Never Satisified

After seeing the racism debacle that was after England lost to Italy. I realised something, mainly because of one tweet. I’m not going to post it, because it’s annoying as hell.

Pretty much, it was a white guy saying that “taking a knee” makes people feel uncomfortable, maybe if we could come up with a sign that everyone could agree with?

Fuck Off, lol

Mainly you are NEVER going to come up with anything that would make the opposition feel “comfortable”.

The point of any protest, is it to make people uncomfortable.

Taking a knee may be one of the most peaceful way I have ever been alive to witness.

If YOU feel uncomfortable watching someone take a knee, you SERIOUSLY, need to ask yourself why.

Do people just not understand what a protest is?

Is it…Yes it is…

I wanted to get this post out before the New Year, I feel it’s important.

I think I may have written about this already? It is fascinating isn’t it recently how people say their not being racist or homophobic, while being Homophobic or racist. Case in point, there is a very famous drag queen in Australia called “Karen from Finance”. She recently was in an ad for Telstra and while her appearance was overwhelming positive, other than it was for Telstra. There was this one guy who was rabbiting on about how if LGBT  want equality go to Europe and see how well it’s going there. Which I’m pretty sure the most recent protests are not actually about gay marriage anyway. He actually said…But is what I’m saying Homophobic?…Yes, yes it is.

  1. 1.
    the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.
    “victims of racial discrimination”
    synonyms: prejudicebiasbigotryintolerance, narrow-mindedness, unfairnessinequityfavouritism, one-sidedness, partisanshipMore\



Auspol Stupidity

Because Australian politics can be stupid too!lol

Racist Australia: Muslims are FORCED to wear Burqa, Muslims are all about oppression!

Also Racist/Stupid Australia: We can see your arms! We can’t control ourselves! Cover them up! -.-

Just because…Point Proven…Ironically

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog post about just because someone may be gay, poc etc etc, doesn’t automatically make them a good person…Read it here.

Interestingly enough it was proven to me yesterday morning in my own real life and not on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram. I have to do a bit of a back story.

The indigenous people do not have a good general reputation in Australia. A lot of people in Australia think that they are lazy, trying to rort the system, always trying to get something for nothing. Now while there are Indigenous people who are like this and in the past have been like this. It’s our own white fellas fault. No denying that at all. We took children who were a little lighter from their families, we gave them alcohol. I mean…I didn’t do that personally, but white people did. However I’ve only ever met very motivated Indigenous people who want to get the best for their people. I’ve also though, seen the alcoholic ones living on the street.

However, I was become extremely upset yesterday morning. I catch the bus usually from and to work, it’s easier and it comes out cheaper. Since I work though and work at a high casual rate, I get charged a higher ticket rate for bus tickets. Where I live, you can get a different range of bus tickets. If you are elderly, if you are a school student, if you are under 5 (I think) it’s free. The rate also changes at different times of the day. During 9am till I think about 3:30pm the tickets for everyone are cheaper, some being cheaper again then most.

SO…Where I was going with that…My bus driver today was a Muslim, he is my regular bus driver and he is as sweet as they come.We got to a particular bus stop at 8:58am. Which means that unless you have a concession card of some sort, you have to pay the full adult price. These Indigenous people got onto the bus and started accusing the bus driver of being racist and that he’s taking Australian jobs and that he came over by boat…They sounded exactly like my racist white Aunt…Too be honest with you. By the time they had screamed and ranted it was past 9am. I was shocked I tell you. Shocked. Not only were they in the wrong to begin with, they clearly weren’t working and they accused the driver of being an Indian…When he’s a Muslim, of trying to “rip them off”. Even if he was, which he wasn’t, it only another 3 dollars. I felt like telling them if they don’t like how the buses are run, get your licence.

But here was my dilemma…If they had continued I knew I was going to say something.

But what can I say? I’m white? I felt like if it had continued, I would have to say something…But what?

The only thing I could think of to do was to write to the bus company and commend him on his calmness. The thing was I would have totally given them the money, but I didn’t want too. Then later on we picked up a Sudanese elderly man and he had forgotten his card, so I gave him the money, because he was getting upset at himself. It was really hot today as well, but I also wanted to give him the money.

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This is why people kneel…

Why aren’t they investigating the police officer who murdered this man?

Elon Musk Smokes Weed

I guess Elon Mush deserves to be murdered now? Why is there silence from Fox about that?

How far are we falling?

Apparently saying,YES, people have said the cartoon drawn by Mark Knight IS racist, and has been said by POC is enough to get you blocked? We’re the sensitive ones? Your reporters need to be “harder”Mark Knights drawing = symptom of your racism problem

I don’t want this in Australia anymore, and what she does think blocking me is going to achieve? Other than prove that I hit a sore point for her?

If a person of colour tells me that the drawing is racist, I am going to take their word over a white guy. Sorry racist white guys, it’s just not going to happen.

You definitely don’t get to turn around and tell the Americans off or call them “obsessed” when we’re the ones who drew an American Athlete, playing at an American tournament!

The best part about this “discussion” was when I called him a typical white guy and that was me being racist, because I called him a white guy in a negative context…Like Dude, are you serious? SO of course, I kept making fun…How does it feel to be generalised?



