Those darn feelings

Why do I get the feeling that for the whole time Trump is President we’re going to keep hearing “Well Hillary wanted to do it” or “Obama was in war with Syria” This can broken down very simply:

  • ¬†Hillary ISN’T the President and you cannot make comments on what she would have done because SHE ISN’T THE PRESIDENT…Haven’t they been complaining about the whining people have done because Hillary isn’t President? Now suddenly well she said she’d do it, so it’s all cool?


  • Obama was in War in Syria because the last time a President went all gun ho and started bombing another country, we are still technically in War with that country and terrorism in our countries has increased since 2001.


  • Trump IS President NOW. Whatever happens is because of HIS actions and nobody else’s. It is Trumps responsibility what happens now. Whether that is good or bad. He is a grown ass man for pete sake.