a heart attack. And then a really fit politcian, who did a lot of work for her community, also passed at early 50s from an heart attack!

Isn’t it “funny”, how real life can be so much more scarier than the movies!

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Thursday FACTS…Real Life Consequences.

This is going to be LONG, but for all the trans people and LGBTQIA people out there, it is imperative that you read this. Not just like and carry on. You can totally like it, but please really READ this.

I was going to do a post about transgender modern History, but that’s been pushed for next week.

THIS is why I’m angry, THIS is why transphobia needs to be called out. Fuck anyone who calls me calling out bigotry’s as “insults” and allows bigotry to flourish ON THEIR PAGE, and then blocks me for RIGHTLY pointing out, that they wont call out transphobia and allow bigotry’s to flourish. I also implore anyone to report any transphobia they see on WordPress.

Seriously FUCK anyone who *thinks* that being trans youth is being all fine and dandy, and its fad.

How about REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES of YOUR bigotry . You think that kid learnt to kick another kid in their genital’s from a kid? Seriously FUCK being “nice and polite” to these “people”. If you are not brave enough to call it out, report it. Do SOMETHING! Emma’s mum has had to gone on protected tweets, can’t blame her. Instead of the TERFs saying that’s horrible your trans child was kicked in their genitals, they blamed Emma’s Mum.

Just you know the representatives of the UK, pretending like the UK doesn’t have a transphobia and homophobia problem. And trying to get their homophobia and transphobia problemS wiped from the records (unsuccessfully).

Yeah the transphobes of the world aren’t playing right into the hand of the right hand Conservatives Christians, oh and actual Neo Nazi’s too…Note how the tweets below, mentions the UK aka TERF Island.

So the day AFTER the condeming from PACE of the UK. The Tory appointed head of the EHRC, decided to start eliminating trans rights with the Scotland’s GRA Reform. I don’t think the #Ukraine has to invade the #UK, #Johnson and the Tory Government are destroying themselves and the United Kingdom all on their little lonesome #EHRC. The current EHRC is actually ADVOCATING for Conversion Therapy.

The EHRC is controlled by what ever Government happens to be in control at the time, Liz Truss, failure at so many positions, but keeps getting leadership roles, passed her to role as head of EHRC to another transphobe Tory “leader”. The UK is getting further and further left behind, in every way possibly.

Wishful Thinking

During this week of Halloween and Samhain, I’ve been trying to be positive. The “real world” is probably the scariest horror film of all!

It’s not even like you can totally blame COVID. COVID is doing what a virus always does. That’s just what a virus does. The way though, some people have decided to take this virus, makes them worse than the virus. I think it goes without saying, that if these people have “behaved”. We might even have the thing under control…Maybe

Then you have the global transphobia. Like, what is that about? It’s like some people in the world, seem to think that NOW would be a really good time to drop that transphobia “bomb”. Why don’t people think anymore? Again, you can’t even blame COVID for that one either, that’s just human beings.

Are human beings the worst virus of them all?

It does seem like sometimes, to me personally, that when COVID came along, some people just went “Oh, this is a perfect excuse to be a horrible human being”.

Please sign, by the way (An open letter to the BBC regarding an article published by Catherine Lowbridge)

Is it really THAT hard to think people can actually be kind?

Personal Choices…

I know that none of you are on my Facebook (it’s Lauren Boltron Bolton) by the way. However, I have decided at this time, to not post on their anymore. The only people I really hear from are from people I never hear from to tell how wrong they think I am. Or people who liked everything I post. Which is completely fine, but I can keep liking and commenting on their posts anyway.

I think what “annoys me” is that these are people I know in “real life”. Yet, I don’t think they know the first thing about me…Maybe it’s a South Australia thing? None of these people know about my blog, my streaming, my “other” Instagram book account. Which you all know about. I just feel like there is no reason to “be” on there anymore. I don’t really get that much fulfillment out of FB anyway.

My mum and I were just talking about it last night, and she was saying how she knows there are couple of people she can stay friends with. Mainly because, one of them, their partner had a bad reaction to the Astra vaccine, but her friend is still going to get the second dose anyway. Even though, she has a really good reason to be afraid, she’s sensible enough to realise, that just because her husband had a bad reaction, didn’t mean she did.

I said to my mum, I’ve got a couple of friends like that, but we all suffer from bad anxiety issues, lol. So it’s hard to meet up with them. The rest though. I’ve lost a lot of respect for quiet a few, and not all to do with COVID. Some, even though they’ve been in Australia since the 70’s/80’s, they’re still strong Monarchist’s. The Monarchy can do wrong. Meghans the devil. Not just “Hate” Meghan, but full on “I’m British, I know how the system works, she’s lying”.

One) You’ve lived in Australia since the 70’s.

Two) You’re not and have never been part of the Royal Family, or it’s “systems”.

Three) The place you do actually work in, you know how it works and that’s why you know it’s not working. On the outside you have to pretend that everything “works” where you work. Apart from the Royal Family, NONE, of us “know how the system works”.