I am so sorry Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka <3

I am so ashamed to be an Australian right now…I couldn’t even put this in a “Category…It’s not an interesting topic, it’s depressing

Where Serena is depicted in a Mammy cartoon form, jumping up and down…But Kyrgios is depicted as a “sulky” teenager…So apparently that’s owning people who call the cartoon racist and sexist…Except that the picture completely prove it IS sexist

(and #Osaka…She’s not white)…

Where people are offended by Burqas, but have no outrage over the KKK outfit…This is not MY Australia…I’ve just found out recently that a lot of people consider Australia to be racist…Are we? I am in literal tears over the support of this cartoon…It’s a disgrace! Kyrgios is definitely not known because he’s “sulky”


Kyrgios “sulk” collection video:

Do you hate Superheroes?


Marvel “has plans” for first Muslim American superhero character.

Oh my god…The “not racist”…racists…are out in full force!

Every single one of them, of course, talking about if her super power is going to be “blowing up” people. How they don’t like people who encourage others to mass kill one another…You know, how white people NEVER do that! Sweet and innocent they are -.-

Which movie superhero has the highest body-count?

I guess this means that are right in a way, sine every other Superhero do this as well?…But you know that’s not what they mean at all!

Why can’t people just let others enjoy things anymore? It’s like these people have nothing better to do. Does this cartoon hurt you, is anyone making you go and see it? Of course not! So why do others have to “care” so much? It was the same thing with the Royal Wedding…Didn’t their Mum’s teach them, if you’ve got nothing nice to say…Don’t say anything at all?

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The most interesting statement from someone I was “talking” to it about it. They claimed that I must hate America…and I pointed out too them, I was not the one hating on an American Superhero…That was all on them.


Clicks 3 – “Patriot”

It freaking clicked!

Why Trump supporters just cannot admit the fact that Trump has been a racist and IS still a racist.

Using Kanye a POC doesn’t mean he is not a racist.

However I digress!

I have gotten into many, many arguments with Trump supporters who REFUSE to acknowledge the fact that Trump has done racist things. From the 80’s right up until today. Every time I have shown them proof, not only do some just not read it. Some keep claiming that they’ve all been debunked, Which they haven’t.

However, it just “clicked” in my head one day. This is my “theory” on the matter…Views are entirely my own!

I think it’s because they’re SO racist themselves. If they have to acknowledge that POC are fellow Americans too. Then they wouldn’t be able to call themselves patriotic because they are allowing fellow Americans to be attacked. Then they wouldn’t be able to ignore their plight anymore.

This is my problem with people who have a problem with people who “take the knee”…See my problem?


In case you don’t have a single social media account, which is entirely possible. You may or may not have missed the whole #taketheknee who-ha. If you did, here’s a bit of a break down:

There is an American Colin Kapernick football player, who takes the knee in a peaceful protest against the very obvious racism in American, nothing at all to do with military…That is until Donald Trump, a war dodger said that anyone who takes the knee should be arrested. Without speaking to a single person who does take the knee, he just decided it was against the military….The guy who dodged the war and has never spent a day fighting in his life, is suddenly an expert in War. Suddenly people had a problem, when just the weekend before when Kapernick did the EXACT same thing and I doubt any of these people even noticed.

Then all hell broke loose. people started using pictures of dead soldiers coffin…you know soilders who can’t speak for themselves, which is so respectful of course *insert sarcasm here*…The biggest irony I found that a lot of Vets supported Kapernick. A lot of them actually said…with their own words and mouths…They fought so that people could peacefully protest, Kapernick has never ONCE said anything against the military. They fought against their people to have the FREEDOM to not be under a Dictator. Yet, people are completely ignoring this!

This is where my ultimate problem comes in…

These exact same people who have a problem with Kapernick…Have NO problem with the white supremacist group. That only a couple of weeks beforehand had worn the swastika symbols on their the tops…The people are “fine people” and they have no problems with those people. These “fine people” wore a symbol that millions of people fought and died to get rid of. In Germany it is ILLEGAL to advertise that symbol. Where’s the outrage for the soldiers who died under that symbol, where are the pictures of the dead soldiers who actually fought the Nazis, the pictures of the people who died in the concentration camps. Where are the pictures of the concentration camps of people who died because of that symbol? Where is the outrage against the people who wore symbols that soldiers actually fought against, the whole reason that Kapernick can peacefully protest against the more than obvious racism problem in America.

These people NEED to ask themselves why it’s alright to turn their backs on people who are just wanting their fellow countrymen to be safe…But yet don’t make a single noise about the white supremacist who wore a symbol that is ILLEGAL in Germany, who the allies actually fought against.

You are free to turn your backs on the NRL players, just as we are free to call you out on it. Being Free doesn’t mean you are free ONLY if everyone agrees with you?

In a shot of complete coincidence, I was watching “Band of Brothers” probably the most depressingly awesome series ever. Not just on War, but just an incredible series. There is one episode, I’ve seen it about 15 times “This is why we fight” I know it’s coming, yet, I can’t stop the tears. I can never watch with other people, it’s devastating. As I watched that episode again today, I found this article as well. If you can’t understand why you should be outraged by those “fine people” after watching that episode and reading this article…I am just going to assume that you have no heart.

Band of Brothers: how it’s episode was also it’s most devastating.