Nurt Thursday – Think/Australian Reading Hour

Nurture Thursday

positive thought

I unfortunately nearly had a panic attack a couple of nights ago. I was able to calm my thoughts and I fell asleep without any problems. When I woke up in the morning, although I was so upset that it had happened. I was proud of myself that I was able to calm my mind., without needing any drugs.That, I held onto all day.

Practice Mindfulness.

Now, the reason I have put this together with the Australian Reading Hour is because I think that reading (especially our favourite novels) can help us to think and imagine. Imagine and think what we would like ourselves to be. It almost “perfect” that these two go together SO well on the same day.


R U OK & National Reading Hour (Australia)

Today has two big events in Australia…

R U OK Day

Ask a friend or family member “Are you okay” – Suicide Prevention

National Reading Hour

A day in Australia when for one hour on that day (today) you read for one hour. Usually it’s supposed to be with you and your child, but you can do it too! So, what are you reading?