The problem with the State I’m in, it’s not a big city. We were the first freely settled colony in Australia (meaning we weren’t settled by criminals, but “free people). We’re the third most livable city in the world. But the people…lol. Once you’re in a group, you’re in it. Think six degrees of Kevin Bacon. You can go with another group, but you have a high chance of bumping into the other people. As some “bitches” have realised. Too not really bump into people you know, you have to live on opposite sides of the state.

Thursday Theories – Cartoons Brought to Life

So, I went to see the second Suicide Squad, I didn’t see the first one. I am a huge fan of the animated Harley Quinn, so I didn’t like the whole blue and pink outfits, or the one Hyena. Give me two hyena or none at all. However, I actually wanted to see this one.

Harley Quinn had her black and red (which I can see all the girls and some boys wearing), and I have a huge crush on Irdris Elba, adore John Cena. I’m not going to reveal anything. However, I really did love it. The cast were fantastic, great music and lovely back stories.

It did make me think though, I did adore Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. She was very energetic and fun and crazy, and what you’d want in “real life” Harley Quinn. Unlike the cartoons though, there was just that little bit lacking. She was great though. I jsut got thinking though

How many times have we been disappointed, or loved, from seeing a favourite character come to life on the big screen?

Real Life “Scares”

This post is going to be about real life scary people. I must warn you all, they wont all be murderers, but I will explain why I think they’re scary.

The Queen of Frights – JKTrolling

With all the SHIT she has put the trans and the LGBTQIA community through, she is now Queen of real life scary people. Mainly because of her plain “I literally DO NOT CARE” about others. I have never liked her, which means I don’t read her books. She is the Queen of Trolls, especially when she advertised a transphobic site. Full of pins that said things like “Sorry about your dick bro”. You have too be literally, deaf, dumb and blind to not see it.

I dub Rowling JKTrolling … Queen of the Frights and of the Trolls

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I dub the American Party of the GOP the Kings (and Queens) of Frights and of the Trolls. For far more than obvious reasons. Although to be honest, Poland is probably for a tie there.


While I’m at it…I dub 2020 the scariest year of this generation. SO GET OUT AND VOTE BLUE! Show ALL those “people” above, we wont take HATRED anymore!

These people and groups above is WHY I find it so hard to celebrate Halloween and Sahmain this year.

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I keep thinking how to introduce the next lot of scary real life. All that keeps going through my head is, the more “fun” real life scares?


Ghosts That Hunt Back TV


Movie Scenes That Terrified Actors In Real Life

Dear Trumpters – Impeachment “Hoax”

Dear Trump Supporters,

You are doing you and your beloved cult leader no favour. I’ll explain why. Trump is supposed to be a leader. If a leader is calling something themselves, a “hoax” And is so wrapped up in that hoax, that they just ‘forgot’ to tell their people about a REAL deadly virus.

Its not a good look to defend that your leader just happened to overlook a deadly virus, that kills people. “Hoax “Impeachments do not. Especially, when he could have used that virus to make himself look good, for once.

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Barbie World

*You might see a “theme” with my Blog today*

I have a bit of theme today you might notice. I used to play with Barbies all the time when I was little. I still have a Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and Beast barbie dolls. I had a few Barbies, one Ken and an Aladdin barbie doll. I used to love playing with them, not because I wanted to look like them. I wanted the lifestyle that I was playing with them. My Barbies were global rockstars…What where yours?

Real life Barbie dream home exists

I hadn’t actually read the whole of the article, but the first half is about a dream house, that is very Barbie Dream House like. The rest of the article is about Miss Valeria Lukyanova. If you are unsure of who she is, she is a young lady who has spent a few…quiet a few…thousand dollars on herself, to make herself look like a Barbie doll.

Real Life Disney

This week has definitely been feeling like it has a magical type feeling behind it. What if i was to tell some truths behind some of the most famous Disney fairy-tales?

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is probably one of my most favourite Disney movies and Belle is my favourite Disney princess.

The “real life” is pretty accurate expect for a couple of little differences that don’t really make too much of a shocking difference. Belle’s father is actually extremely rich but is in extreme debt. The other major difference is that Belle has two stepsisters (not so much of a shocker in a fairytale)…The Beast allows Belle to go home as long as it is only for a week. Belle’s step-sisters try to keep Belle at home for longer than that in the hopes that the Beast will be so mad at her he will eat her alive!

The Lion King

It may not seem like such a stretch when you really think about it. “The Lion King” is apparently loosely based on the Williams Shakespeare play “Hamlet”. (The jealous brother wants to kill the King, comes up with a scrupulous plan and manages to unleash the plan, and the son wants revenge…Yeah…Think about it…).


This one you will not see coming!

Pinocchio runs away as soon as he can walk, Gepetto is arrested after police believe that he is abusing Pinocchio and Pinocchio kills a talking cricket! Gepetto is eventually released and insists that Pinocchio goes to school. Pinocchio sells his texts books to attend the Great Marionette Theatre, encounters a fox and cat who to try to hang him and steal from him. Pinocchio does eventaully end up shaping up and becoming a real boy though.

Check out these links below too see even more real life fairytale’s: