Real Life Hell Hole


*Long post incoming!*

Oh my god, I just wanted to write about a real life hellish experience, lol.

The funny thing about Twitter, is that it really does show the stupidest in people. It also shows how the public is actually thinking though. So either way you can’t hide. It shows off the best, and it shows off the very worst. I’m going to write about a couple of examples.

Take the appointment and re-appointment of Suella Braverman, a truly terrible person and a UK Tory. Last week she had to resign as she broke ministerial code. I don’t know and frankly don’t care about what. Just yesterday Rishi Sunak, the apparent new PM gave her the portfolio…of get this…Homeland Security. Now she has already said that it’s her dream to ship all immigrant and migrants “away”. BUT! The likes on Twitter were vastly outnumbered by the comments of how disappointed the public are.

Now I am speaking from experience that the Tory will just put this down to the “Twitter” mob. However, the USA and Australian Twitter accounts around the time of their elections. Had the same comments made, the Twitter “mob” always outnumbered the Conservatives. You can even see it now with certain Republicans twitter posts. the “likes” are either nearly the same, or the comments are higher. YET! The Twitter mob both times were right. Both the US and Australia voted out their head Conservatives parties.

Rishi Sunak to face first PMQs as Suella Braverman reappointment comes under scrutiny – UK politics live

He’s been only there for a day, lol.

The other appointments are just as terrible. Kemi Badenoch, went up for PM the first time and after she pulled out. She gave a horrible transphobic and homophobic “speech”. She has also voted AGAINST same sex marriage AND putting buffers around abortion clinics. She’s the new Equality and Women’s minister”.

Again, the Twitter mob spoken against it loudly. I also got blocked by Conservatives for Women, for stating the obvious how you check for someone’s biology. Even then, it’s not always easy to tell.

One of the BIG things I wanted to write about on here though. Is the lie that the right wing bigots are saying about Elon Musk. The “left” are not “freaking out” about Musk buying Twitter and then bringing back Trump. One, Trump has his own social media, and even Right Wingers are being cancelled all the time. Why aren’t they all there? Why are they STILL on Twitter.

Leftist are not “freaking out” either. Since Trumps been gone, nothings changed. If the Right were being cancelled all the time. Why are they still there? If Trump came back, literally nothing would change.

In fact, what the Right don’t seem to realise is that, right now, the Left are all making plans to leave Twitter. Like I don’t know how anyone can say that Twitter is a safe space for the Left, with a serious face. It’s not. If it was, none of the Trump family would still be there, Kanye would have been gone long ago and Rowling too. You’ve got all these twitter accounts, clearly trolls with clear lies. Even though Twitter has all these new fan dangle ways to report people, they don’t work and they’re not working. Except on me, lol…You’ve got TERFs, grown women, talking about the genitals of children, with no medical or health, or even Science back ground, they’re all still up there. There are SEVERAL who have posted pictures of children and sexualised the photo’s. They’re all up there.

So yeah “lefties” are getting ready to mass leave. We’re all sending each other our other social media platforms. Trump apparently said he doesn’t want to go back to Twitter. If they’re all so desperate for Trump, why are they letting him down and not going on Social Truth…Truth Social?


Thursday Theories – Being back on Twitter

It’s been really funny back on Twitter. I swear, literally nothing has changed. It’s pretty much the same thing, except for the fact being that the theories are crazy, haha.

I swear, until Rowlings off there, I can’t see much changing. I can see though trans and cis people are getting more tired of the stupidity, and it’s becoming more apparent.

By the way, Drag is not woman face. What’s next cis men complaining that Drag Kings are men face. They are actually comparing it to black face.

Real life though has been crazy this week! I am SO tired, I’ve slept bad every single night, had to work and then my Mum got COVID, her first time. But I was with her when she tested positive! So my partner made me stay with her, which I can’t blame him for.

I am really stressed about getting my wisdom teeth out. I have to go “under” and I have never done that before! I was going to ring up about some questions I had, but I left all my dental information at my partners =/

Then I got so excited about Alex Kingston aka River Song coming to my state, that I went and bought a ticket, but now I am realised I really can’t afford it. So, I’ll have to get a refund, she’ll be around again though, and maybe I can travel interstate and have a whole trip away =D

And Suella Braverman is GONE!!! YAY!!!

