Happy World Radio Day

I still love listening to the radio. For a birthday one year, my Dad actually got me a radio, that looks old, but it’s got modern stations. I think you can hook it up to blue tooth, but I haven’t ever felt the need to that. I mainly love listening to the Radio while I’m taking a shower or having a bath. Yes, I will sing in the shower or the bath. Although no one has complained yet, they do ask me if I’m just talking to myself.

Some facts about the Radio:

  • Guiglielmo Marconi is credited with the first radio transmission in 1896 but did not transmit a voice, just a signal. Radio voice came along in the early 1900s. The actual credit for the radio goes to Nikola Tesla who came up with the design in 1892 (Who recently “starred” on Doctor Who). Due to Marconi’s patents Tesla did not get true credit until around 1943.
  • Radio has always been a “call to action” medium. At any given time of day 20% of people surfing the net are also listening to radio. Meaning that there is a good chance someone will hear about your business, if you choose to advertise.
  • Radio is proving to be one of the rare mediums were the audience is not dramatically decreasing. They have a much more consistent audience. Which does make sense when you think about it. How many people listen to a radio station to and from their way to work? Buses will play a radio station, taxi’s too.
  • Radio is generally about local news. So people feel more like the Radio and it’s presenters are speaking to them.

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World Radio Day

How many of us still listen to the radio? I actually still do, but usually only when I’m in a car. As I also have an ipod shuffle and I listen to that a lot and just add and edit as I go along. Do you have a favourite radio station? I find that I am constantly changing with radio stations I listen to as well. The presenters change, the feel changes. Sometimes they’ll change the time of the presenters. It’s such a fickle business.

The Importance of Radio in the 21st Century

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…But not the box! I mean the radio station! I just got introduced to it this week (even though it’s been out for, forever!)

Check it out here! Pandora – Free Radio Station

THIS Pandora is a free radio station. By free I mean that the music is free to listen too, although it does give you the option and will give you a link to buy the tracks. You can choose the type of music, genre, artist, that sort of thing and it will play music similar to what you started to listen too. You can create over 100 stations and you can choose the music specifically for that station (I already have 3).

It is free, in that you don’t have to pay for the music, BUT of course there is downloading and that always takes up Gigabytes. The amount of gigabytes though is so tiny, that they don’t even take up a whole gigabyte over hours of listening to the music.