Never mind me, I’m just twittering away, lol

Thursday Theories – He’s real

This is the last time I will write about the the new Ariel “The Little Mermaid”. Mainly because I feel like you, my lovely readers, already “get it”.

The main reason I’m writing about it, is because I cannot get over the general stupid reasoning with “adults. Their “reasons” behind their whining. I will not give them the dignity of calling it an opinion, it’s just REALLY stupid.

For me, I can’t get over that these are “adults” whining, people my age, my mum and Gran’s age. It’s incredible!

Some of the stupidest things I’ve heard are listed below:

  • If they had a white man play Martin Luther King Jr, there’d be outrage!
  • She traditionally, was always played by a white person!
  • If you had white people play characters in Colour (Color) of People and Roots. There’d be outrage.


Martin Luther King Jr, was a REAL person. Who fought for POC. He’s the one who really got the Civil Rights Act, moving. Colour (Color) of People and Roots, while may be not based on real people. Are based on REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES.

They are NOT MYTHS! They are real, living breathing human beings and real experiences.

As for the “traditionally always played by a white person” comments. So? It’s still a mythical creature, whose never existed. If a POC had written it first, it would have never been published to begin with. Andersen wrote his Little Mermaid and it was published in English: 1845. It just wouldn’t have happened. Also one, again, is a character in a fairy tale, and the other well known Mermaid, is an animation. So…

Honestly, I can imagine Mermaids and Men, more in Caribbean waters than the cold depths of European waters. That’s just me though. Look, the Little Mermaid is not my favourite Disney movie. It’s not close to even the Top 5. Considering what time Andersen lived in though, and the fact that he travelled too Italy, Greece and Constantinople. I suspect, he may have been influenced by those countries. But in the 1800’s, who, in Europe, would have read a story about a POC mermaid? Have you seen the fuss they’re making about in 2022?

Whoever has been in Rome is well acquainted with the Piazza Barberina, in the great square, with the beautiful fountain, where the Tritons empty the spouting conchshell, from which the water springs upwards many feet. “Hans Christian Andersen” The Improvisatore (1835!) Ten years before the Little Mermaid????!!!!

I don’t know her

I was asked a really odd question the other day “Don’t I think that Meghan Markle is narcissistic ?” I think I gave her a ‘look’, because she quickly said “Well I do”.

I have noticed that this attitude seems to be people of a certain generation. The same generation that gave the Royal Family a hard time over Princess Diana. I remember the hatred from older generations with how Diana was treated. Now they all want to hate on Meghan and Harry? Pick a side, lol

I have lost a lot of respect over people over the whole Harry and Meghan situation. Unless you are part of the royal family, you do NOT know how it works. We just recently had a used to be a reputable tv show. Do THREE shows in one week just on Meghan Markle, and they actually had the audacity to ask “Is she the bully, or is she being bullied?” Excuse me? You have a LITERAL PEDOPHILE in the Royal family, and you’re doing THREE shows in ONE week on Meghan Markle and you REALLY have to ask that?

You don’t know them to be making comments like that, about people YOU DONT KNOW. You also are IGNORING the literal pedophile in the Royal Family. I want to know about HIM, I want to know about why everyone is so silent about that, and why you’re asking me inane questions about people WE DON’T KNOW. I don’t care about Harry and Meghan, I want to know more about WHY PRINCE PEDOPHILE ANDREW is just being let off, scott-free, by these same stupid people. Who are asking me these really stupid questions.

Like Prince Harry said, you remember him? Princess Diana’s actual child, not you. He can see the same thing happening that happened with his MOTHER, happening with HIS WIFE. If these people stopped reading trash tabloids for two seconds and get with reality, they’d see it too.

And you know something? I think Harry is actually the Queens favourite.

Genuinely thought…

You all remember how Roe vs Wade has started to be dismantled?

Well, I thought it might make some transphobic people more “awake” about where our countries were going. I was very wrong, in fact, I think they may have doubled down. It’s so weird!

I am genuinely terrified for the way that the UK is going.

Rowlings words was the catalyst to start anti trans Laws/Bills in America. Which then lead to the dismantling of #RoeVWade. She made ONE tweet where she said her “friends” are all pro-choice. They’re not. The “Baroness” tried to pass an anti abortion Law only three years ago! Caroline Farrow is anti-gay and anti-abortion. Rowlings new best “buds” are all homophobic, transphobic, couldn’t care less about women. And they’re defending them all! These men you’re defending, they want that ALL too.

Let alone, I don’t get WHY they all go about how Rowling was abused. She was, but instead of going after her ex-husband, she went after trans people instead.

They don’t even seem to mention it, at all anymore. It doesn’t even seem to be on their radar. What is on their radar, hating trans people. That tweet where she was all “well of course my friends are pro-choice” (they are not) is the ONLY thing she’s said about Roe v Wade.

Read the words I write

Okay, one more time. People are NOT getting this. Johnny Depp has been found guilty TWICE, in a court of Law, of wife beating. He IS an abuser.

Again, this does not mean, Amber Heard is NOT an abuser. This is isn’t, one cancels the other out. They’re BOTH abusers and they BOTH have been abused.

If you can NOT understand that concept, do NOT talk about it.

This is NOT a case, that will say whether or not Depp is not an abuser. He has already been found GUILTY of being an abuser, TWICE. We all KNOW that Heard abused as well. If you can’t understand the basics of mutual abuse. This is NOT a television show, where you get to determine anything. Everything has already been determined.

Also, Johnny Depp is not going to sleep with you.

This is the last time I am writing about this.

This is not a television episode of Law and Order, this is real life folks. For the love of God, please think about this from a point of view that doesn’t involve you having sex with Johnny Depp. Think about how Vanessa Paradis, the mother of his children was thinking when his text came out as calling her an “extortionist French cunt”, or heck, think about his kids!. He must have known that was coming out. Think about how you would feel if someone you loved, had texted about setting you alight, and burning you alive. Jesus, think about that poor dog, as he shoved it’s head out the window!

This isn’t “hearsay” this is WHY he WAS found guilty, twice, of being a wife beater.

I actually do fear for JD’s life. I think he’s going to go the way of Michael Jackson, Prince, Brittany Murphy. Dying, way before they should have, dying because no one would tell them no.

As it was said in court. Depp was the one turning (or not in some cases) up to work drunk, high, not prepared and not professional, choosing to sue people over fulfilling his contracts. That has nothing to do with Heard, she’s not his keeper. Quiet frankly, she was right in what she said. That she stood up for abuse survivors and she was abused again, by the culture. She was absolutely right. Quiet frankly, there’s a lot of people proving her right.

It’s one of the reasons I don’t want to talk/write about this anymore. No matter the outcome, he’s already established as a wife beater. Depp and Heard are pretty toxic, but I do think that Heard, while not coming out of this smelling of roses. She does appear to be only one who is trying to live a life. Reminder, as well, Depp is the one continuing this. He is STILL trying to control the narrative, and lot of people are letting him.


I am allowed to call myself that, right? lol

Well, right now I have realised how much weight I’ve put on recently. Now in part, I am taking three different medications, my birth control, my cholesterol and my anxiety. I would also have to say though, it’s not really an excuse for my bad eating habits. I have become a little more lazier. Where I work now, I’m not catching public transport anymore, it’s rides with other people. So, I’m also missing out on the 10 minute walk to and from the bus. Which while not huge, probably makes a difference.

At first I did the whole “Yeah, yeah, I’ll start the diet next week” and then Shane Warne (a cricketeer) passed from a heart attack. And then a really fit politcian, who did a lot of work for her community, also passed at early 50s from an heart attack!

Isn’t it “funny”, how real life can be so much more scarier than the movies!

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Thursday FACTS…Real Life Consequences.

This is going to be LONG, but for all the trans people and LGBTQIA people out there, it is imperative that you read this. Not just like and carry on. You can totally like it, but please really READ this.

I was going to do a post about transgender modern History, but that’s been pushed for next week.

THIS is why I’m angry, THIS is why transphobia needs to be called out. Fuck anyone who calls me calling out bigotry’s as “insults” and allows bigotry to flourish ON THEIR PAGE, and then blocks me for RIGHTLY pointing out, that they wont call out transphobia and allow bigotry’s to flourish. I also implore anyone to report any transphobia they see on WordPress.

Seriously FUCK anyone who *thinks* that being trans youth is being all fine and dandy, and its fad.

How about REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES of YOUR bigotry . You think that kid learnt to kick another kid in their genital’s from a kid? Seriously FUCK being “nice and polite” to these “people”. If you are not brave enough to call it out, report it. Do SOMETHING! Emma’s mum has had to gone on protected tweets, can’t blame her. Instead of the TERFs saying that’s horrible your trans child was kicked in their genitals, they blamed Emma’s Mum.

Just you know the representatives of the UK, pretending like the UK doesn’t have a transphobia and homophobia problem. And trying to get their homophobia and transphobia problemS wiped from the records (unsuccessfully).

Yeah the transphobes of the world aren’t playing right into the hand of the right hand Conservatives Christians, oh and actual Neo Nazi’s too…Note how the tweets below, mentions the UK aka TERF Island.

So the day AFTER the condeming from PACE of the UK. The Tory appointed head of the EHRC, decided to start eliminating trans rights with the Scotland’s GRA Reform. I don’t think the #Ukraine has to invade the #UK, #Johnson and the Tory Government are destroying themselves and the United Kingdom all on their little lonesome #EHRC. The current EHRC is actually ADVOCATING for Conversion Therapy.

The EHRC is controlled by what ever Government happens to be in control at the time, Liz Truss, failure at so many positions, but keeps getting leadership roles, passed her to role as head of EHRC to another transphobe Tory “leader”. The UK is getting further and further left behind, in every way possibly.

Wishful Thinking

During this week of Halloween and Samhain, I’ve been trying to be positive. The “real world” is probably the scariest horror film of all!

It’s not even like you can totally blame COVID. COVID is doing what a virus always does. That’s just what a virus does. The way though, some people have decided to take this virus, makes them worse than the virus. I think it goes without saying, that if these people have “behaved”. We might even have the thing under control…Maybe

Then you have the global transphobia. Like, what is that about? It’s like some people in the world, seem to think that NOW would be a really good time to drop that transphobia “bomb”. Why don’t people think anymore? Again, you can’t even blame COVID for that one either, that’s just human beings.

Are human beings the worst virus of them all?

It does seem like sometimes, to me personally, that when COVID came along, some people just went “Oh, this is a perfect excuse to be a horrible human being”.

Please sign, by the way (An open letter to the BBC regarding an article published by Catherine Lowbridge)

Is it really THAT hard to think people can actually be kind?

Personal Choices…

I know that none of you are on my Facebook (it’s Lauren Boltron Bolton) by the way. However, I have decided at this time, to not post on their anymore. The only people I really hear from are from people I never hear from to tell how wrong they think I am. Or people who liked everything I post. Which is completely fine, but I can keep liking and commenting on their posts anyway.

I think what “annoys me” is that these are people I know in “real life”. Yet, I don’t think they know the first thing about me…Maybe it’s a South Australia thing? None of these people know about my blog, my streaming, my “other” Instagram book account. Which you all know about. I just feel like there is no reason to “be” on there anymore. I don’t really get that much fulfillment out of FB anyway.

My mum and I were just talking about it last night, and she was saying how she knows there are couple of people she can stay friends with. Mainly because, one of them, their partner had a bad reaction to the Astra vaccine, but her friend is still going to get the second dose anyway. Even though, she has a really good reason to be afraid, she’s sensible enough to realise, that just because her husband had a bad reaction, didn’t mean she did.

I said to my mum, I’ve got a couple of friends like that, but we all suffer from bad anxiety issues, lol. So it’s hard to meet up with them. The rest though. I’ve lost a lot of respect for quiet a few, and not all to do with COVID. Some, even though they’ve been in Australia since the 70’s/80’s, they’re still strong Monarchist’s. The Monarchy can do wrong. Meghans the devil. Not just “Hate” Meghan, but full on “I’m British, I know how the system works, she’s lying”.

One) You’ve lived in Australia since the 70’s.

Two) You’re not and have never been part of the Royal Family, or it’s “systems”.

Three) The place you do actually work in, you know how it works and that’s why you know it’s not working. On the outside you have to pretend that everything “works” where you work. Apart from the Royal Family, NONE, of us “know how the system works”.

The problem with the State I’m in, it’s not a big city. We were the first freely settled colony in Australia (meaning we weren’t settled by criminals, but “free people). We’re the third most livable city in the world. But the people…lol. Once you’re in a group, you’re in it. Think six degrees of Kevin Bacon. You can go with another group, but you have a high chance of bumping into the other people. As some “bitches” have realised. Too not really bump into people you know, you have to live on opposite sides of the state.